Jesus cannot enter a place and there’s no miracle, there’s no salvation. He cannot send somebody to a place and those things are not there.
Hosea 12:13
Your true identity is formed through God’s sent prophet. We are talking about authentics, who will lead you out of Egypt and serve as faithful pastors.
Your preservation and your deliverance is tied to your prophet. That’s why you can’t go to any Church, you must be led to a Church. You must be directed to a Church because the voice over your life determines how far you can go.
The ministry of the prophet is the most misunderstood ministry and also the most abused ministry in the body of Christ today. There are synagogues of satan that call themselves Jews but they are not. The Bible says by their fruits you shall know them. In some places everything is pre-planned, even the testimony is packaged. We don’t need to help God, He’s able to help Himself.
It is because of the power backing the office of the prophet that many charlatans have abused that office and they’re taking advantage of the gullible as victims. You’ll hear today somebody will say go and sell everything you have and give to me. True prophets don’t prophesy for gains, they prophesy for glory.
Moses served the children of Israel to the point that he was ready to die. Moses said to God “If Your presence will not go with us, forget it. I don’t want to go there”.
Everything about true prophets is the presence of God.
Genesis 30:43
For you to say you carry glory and there’s no goodness, is fake glory. We use the Scriptures to interpret Scriptures. The prophets are raised to restore glory and dignity of humanity and any prophet that is not restoring the glory and dignity of humanity is fake.
There are prophets today that strips you naked. If you fall to their hands, you’re in trouble and you see because people are gullible and those who are not ready to follow the process, they want quick answers, you will fall into the hands of such people because they will tell you, you don’t need to do anything. I will go and fast for you. Bring 90 million.
What happens when you bless a prophet?
Matthew 10:41
If you recognize your covering, your prophets, you’ll begin to walk and operate in the unction of that prophet.
God told me to follow a man through another man of God and I call that person my mentor and my prophet. In other words whatever he says that’s what I will do. Coming to this place, I had to be allowed to come and he said it’s going to be most rewarding. I am confident because there is a backing. It might not be visible to you but it’s there.
There is what is called the spirit of the prophet. You’ll begin to see things happen for you effortlessly after the order of the prophet that is over your life. That’s why I’m sorry for those who look down on their pastors because they don’t have understanding. Just a little money they have, they feel that “who’s that pastor? One of my protocol officers came to me and said God told him to build us a mansion. I looked at him and said “Do you have anything? You don’t know what is in people’s accounts. He said “You have been impacting our lives, things have changed”, I said “But your stature has not changed”. He said “I have built a house for my physical parents and God is saying it’s time for me to build a house for my Spiritual parents.
When you tie your business to the unction of your prophet, it can never fail. I’m telling you what works. We belong to a tribe of people that build cities. We don’t build streets any longer. We build cities, we build universities. I’d like you to plug yourself into this move of God.
Never look down on your covering. Wish your covering well, It shall be well with you. Just a word from the mouth of your prophet can solve your problem forever. By early tomorrow I’m gone but Pastor Biodun is always with you and Pastor Modele. Don’t take words from their mouths for granted.
I must now warn us, as we have genuine prophets, we also have fake prophets. We have magicians on the altar. The more you look, the less you see. They’re the ones doing it, not God.
In the morning I told us about health and wealth so we are going to seal that now.
We’ll have prophetic declarations for health and for wealth. I’m going to start with
Jeremiah 33:6
Thus the Word goes into effect in your lives in Jesus.
The second Scripture
Jeremiah 30:17
Say after me, I receive restoration of health and strength, I receive healing of every wound, internal and external in the name of Jesus.

  • Receive restoration of your health.
  • Your lost strength, receive it back.
  • Every wound or injury, affliction of the enemy, be healed of it in the name of Jesus.
    So shall it be.
  • No more wounds in the name of Jesus.
    Exodus 15:26
    Say after me, say Father, You are the I Am, the current God, I receive health, I receive healing in the name of Jesus.
    As you have declared in the ears of God, receive His healing, receive His health, receive His soundness, receive His strength in the name of Jesus. Receive vitality.
    Matthew 9:2
    Your sins are forgiven. Whatever sin the devil is using to afflict you, your sins are forgiven. Receive wholeness tonight, receive soundness tonight. From the crown of your head to the sole your feet, remain whole tonight in the name of Jesus. It is well.
    Let’s go to the prophetic declaration for wealth.
    Isaiah 45:3
    Say after me, I receive the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of the secret places.
  • Everything will be moving in your direction.
  • Doors will be opening for you.
  • Lines are falling unto you in pleasant places in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Whatever it is called, the treasures of darkness, whatever is referred to as the hidden riches of the secret places, let it show up in your life. Let it manifest in your lives in the name of Jesus. Let the blessings begin to move in your direction, let doors be opened for you in the name of Jesus.
    The Bible talks about the treasures of darkness. Why is it called treasures of darkness? Only people that are in the light can see it. Then the hidden riches is hidden from those who are lost, it’s only open to those who are in the light. There’s money everywhere. Where you live does not matter, it’s what you see that matters. I pray tonight that God opens your eyes to the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of the secret places.
    Deuteronomy 33:19
    I proclaim and declare prophetically over you that you shall partake of the abundance of the seas. No matter the inflation or economic crisis, you will continue to flourish.
    Isaiah 61:6
    Say after me I will eat the riches of the Gentiles and I will boast in their glory. Pray that into your life.
    I prophetically declare over you, you’re a takeover generation, you will eat the riches of the Gentiles and take over their glory.
    Isaiah 61:9
    Lift up your right hand, everyone that sees you in the office, in schools, anywhere they see you they will acknowledge that you are he who God has blessed.
    You shall be known among the Gentiles in the name of Jesus Christ.
    You shall take over industries, commerce, technology, ministry, take over everywhere in the name of Jesus Christ.

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