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When the presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church David Oyedepo declared last year that Shiloh is the ‘Annual Convocation of the Winners’ family where no one is permitted to repeat a class,’ it left no one in doubt as to what God would do at the great gathering. The event which started in September 1999 where the Faith Tabernacle was dedicated, is now in its 16th edition and has always come with unique themes as led by the Spirit of God. Interestingly, this year’s theme was first delivered in year 2000, which speaks volumes as regards the uniqueness of Shiloh 2014. God is not a stammerer to speak twice; there is certainly a reason! According to Bishop Oyedepo, Shiloh is not just a church programme, “it is a prophetic gathering ordained to deliver everyone’s inheritance to them.”

In this piece, Sportafriq reminiscently takes a look at the previous Shiloh themes starting from the maiden edition in 1999. 
In the beginning, God spoke and it was time for an Encounter With Destiny. That was in 1999. The following year, it was Heaven On Earth and no one would have ever thought that theme would be used again. Then in 2001, the God of this commission had a different menu – From Glory To Glory which was followed by What Wisdom Is This in 2002 and then it was time for the God of all possibilities to take Winners to another level with All Things Are Possible in 2003. Then God poured out a blessing in 2004 with Showers Of Blessings and as if He was in a hurry to daze everyone with blessings, God followed that in 2005 with Possessing Your Possessions. 
In 2006, God re-enacted our redemptive rights and status with Destined To Win and He deepened that experience in 2007 with More Than A Conqueror. And the spiritual impetus to manifest as true sons of God became everyone’s portion because in 2008, it was Manifestations of the Sons of God which was strategic because it was the 10th of this Shiloh experience.
Knowing that many Christians through various means lose their possessions to the devil, God in His infinite wisdom provided a way out in 2009 with The Hour of Restoration. And when the Winners family was yet to recover from that, God had another agenda – Breakthrough Unlimited in 2010. Enter 2011: Waves of Glory and in 2012, it was Double Portion, which served as a way of exchanging pleasantries among members throughout the following year until the Shiloh theme of 2013 was announced: Exceeding Grace! As you read this, exceeding grace is still the official way of greeting among members of the commission. 
For some years now, this has been the tradition as the Shiloh theme of the previous year automatically becomes the prophetic theme of the following year (hence Exceeding Grace 2014). 

History of the SHILOH Prophetic themes:
1999: Encounter with Destiny
2000: Heaven on Earth
2001: From Glory to Glory
2002: What Wisdom is This!
2003: All Things are Possible
2004: Showers of Blessings
2005: Possessing your Possessions
2006: Destined to Win
2007: More than Conquerors
2008: Manifestation of The Sons of God
2009: Hour of Restoration
2010: Breakthroughs Unlimited
2011: Waves of Glory
2012: Double Portion
2013: Exceeding Grace
2014: Heaven on Earth
2015: From glory to Glory
2016: My Case is Different
2017: A New Dawn
2018: Dominion
2019.. Breaking Limits
2020. Turnaround Encounter

NOW SHILOH 2021 More Than A Conqueror

Get ready for an encounter, an experience with God that will last forever, in Jesus matchless name. Amen.

This year Shiloh Will Be Your Own Shiloh In Jesus Precious Name, Amen.

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