Where in the Bible does it say let God arise and his enemies be scattered?

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Where in the Bible does it say let God arise and his enemies be scattered?

It can be found in Psalm 68: 1 -2.

This is a scripture that is meant for prayer, declaration and warfare, it can be used against the enemy both in utterance and as a prayer point.

Psalm 68: 1 and 2, is a very powerful psalm for prayer, if you felt the enemy is attacking you i one way or the other, this is the psalm to use, it can destroy the work of the enemy completely, because the word of God is quick and powerful, no force of hell can withstand the power of the word.

I will give you some few prayer points to engage with this psalm against the enemy and their works.

Prayer Points with Psalm 68:1-2

  1. Oh God arise, scatter the plans of the enemy over my life and family in Jesus name.
  2. Every plots of the wicked against me for the end of the year, be destroyed right now in Jesus name.
  3. Oh God Arise, let the evil arrows targeted against me and my well being backfire right now in Jesus name.
  4. Every enemy that appears as a friend and his close to me, trying to bring me down, be destroyed right now in Jesus name.
  5. Every works of the devil over my business and finances, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  6. Every gang up and conspiracy over my life, my family and loved ones, be frustrated right now, I scatter you in Jesus name.
  7. Everyone that as come together to device my hurt and destroy, let them be scattered, oh God, scatter their tongues.
  8. Let my enemies be frustrated and put to shame, let their devices be disappointed.
  9. Every manipulation of darkness around my life, be frustrated, confused and destroyed in Jesus name.
  10. Everyone desiring my hurt, wishing me evil, invoking dark powers over me, Today i scatter your weapons, i dsiappoint your expectation sin Jesus name.
  11. Thank you faher, for answering my prayers, In Jesus mighty name, amen.

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