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What Serving in a Mega Church feels like in Nigeria

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The experience of Christian service in a mega church with emphasis on the choir lifestyle and habits alongside other stories.

Being a Christian I can say is one of the gifts of Christ to mankind. Why did I call it a gift? The disciples of Jesus were first called Christians in Antioch because they behaved like Christ.

Now it takes having the Spirit of Christ to behave like Christ, and remember Jesus said I will not leave you comfortless but I go to the father and I will send you the holy Spirit (that’s his spirit). So he by himself give us his spirit and that’s why it can be said of us that we are Christ-like, already having his gene in us.

But why do you think God wants or needs Christians?

It is so that we can worship him, he said those that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth; that’s a characteristic of a Christian.

Please note, not a Christian by name or religion but someone who is Christ-like, who already has God’s nature in him.

The church which happens to be a gathering of believers is a platform for serving and worshipping God, and also a medium for the young in faith to grow, but service in churches differs based on denomination and size of the church, and probably some other reasons. This write-up will be focused on how the size of churches affects or enhances service.

Every church has service units because only one person cannot do everything to make a program run smoothly so there are various units for members to join and serve God depending on their talents and what they feel they can do to enhance God’s work.

In smaller churches, one person can be in two or more units, not solely because he or she wants to do it but probably because of the few available members, but looking at mega churches with more than enough people to carry out certain tasks, there are certain hindrances and challenges that worshippers experience, and they include:

1) Lack of assistance: due to the large population, a struggling member might not be quickly recognised or identified.

2) Existing class or group: this is common in mega churches, where people tend to form clique or class, and they know themselves as the wealthy ones thereby looking down on the middle class or lower-class worshippers and in most cases refuse to identify with them.

3)Intimidation: a struggling member can easily be intimidated by others who seem to have gone ahead, especially when they do not show recognition to him or her and this can affect the input of such person in the work of God in the church.

4)Rank or position: there are certain churches where they feel members should arrange based on when they joined the church. There, you’ll hear things like I’ve been in this church for the past 30 years when were using just tents, I was among those who bought the church land and signed the papers, we carried sand during the construction of the church building, so who are you to suddenly show up and want to contend for my position? Meanwhile, the person whom they are referring to is a spirit-filled brother or sister who joined about 2 years ago and is probably getting to limelight. But the older members expect to be at the forefront while new members queue behind them.

5) Appearance: I heard there are some churches who prefer the beautiful ladies to join the ushering unit, here they might be restrictions for those who don’t have the financial capacity to look “tush” and fit into the unit.

6) Low budget members: I call this low-budget members (laughs) because they don’t have so much money to buy clothes, shoes and pay dues or levies in their respective units. Take for instance, the choir unit in mega churches who would love to always appear in gorgeous and attractive uniform will be a challenge for the low-budget members who despite their skill and talent won’t be able to feature with the choir because of their uniform, unlike small churches that might not take uniform as a big deal.

7) Not good enough: I called this not good enough as an extract from the usual excuse given regarding people who join units like technical unit, instrumentalists, choir etc. Such units are always looking for the best members to put forward in order to get a good and nice output, neglecting those who have the interest but are still struggling or improving on themselves to get better. They are still in their formation stage but are not given the platform to try and thereby grow, all in the name of not being skilled enough. They want an already finished good forgetting that the good person or professional they are putting forward today was once like the others struggling and improving on him or herself.

8) Qualifications and age limit: atimes the academic level of applicant are put to consideration thereby preventing people from joining certain vacant positions, and age limits being placed on qualification of applicants has also prevented some men of God from pursuing their calling in some ministries.

So with these highlighted points above, you can see that there are many available worshippers but few are seen in service units, this is because there are some factors preventing the people from serving in the units in church.

Even if announcement is made for people to join units, some people won’t join because of their previous experiences while some others who volunteer get disappointed after realizing the criterias laid down.

Reference: Read 1st Timothy 3, you’ll see what is expected of a Christian. Mind you, it’s not only deacons that should be upright.

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