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When life is giving you a scar, respect it…It is why a crown will be put upon your head.

Please am encouraging you so that you won’t allow this thing people say that believers can not be challenged, things can’t go wrong…etc.. And while you are in the process of training,they make you look somehow.. No..
If it means to cry, don’t be ashamed..Don’t cover it.

One of the most powerful places in scripture is..
“And Jesus wept”..

Why would Jesus cry?
He is the word.. the light..the resurrection yet he wept.

You may be going through it now dear powerful man and woman of God..Dear apostle, pastor teacher in the making..
Yes you have not understood everything now..Yes my sister it’s true that that prophetic grace is not yet speaking but be patient with God.

It is true he called you to be a kingdom financier but as it is now you have not seen it…
Be patient with God.

Your prayer life is not yet that strong…
Don’t worry.
When he is done with you, then you will see what you will become.

While you are standing there is sickness and you still quote scripture “by his stripes I am healed” yet the sickness refuses to go and the world mocks you..

You see the world will usually notice your scars and mock you and you may try to cover it up…but leave it my dear brother ..my dear sister..leave it with honour. Let them witness the scars because when God lifts you, they are the same ones that will testify to the world that they knew you when you were crying.

Take your eyes off your current situation..Keep on praying..keep on Fasting.. just stay… Don’t give up.. tell your wife ONE DAY THINGS WILL BE ALRIGHT.

Be patient with God..
The psalmist says..”.my soul wait thou upon the Lord”..


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