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_KNOWLEDGE__ gather as much knowledge about the farms enterprise you wish to start with, go for knowledge and training ,buy eBook and business magazine use your phone to make research about the business online.

RESOURCES__it can be money, land,farm equipment and building .you will be surprised money is coming last ,Did you know why? If all the 4 are not in place all your investment will be wasted.

The resources you should have should be able to to cater for what you are venturing into ,don’t bite what more than what you cannot chew.
Don’t look because of your friend has 2000 layers and you want to go and start with the same look at your capital and resources before going into any business.

PASSION___many people will say I want to go and start farming business ,Are you going for passion or Money, be passionate .when you are going into farming because because of money you will not have have patients and it is not the day you start business you will start to make money,passionate farmers have patients when they start and they are successful at the end.
2 sets of people are going into farming business ,going for money and going for passion.Are you going for money or passion which of the two?

MARKETING__this is the vital area of business ,before you go into business consider people that will buy the product, make market research and have a good customers relationship integrity ,appreciate and call your customers.

MENTOR___I still have mentor in this field ,I contact him from time to time and he put me through.
My mentor is DR VATOT FROM Italy

You are into farming business and who is your mentor?A mentor hold you by their hand and lead you to the right direction.
Appreciate and call your mentor give reward or money to him ,don’t be ingrate .

PERSEVERANCE ____ My first farm I worked some years back in Lagos ,we lost over 13670 already laying layers from Aspergilloses fungal disease in poultry .
The farm owner did not faint or close the business since ,he look at correction and start again .today the owner of the farms has over 29000 layers with hatchery where he hatched chicks

ADVICE TO ALL FARMERS__cut your coat according to your size ,dream big ,start small and aim high ,be passionate and work hard.

Am wishing you all success in farming.

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