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I love riches and I am comfortable with being rich. I know this is your desire too, you love riches and want to be rich. 
Just for your information, there’s nothing wrong with you loving riches and I will show you why it is not wrong to love riches and why you should develop love for riches in your heart instead of hatred or just likeness for it.
Talking about wisdom, Solomon said in Proverbs 3:16, “length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honour.” From this scripture, we saw that riches, honour, and length of days are products of wisdom: wherever wisdom is, riches, honour, and length of days are always present with it. 
The scriptures instruct us to love wisdom and to go for wisdom until we find it, that means, to love riches is to love wisdom because riches is a product of wisdom. Wisdom would bring to you riches, and when you are rich, you would always have money. For anyone who truly wants to be rich, what he or she just needs to do is: love wisdom, go for wisdom until he or she finds wisdom, and also get the understanding of wisdom, because wisdom without understanding can destroy a person.
King Solomon was known as the wisest man in his days, why? Because he followed the wise counsel of his father, David. David told his son Solomon whom he knew would succeed him, he told his son to get wisdom and understanding, Solomon himself revealed this in Proverbs 4:7 which says, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: And with all thy getting get understanding.” 
David didn’t tell Solomon to get riches or strong army to destroy his enemies, he advised him to get wisdom and understanding, so when God appeared to Solomon in a dream and ask him what he wants, Solomon, a wise son of king David didn’t ask God for riches or the lives of his enemies, he only asked for wisdom, and in return, God gave him wisdom, riches, honour, long life, and also gave him peace. Solomon became rich because of his wisdom, and kings kept coming to him with gifts to hear and to see Solomon’s wisdom.
Do you want to be rich? If your answer is yes, from today, stop looking for money, because money will never make you rich. No one ever becomes rich by acquiring a lot of money, but people by possessing wisdom possess huge amount of money. To be rich, wisdom and understanding is all you need: the wisdom of God that would make you super-intelligent, make you skillful and exceptional in your field, in your career, and business so that you are  able to do things that most men and women in your group, field, or business line can’t do. It is wisdom that will put you above in life, in career, and in business.
The world is always teaching men to look for money, so, men live everyday living as slaves looking for money and never get enough of it. God doesn’t teach people to look for money, He told us to get wisdom because if we get wisdom and understanding, the people who are following the advise the world is giving them to look for money will come to serve us so that we can give them money in exchange for their service. Get wisdom, and get understanding and nothing can stop you from being rich.
Abraham David

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