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Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG October Thanksgiving Sunday Service
‘Divine Involvement’

– Thank Him for all He has done for you since the beginning of the Year. Praise Him for healing, health, provision and protection.
– Pray for all our rulers at every level that the One who is called the Burden Bearer will help these people to carry their own burdens.
– Let us pray that the Almighty God will give them wisdom, understanding and He will give them direction so that they will be able to rule us right.

When David made a mistake and God decided to fight, there were thousands of people in Israel that died, not a single one in the Palace.
– Father, don’t let our rulers make mistakes. Direct their actions Lord.
– Father, another year is coming to an end, fulfil your promises to me.

We are delighted to welcome the number one citizen of Lagos State, God bless you sir and ma. We are delighted to welcome all our royal fathers too. We are delighted to welcome every brother and sister, God bless you.

2 Chronicles 20:20-30

How many of you believe the Prophets of God? Then you shall prosper.
– May I prophesy to someone that all your enemies will destroy themselves.
– Every one of you will rejoice over your enemies.
– I decree to Nigeria, God will give you rest.

I have been asked to speak to us on Divine Involvement.

What do you mean by divine?
Divine is something that has to do with God. Involvement simply means to have a hand in. When they say you are involved, that means you have a hand in the matter.

Matthew 8:1-3, a leper came to Jesus Christ and said I know you can make me whole if you are willing.

If you decide to have a hand in my situation you can make me whole. Jesus said I am willing and He touched him. He had a hand in the situation and the leper was cleansed.

When we talk about Divine Involvement, we are talking about God having a hand in your situation.
– I am praying for every one of us, from this moment onward, God will have a hand in your affairs.

1. When God becomes involved with an individual in your situation, the incurable can be cured.
2 Kings 5:1-14, Naaman was rich, successful, famous but he had a problem of leprosy and in those days, leprosy was incurable but God had a hand in his situation. God told him to go and wash in a particular river. You don’t get cured of leprosy by washing in a particular river no matter how clean and the river God asked him to go and wash was a dirty one. He said so himself that there are better rivers where I come from but because God had a hand in it, he washed and he was cleansed.

John 9:1-7, the man born blind, people were talking about him, asking how come he was born blind, was it his father who sinned or the mother. Jesus Christ said it is not a question of sin I just want to show you what happens when I get involved.

He spat on the ground, made some mud, put it on the eyes and told him to go and wash and he came back seeing. He had no eyes but God got involved and he got two brown new eyes.
– I pray that, that will be a message for somebody today.

2. When God is involved with an individual, He can turn a failure into an overnight success.
Luke 5:1-7, Peter had fished all night and he caught nothing.

Peter was hardworking but there was nothing to show for his hard work and then Jesus got involved, stepped into his boat and in one throw of the net, he caught so many fishes that his boat and the boat of his friend were filled to overflowing with fish.

3. When Jesus gets involved with an individual, he gets a financial breakthrough that he will need the help of somebody to manage.
Very soon your testimony will be my problem is not money, my problem is how to spend it.

4. When God gets involved with your situation, you can get sudden accelerated promotion.
1 Samuel 6:1-13, the Bible tells us that God sent Samuel to go and anoint a king in the house of Jesse, when he got there, there were some big boys that thought that they deserved to be Kings but there was this young man called David, according to Bible scholars, he was a child of a one night stand with a woman that wasn’t the wife of the Father.

He wasn’t even invited for the presentation but because God was involved in his case, God said that we won’t even seat down until you bring this boy and they brought him. The boy woke up a shepherd boy and went to bed a king because God got involved.
– I pray For someone today, those who should promote you who are not doing so, they won’t even be able to rest

5. When God has a hand in your situation, He will grant you unusual favour. Genesis 39, Joseph was a slave, bought by Potiphar but because God has a hand in the life of Joseph, he became a CEO.

The Bible says Potiphar handed everything to him, the only thing that Potiphar got interested in was the food he ate and it was Joseph who decides the food they should give to him. There was a crisis when the wife of Potiphar tried to cause Joseph to sin and he refused and then the wife lied against him, he ended up in prison.
When he got to prison, because God’s hand was still in his affairs, the jailer made him the controller of the prison.

Somebody said if you are the one put in charge of the prison by the one who is supposed to be looking after the prison that prison life cannot be that bad.

The Bible said everything that happens in the prison was in the hands of Joseph.
When God’s hand is in your situation, he grants you unusual favour, He sends help to you.
– I am decreeing to the life of someone today, God will send help to you today.

Today we are celebrating the 61st Anniversary of our nation. What happens when God gets involved in the affairs of a nation?

1. If God gets involved in the affairs of a nation, that will put an end to terrorism.
We all know our problems, the kidnappers are not even kidnapping people on the roads anymore, they are going into the houses of rulers, kidnapping rulers.
In Yoruba Land for example it is a sacrilege that you touch a ruler.
When I was younger, if you see the Kabiosi coming you will move aside for him to pass. You don’t even want his dress to touch you because of the much aura of majesty around, but to go and kidnap a ruler. That is about to end.

1 Samuel 17, the Bible tells us that Goliath terrorized Israel for forty days and forty nights.

It was so bad that when he gets up in the morning he roars, even the King will go into hiding but then God got involved. He brought a small boy who with just a piece of rock silenced the enemy permanently.
– I don’t know how it is going to happen but because you came to church this morning, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, very soon all the acts of terrorism, banditry, all kinds of evil actions will come to an end very soon.

2. When God gets involved in the affairs of a nation, it will protect the people from pandemics.
Exodus 12:1-36, A pandemic swept through the Land of Egypt. This pandemic we are talking about was very selective, it killed only firstborns, every firstborn in every house was killed by an enemy they couldn’t see.

But because God had a hand in the affairs of Israel, not a single child in the nation of Israel died.

I told you that when God told me on January 1, 2020, that the whole world is going to behave like a child in convulsion, I told everybody. I didn’t understand what that meant, I could interpret it several ways but I just told you the way He told me. When later on He said that the whole world would be on compulsory holiday I told you. Coronavirus came and the world is still convulsing, public holiday or compulsory holiday came.
There were all kinds of predictions, WHO, all the experts said what is going to happen to Africa now? They will die like chickens, I even know one big man of God who said before July, the people who will be dying in Lagos State we would be counting hundreds of thousands, I said what have we done? Why should they single me out because I belong here. I cried to God, I reminded him. The elders have a Proverb, the cow that has no tail it is God who will be chasing away the flies.

We have no help but You, help us. He spoke and said son, I have heard you, only those whose time has come will die.
When your time comes there is nothing anybody can do about that I told you on Friday, I read that the number of people who die from snakebite in Nigeria is at least two thousand a year, which means two years, four thousand deaths due to snakebite. Those of us in Lagos won’t understand that, you go upcountry you will see what our farmers go through. Almost two years gone those who have died of coronavirus are not up to three thousand yet, they are less than those killed by snakebite because there is a God who answers prayers.
– I am decreeing to you right now, coronavirus will not come to your house.

3. When God has a hand in the affairs of a nation, He can turn the tide economically. If we have a problem in our nation now, it has to do with the economy.
When I was asked to preach in Abuja, when I asked those who understand the language, what do they mean by how much we need to service our debt, they said that is the interest you pay, you don’t touch, something you pay so they will know you are still alive. They said what we need to pay to keep the debt breathing is about ninety-eight percent of our income. We have problems. We are still borrowing a little more.

2 Kings 7, you will find out that when God is involved in the affairs of a nation, He can turn the tide economically.

There was a situation in Samaria, things were so bad, women were eating their children, we will never get to that stage in Jesus name. A man of God prophesied that within twenty-four hours, there will be so much food that nobody will want to buy. The experts said how can that be? If God was to make a window in heaven will that be possible but God showed him.
– Whether you believe it or not, one way or the other, Nigeria will survive.

4. When God is involved with a nation, He can solve a national crisis overnight.
Have we problems in our nation? You have to be deaf to believe that we have none or are blind. We have problems and they are quite a few.

Exodus 14, when Israel got to the Red Sea and they looked back and saw the army of Pharaoh closing in on them, they had no weapons to fight, they didn’t know how to fight they have been slaves all along, they have been busy making bricks. There was nothing to do, they couldn’t go forward because the Sea was there, they couldn’t go back because the enemy was closing in on them. They had a problem.

They even said to Moses you should have left us in Egypt, if we died in Egypt, there would have been burial ground there.

God got involved and told Moses, tell them the enemies you see today, you will never see them again.
– I don’t know how many of you will believe with me but very soon, this country will be another testimony to the world.

One day Isreal thought that they had finished, by the following morning they saw that they are just beginning.
– I believe Nigeria is just beginning, it will be well with us.

2 Chronicles 20, the Bible tells us that a king was sitting in his palace, minding his business, serving God when news came that three mighty kings have joined themselves together and they said let us go and wipe him out. By the time he heard they were coming, they were twenty-four hours distance away. When you find yourself in a situation you know you can’t fight the battle, call on the Lord of Hosts.

He gathered all his people together, they all stood in front of the Almighty God, help us! they cried and then God sent a message, don’t worry I will be involved.
He told them what to do which is what I am going to advise you to do. He said worship me, praise me, don’t panic, I have never lost a war, I will fight for you but you must worship me. The Bible says they worshipped him.
You can imagine somebody going to war and he puts the choir in front, you with beautiful voices keep singing those of us without voices will be making a joyful noise behind you.
The Bible described what happened that day as amazing, three kings with their mighty armies were united to destroy Israel.

God got involved and we don’t know exactly what happened all of a sudden the people of one king looked at the people of the other king and they said we hate you, the others said we hate you more and they finished one another. It is amazing when God is involved He will prove himself in such a manner that everybody will know this can only be God.

One very great scientist and I were discussing not too long ago and he said the fact of what has happened with Nigeria in particular shows that there must be something there that is not anywhere else. I said you want to know what is there? At least once a month thousands of us gather in a place called Redemption Camp praising God.

If only you will Praise God today, you have a secret.
Why are you so successful?
Why is it that when people are dying you are getting stronger?
How come you have absolute peace of mind when other people are trembling?
You will tell them, you want to know the secret? I have God and I worship Him in spirit and in truth.

When God speaks it is done, when he sends a word of prophecy, you can be sure that as soon as it has gone out, it is settled. It is always settled for His own people, not for outsiders. The Bible says bless the Lord, for He is good, for His mercy endures forever. Then he went on to say that it is the mercy of God that got the Children of Israel through the Red Sea and the same mercy of God drowned their enemies.

The matter is actually in your hand, do you really belong to Him or you are a pretender? In the time of crisis, He will separate those who are His friends and those who are pretenders. If you know you are not hundred percent committed to God, let me tell you, the Bible says at the end of the age, there will be noisome pestilences and I told you at the beginning, coronavirus is just one noisy pestilence. Believe it or not, there are others to come and we don’t have to worry because it won’t matter to us. If you are not on the side of the Lord, God have mercy on you.

If you want to surrender to Him, come let us pray that God will save your soul so that you can become part of His family.

Ask Him to be merciful unto you and save your soul, cry to Him that you want to be part of His family, that you will serve Him for the rest of your life. The rest of us let us pray for our new brothers and sisters, intercede for them that the One who saved our souls will save their souls also.

I want to appeal to you, worship God like you have never done before, begin to take note that from now on, you will see His hand in your affairs.


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