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Bible Text: Psalm 133


“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” Psalm 133:1, NIV

One of the banes of Christianity in our generation is disunity. I remember an event that happened during my campus days.

The Christian fellowship in my campus days held a three-day fasting and prayer of intercession without segregation and sought God’s face in the name of Jesus. The result was tremendous as God visited us with His blessings. Afterwards, there was deliverance and peace in the community.

The psalmist exclaimed about the pleasantness of brethren living together in unity. It is compared with the anointing poured on Aaron’s head and dew on Mount Zion, being the city of God.

The unity of the believers also commands the blessings of God forever (vs. 3).

The devil knows that when believers are united in love, purpose and prayer, there will be trouble in his kingdom. Knowing this, he does everything he can to cause disunity.

God is calling you to unite with other believers because we all belong to the body of Christ.

It is in unity that we can advance the Kingdom of God and enjoy His maximum support.
Are you an agent of disunity in the Church or your family?
Promote the unity of the Church always.

Insight: The unity of the Church is in the oneness of individual believers.

1. My Father, bind believers together in unity with Your love that we may be Your witnesses.
2. Jesus, help me to seek, find and live for unity of kindred in Jesus’ name. Psalm 133:1
3. O Lord, let Your living water flow in my life to flush out every unwanted stranger there, in the name of Jesus.

RBT Passage: Micah 1-4.

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