What they told me about Marriage before my wedding


Before we got wedded, we went through series of Counselling. By that, i got to realize ‘marriage’ in itself is beautiful but not easy.

The only thing that bordered me a lot was the fact that everyone kept on saying “marriage is patience, you have to be patient and endure one another”

I am pleased to announce to you all that if marriage is patience, i will not hesitate to add patience to my name.😫 [ it’s an attribute of love so why not if not]😃
If it is love, i will be love personified. If it is peace, I’ll be called peace that surpasses understanding.
Beyond all these, i will not be consumed by what people say it is because some people’s teaching will make you scared of marriage.

Bible is free and accessible, i will gladly view it according to God’s standpoint because the everything there is not corrupted.

I noticed something really interesting. How that people share different experiences and knowledge. It simply means, every home is not the same but there are principles when obeyed will permit similar results.

God is not sorry about instituting the mystery of marriage, you shouldn’t be sorry for honestly enjoying what God created for enjoyment.
Normalizing ‘managing’ relationship and marriage isn’t God’s idea.

Admitting that the love and peace you enjoy now is because you ‘JUST’ got into the relationship/marriage is what will adjust your mind to expect dryness later and trust me when the dark days come, your mind has always been prepared for it so it may thrive. Alas, the journey to endurance and patience will now begin.

If it is all pain and sorrow, God won’t make it.
I believe you know that your partner is not perfect and human factors will interfere sometimes.

But that toxicity and hurt has never been God’s idea. Look into His word and learn what He is saying to you about your current situation.

Friends, we can all decide to let the purpose of God for marriage be expressed through us undisrupted. Some ideas that has been sold to many isn’t the standard. It is their experience.


Make the Holy Spirit your friend and He’ll surely teach you all things.

Victoria Innocent

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