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Successful people are made out of astute doggedness and will power.

Success consists of many failures; every successful man has a sobering story.

The world’s most powerful being, Donald Trump, is an epitome of great determination amidst of several failures.

Most times, adversities are the sweeteners of success stories; the debacles in the success story of Donald Trump is a great encouragement.

Today, he is a successful businessman cum politician. He’s net worth is not really the main issue, its just the figure but how he managed to pool resources and manipulated them for the betterment of his present and future is the main deal.

As a matter of fact, the net worth of Donald  Trump seems obscure and controversial; he’s a type of person that loves to keep his card very close to his chest.

The US 45th president,  Donald Trump, has fulsome means of income; ranging from real estate, plush resorts, residential towers and golf courses. These are huge investments.

There is Trump tower in New York, the heart of the US, also there exist Trump world tower in Manhattan. Both up for rental, particularly for telecommunication companies.

Also, Trump owns a gold plated Trump Hotel in Las Vegas, a palm beach estate in Florida and 16 golf courses around the world.

Though, Trump came from a wealthy family; in 1971, he mounted the mantle of leadership and took control of his fathers real estate and construction company; which he immediately renamed Trump organization. During this period, his father’s wealth was estimated to be $200 million.

Trump got his feet wet as the new boss of his father’s company by building 14,000 apartments across new York. He delved his attention mainly on large construction. He built the Trump tower, a 58 storey skyscraper, in 1983. It was an acid test and a frontier of more investments and ventures. Apart from the real estate and construction company, Trump also make huge money from entertainment industry. He does have shares in world beauty pageants ; he also staged boxing matches in Atlantic city. He is such a brilliant and foresighted business man

As Trump enjoys the sojourn as a successful businessman, he faced several challenges. Challenges that are huge enough to make one becomes emotionally unstable or total breakdown. Surprisingly, Trump companies have been made bankrupt 6 times; but he faced the challenges holistically, he never gave up rather restrategized. During his presidential campaign, his opponent, Hillary Clinton, taunted him. She said:  “He’s written a lot of books about business, they all seem to end at Chapter 11 (bankruptcy).”; it was quite ridiculous but peculiar to all successful business owners.

Donald Trump net worth is quite controversial; during his campaign, he disclosed that he worth over $10 billion. However, Forbes has it that he worth about $2.9 billion dollars.

At 70, Donald Trump has decided to swerve his leadership prowess to a global level; being the president of the world super power, the United States of America, he directly or indirectly rule the world. We expect him to mass more wealth as a president. He earns $400,000 monthly plus additional $50,000 for other expenses; also, he earns from speaking engagements fees, plus additional presidency stipends like entertainment and travel budgets.

The 70 year old billionaire, Donald Trump, is know for his staunch and flamboyant outspokenness; he would gleefully expresses his wealth, he is firm and staunch in his belief and never looks back at any of his endeavors. He does say he made money the old-fashioned way; he’s such a funny but very determined fellow.

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