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– Dr Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre IMFFC 2021Day Four

– I prophesy fresh prayer fire upon your life, upon your ministry, fresh fire of intersession; fire of supplication upon the altar of your ministry, upon the altar of your family, upon the altar of your destiny, fresh fire in the name of Jesus.

– The Lord is showing me the restoration of gifts, especially gift of revelation. The restoration of the gift of the Seer, restoration of hearing and knowing and sharp discernment, praying and knowing, praying and understanding, in the name of Jesus.

– God is restoring what was taken and He is releasing what is there that you never knew was there, what has been there, you never knew was there.

– We must function under open Heaven, under the climate of the rain. Thank You Master, in Jesus precious name.
Take your seat
Acts 1:14, Acts 2:1-4, Acts 4:31-33. Azusa’s street revival like you know, Williams James Seymour praying aggressive, extensive, intensive, passionate and fire fell. 
Evan John Roberts prayed continuously for  13-14 years and then suddenly the Heavens opened. 
Something is about to happen.
3. Sacrificial living. This involves the lifestyle of sacrifice and the lifestyle of giving altogether, is key to experiencing the open Heavens (Acts 10:9-10). Peter saw an opened Heaven on the frequency of the sacrifices of a centurion man.  
 What opened the Heaven for Peter at this time was not necessarily what Peter was doing but because of a man, a centurion man who gave alms, live sacrificially and prayed always according to Acts 10:1-4, God caused the Heaven to be opened over Peter for an assignment that was needed by the centurion.
I don’t know whether it was the same centurion or another that build the temple in Luke 6, but if it is the same, it is amplified sacrifice. If it is not the same, it is sacrifice. 
For Solomon, after sacrifice it was not just that the Heaven opened, God came, God arrived, it is a higher realm (2 Chronicles 1:6-7). Not just giving sacrificially but living sacrifcially.
If tithes and offerings will open the windows of Heaven according to Malachi 3:10, how much more when you are not just giving but you are the seed. Everything about you is donated to God according to Romans 12:1-2. 
When this construction was on, we flattened two personal accounts, that is zero, zero, money we’ve been putting aside for years. 
One of the banks came to us and said, please leave this money with us till the end of the month. 
So it can enter their bank records and balance before you take it out. We said, all right, no problem.
 We will leave it for you and we left it and when we moved it, many zeros, plenty figures in foreign currencies. From that day forward, if it was possible, I will put myself inside offering basket, that is the realm. I have never begged for children’s school fees but that year, I dared everything.
 I don’t care where children’s welfare, anything will come from, I don’t care and I was not stranded.
 Till today the frequency is on. I don’t expect to struggle if the Word of God is true and the Word is true. 
Is there anybody here today that I have prophesied to and say, thus saith the Lord, give me money from your pocket or give me this, give me that. Not even in a dream.
– It’s a new day for you- I pray that you will shift levels completely. 
One day Papa Oyedepo said when the ministry was starting, they had a project and they have given and there was a new need for giving and they came to him and told him and he said to them, you know if I have it, God can’t need it and I still have it. He said but as for me right now, anything you want except I give myself now. 
Some of you are hiding what you have and you are not giving. 
He said, let me tell you the truth, the time is going to come when you will say you don’t know what they are using. I will not have it and not give it. But let me tell you what we are using, I’m sold out to God.
Stand up on your feet
There are many keys but just three:
1. Revelational word
2. Passionate praying
3. Sacrificial living.
There are many but look at these three, apply them to your life “…and Abraham departed, get out of your father’s house and Abraham obeyed”. 
That was the height of sacrificial existence. It disconnected him from everything that was valuable and it never left him stranded. 
What is that area of your life that you don’t want God to touch, what is it that you don’t want to hear God about. Give Him that thing, surrender that particular resources.
Beloveth brothers and sisters, it’s a new season.
– I see somebody here  making a very massive sacrifice, resources sacrifice in the course of this Conference and at the end of this Conference that will shift your level beyond recovery.
God’s servant said one day, there was some missionary work needed and he gave a Mercedes car that was like his only car that time. 
I think he entered a bus or something to return back home. He said, carry this car, take it to Leventis and sell and use the money for this Church project or whatever and while he was in that vehicle, he said God told him, my son David, even if you want to be poor, it is too late. 
That is a blessing that is sworn.
Lift your two hands and say Father, I come before You today, I receive Your grace. 
I come before You today, I receive the grace for revelation light and insight in the name of Jesus. Father, help me with the grace for passionate praying in the name of Jesus. 
Help me Lord with the grace for sacrificial living. I receive Your help now in the name of Jesus.
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