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  • Pastor David Ibiyeomie on “Anointing for Supernatural Abundance Part 1” at SMHOS First Service
    Let us give him thanks and praise. Exalt him because no one is like him, he’s forever on the throne. Blessed be God forever in the precious name of Jesus. It says, “The profit of the earth is for all” Ecclesiastes 5:9. You have come to this Service, whatever God has ordained as a profit, your portion shall be delivered to you. Whatever God has as a blessing on this earth, your portion shall be delivered to you.

Before you have your seat, how many want the anointing for supernatural abundance? While studying in the early hours of this morning, I stumbled into three scriptures, I call them calculus.

In Psalm 110:1-3. The Lord said he will send his strength out of where? Zion to rule in the midst of witches and wizards. So, occultic forces can stop me from enjoying abundance. Do you understand now? It says, “rule thou in the midst of thine enemies…” You say, “God, things are not working because of the man in my office…” God says, “That is irrelevant…that shouldn’t be the reason”…” Oh! I would have prospered if not for that my uncle who is a wizard…” That is not the reason. Now, that talks about power but in my studies, I stumbled into deep insight. You rule with strength. So, what is strength? Proverbs 24:5 So you don’t rule by power; you rule by strength which is wisdom.
So it is by wisdom I’m going to subdue witches not by power and might. And what is wisdom? The correct application of knowledge. So, if I apply the things I’m being taught, the witches can’t stop me from prospering, simple! If I begin to put to practice the things that I’ve been taught and what God’s word says, no devil, no economy can stop me.

So your prayer this morning is, “Lord, I have been hearing since, grace to put them into practice, including the one I will hear this morning I receive from you” See, it is not the witches that are stopping you; it is because wisdom is missing. The more I increase in wisdom, the more I rule in the midst of my enemies.

Give him a big hand, you may be seated. Praise the Lord! The message this morning is “Anointing for Supernatural Abundance Part 1” We are still in the month of Manifesting Supernatural Abundance. Praise the Lord! I am going to take a second part of this message before November is over. It will still be the Anointing Service.

But I will take it in a different dimension. What is anointing?
Anointing is the endowment of God upon a believer that enables one to accomplish great feats. In the context of today’s teaching, the anointing I’m talking about is the divine endowment of God upon a believer that enables one to accomplish great feats.

It is the mark upon a child of God that sets him or her aside to fulfill a divine purpose. The anointing is a seal powered by the Holy Spirit over Christians that immunes us from the woes of lack and wants in the world.

When you are anointed, you are separated from all the woes of the earth and you will be separated from today. What is abundance? Abundance means surplus, fullness, large amount, bountifulness, in great supply, over much. It simply means more than enough. It means overflow.

How many of you understand what abundance is now? Where you have more than enough not the one you are eating and someone is coming and then you are hiding your food. When you have more than enough, you will want people to come and join you. Shout Hallelujah! More than enough, that is abundance.

So, anointing for abundance simply means being divinely empowered to have in possession overflowing resources, materials, money, etc. to meet Kingdom demands as they present themselves. And God is the source that empowers us for abundance. Deuteronomy 8:18. He says, ‘I’m the one that will empower you…” Is that clear Sir? The empowerment comes from who?…from God. Praise the Lord!

Now, hear me people of God this morning. Supernatural abundance is real. So, don’t think it’s fake.

Israel enjoyed abundance while coming out of Egypt. They were slaves for 430 years, and slavery ended with abundance. Exodus 3 was the first place abundance was displayed by God. Exodus 3:21-23.

They were borrowing them the entire economy when they were leaving Egypt. God says, “I’m going to prove that supernatural abundance belongs to me…You have suffered for 430 years but I’m going to transfer the entire wealth of Egypt to you” Now listen, wherever you are in any part of the world, God has not changed. Egyptians, what they have heaped will be transferred to you. It is what you say Amen to that God confirms.

  • What you have been toiling for all the days of your life, this day, there shall be a transfer into your hands.
    Exodus 12:35-36.

The children of Israel borrowed jewels from the Egyptians. Listen carefully, how do you borrow things to someone who is not coming back? When God wants to do something, he turns the counsel of the wicked into foolishness. You are borrowing the entire economy to a people who were slaves to you. Now listen, they were leaving Egypt.

The people knew they were leaving. And then, all of a sudden, they said, “We are borrowing you our entire economy.” Gold is the economy of that time. They gave them everything they had and told them to go. Do you understand It? You are borrowing someone who is not coming back.
Excuse me,

  • This day the man who has been oppressing you, as you go back to your offices, your business this week, God will turn that man’s/woman’s counsel to foolishness.
    It was God that empowered them, anointed them for favor. This was the reason Pharaoh pursued the Israelites. These slaves have taken our economy, pursue them and bring it back. He was not pursuing them for slavery. He pursued them when he realized that the economy has been taken.
  • Whoever wants to pursue you after it has been delivered into your hands shall drown in the Red Sea of judgment.

They were leaving Egypt. That can be likened to redemption. Is that clear sir? When you are born again, you enjoy the same privilege. By redemption, you are not supposed to be leaving in lack and want. 2 Corinthians 8:9. To be born again is “not to suffer again” Is that clear? Redemption forbids that you leave in lack and want.

Suffering is a function of ignorance and willful disobedience to covenant practice. God wants to anoint you for supernatural abundance to the level you are ready to be a blessing to his kingdom and humanity.
God blesses you and me primarily for us to be a blessing. He said, “I will bless you and thou shall become a blessing” Genesis 12:2. It says, ‘Through prosperity shall my kingdom spread abroad’ Zechariah 1:17. If you stop being a blessing, the anointing for abundance will also stop. So God will anoint you for abundance to the level you are willing to be a blessing. Is that clear sir? Glory to God!
You know if I eat a good menu, for instance, very sweet food. Maybe I eat with the President of a nation. And I say this wonderful dinner I took, I will not go into the convenience for days.

I want to keep the memory of the food. The consequences of that life are: you will become uncomfortable, and you will be unbearable until the person dispenses.

You know that kind of food can cause you harm. You ate good food but refused to use the convenience. You know the consequences; they ma put an ambulance around you. True? So, when God blesses you and you refused to release, you know the consequences. You are just a senior collector.

You don’t go to the toilet, you are only eating, eating. You know what will happen now. What will happen? You will die. You say, “I like to eat good food but I don’t use convenience…” Convenience is for decency’s sake, not everybody understands convenience… They will think that convenience is where you just go and relax. You don’t get to the toilet. Let me put it both for the enlightened ones and the illiterates. You will just be eating good food… You say, “The good food I ate with the President of America, I’m going to keep it in my stomach, I don’t want to go to the toilet at all for days” They will put an ambulance around you. True? So when God keeps blessing you and you don’t discharge, you know what will happen.

Your giving must be to the level to which he has blessed you. When God demonstrated as the most anointed of all, he gave to the level to which he is, he gave Jesus Christ. He didn’t give Angel Michael.

Is that clear? Listen carefully, when God wanted to demonstrate anointing for abundance, he did not give an angel, he gave Jesus. When God wants to anoint you for abundance, you will give to the level to which God has blessed you.

That way the anointing for abundance comes upon you on a consistent basis. But there are those who are anointed for one week and then after one week, they are down. I said something on Thursday. I said people are sharing testimonies that they gave to David Ibiyeomie and they got blessed. I have been giving to my mentor consistently so I have never been broke.

During the birthday, you remember you gave and all of you are sharing testimonies. Now, just imagine if you do it for life. But so many don’t understand it, they wait for only my birthday. So you get breakthrough that time and break down after my birthday.
Now, I have understanding so I do it as a lifestyle. So, I keep getting breakthroughs consistently. Whatever you do that brings results, keep doing it. Is that clear?

God minds quality. It is not just us carrying quantity alone; he minds quality. There was a widow in Matthew 12: 41-44. Everybody was dropping offering in the bucket and then Jesus stood over the offering and was watching everybody. Then, the video dropped what she had and Jesus called his disciples and said to them that this woman has dropped all that she had. Is that true?

He said among everybody that offered here, her own is the greatest.

What she dropped was everything she had. Listen people use it religiously. They’ll say, “I’m dropping my widow’s mite” It is not correct. That woman gave all she had. If you say I’m giving my widow’s mite, you are saying I’m giving everything that I have. Don’t use it religiously; widow’s mite is everything you have.

Many people give stingy mite and say this is my…. you are giving small thing, say I’m giving you what I have now, don’t use the term widow’s mite.

Widow’s mite means everything I have. You hear people say this is my widow’s mite, no, you are giving your stingy mite. Proverbs 11:24. The more you give, the more you are anointed for supernatural abundance. The giving process keeps the blessing channels open for the anointing to keep flowing.

Isaiah 45: 1-3.
Take note of whom God called anointed. He called a sinner anointed. This man was not born again. So he is anointed to God. You are not holier than God so if God called him anointed you will be stupid to call him anything. This is God who called him anointed. You can question God why he should call a man like this anointed. You can imagine God calling one of these governors anointed.

I’m sure you too will say something against it. But you can’t question God. God said to him: “I’m anointing you for wealth that you will know that I am God.” When you read scriptures, always go back to make references.

Don’t ever read scriptures in one context. Why will God call a man of such caliber an anointed man? Why will call a King of Babylon anointed? He was not the King of Jerusalem; Babylon, the center of evil.
Turn with me to Ezra 5:13.
He called him anointed because the house that Nebuchadnezzar destroyed, he came to build it. Nebuchadnezzar took all the vessels, everything of God but when Cyrus came, he said look what Nebuchadnezzar did I’m not going to follow that pattern. I’m the King of Babylon but we are going to build the house of God in Jerusalem.

Then, God said this man is my anointed, I’ll make sure I deck him with wealth.

You will never be anointed for wealth except you have a heart for God. This man was a sinner but he has a heart. Stingy people can never be anointed for wealth. Are you getting how simple it is.

Can I tell you a secret that will shock you? Why did God anoint me for wealth? Two times I did something.. We were in Bible School, I will never forget. We were to give offering for the first aircraft for evangelism.

As a Bible School student, I didn’t have physical cash but I had some substances, television and the rest. I sowed the best thing that I had for the promotion of the gospel and God said I will anoint you for wealth. And then when this Church started, 1999, when we came here, we were to build this Headquarters. It was not like this before, there used to be polls everywhere. And then I had seven hundred and twenty-three thousand (#723,000) the first bulk money I ever had as a pastor.

You must have read it in my books. And they were to build the place and I asked the men, they said they will need… the architect made some errors and they needed some money to build.

So I said I was going to give seven hundred and twenty thousand of the seven hundred and twenty-three thousand as a sacrifice. I had no car, I was trekking… Mercedes V-Boot then was five hundred thousand naira Tokunbo price.

Satan said to me, “You can’t be trekking as pastor at this point of your life. Buy the V-Boot first. Mostly you think it is God talking to you, it is the devil and even you yourself. He says, ‘Tell them to give, you are a pastor… I said ” Shut up” the moment I did that, God said watch me, I will anoint you for wealth. Why the first money I had was to build a house of God.

He doesn’t anoint you for wealth because you carried a big cross around your neck. He doesn’t anoint you for wealth because you are singing, “Holy Holy Holy…” No! He anoints for. wealth when you put his Kingdom first for money. So don’t get confused, your money you have, his kingdom comes first. How many want to be anointed? Then when it comes to money, put God first. God first before yourself.

Ezra 5:17
Cyrus commanded that the house of God must be built in Jerusalem. Then where were the people of Israel? May God anoint you from today. Please listen, don’t allow religion to becloud your destiny. The truth is you will never be anointed for wealth in this kingdom if you don’t have a heart for God. Any solid money in this Kingdom, you must be a person who likes to give.

Check everyone who is blessed. They will tell you that, ‘I was able to build a branch here…..I was able to build a church here…I was able to give for crusade” Check all of them, that is the kind of things you be hearing. I was able to build five churches…” All this one that is only you, that is why only you have been only you.

It doesn’t work like that.
God called a sinner is anointed. Just make his Kingdom your priority and your problems will depart from your proximity. Make his kingdom your priority, that is where the anointing for wealth, abundance comes. Have you noticed that there are sinners who don’t go to church but they give? They will say, “Make una take this money build church” Have you noticed them? And they are richer than believers.

God doesn’t care. Let me tell you this, you will be shocked. God threw away everything in the Bible, he didn’t throw away money.

When he flogged them while they were buying and selling, he didn’t throw the money away. Do you know why? It will be used for his Kingdom. The people that came to give to Jesus, were they believers? When Jesus was born, the people that have to him, were they believers? They were stargazers and magicians but they recognized him as a king. This man no deh go church, how God deh bless am like that?

Check him well. I know sinners who sow money you will never believe. They may not make heaven but they will be richer than you. You will make heaven in poverty but they will make hell with wealth.

If the believer now sows like them, you will now beat them hands down. They will get money but go to hell but if you now sow like them, you will get the money and make heaven. But Church people don’t like it.

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