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  • Pastor Stephen Ogah at International Youth Alive Conference, Day 2 Morning Session.
    There are many habits and lifestyles that must fall off on this ground before we leave. We will say No to them, my destiny is too precious. My tomorrow is too glorious, I will not settle for youthful lusts.

What is the fear of the Lord Worth?
I will look quickly at two scriptural examples of what God made of the life of men that feared Him.

  1. The Fear of the Lord gave Joseph his place in destiny

Genesis 39:8-9, 42:18
The Fear of God is what ruled Joseph’s life.

Every enthronement in the kingdom comes in response to man’s engagement.
When temptations come, don’t stand and speak in tongues, rather flee as far as your legs can carry you.

Joseph fled and his story changed for the better.
Genesis 41:15-19, 38-43

  • By the time you are returning from this mountain, the king will send for you.
    You time of honour has finally come.

What the spirit of excellence does is that it places a man in a pedestal over himself.

When the spirit of God is upon a man, that man automatically becomes a carrier of the Spirit of Excellence.

The spirit of excellence is a take-over spirit, when it comes upon a man, that man begins to take over.

You may be in third class now or second class lower, but by the spirit of excellence at work in Joseph that made him able to decipher hard sentences, you will be catapulted to first class realm.

  • No youth here will just be a first class academically, you will also be a first class in life.
  1. The Fear of the Lord gave Daniel his place in destiny.
    Daniel 1:8
    Daniel made a personal decision not to defile himself with the king’s meat.
    Daniel 6:1-5
    And as a result Daniel was preferred.
  • Even among the best you shall be called the best.
    The Spirit of excellence makes a man preferred, your size doesn’t matter.

I remember in one medical center, the doctors were trying to find the vein of a baby and they couldn’t, they said don’t stress yourself anymore there is one nurse here that can handle this, let’s call her.

They called her and she did it one time.

That is excellence at work.
We have the responsibility to purge ourselves from the things that corrupt.

Lord grant me grace to purge myself. Grant me grace to clean up so I can go up.

  • For you, your testimony will not be lost.

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