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Which is most Important between Youtube Views and Subscribers?

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Tom Nash

I am a YouTuber who has 275k subscribers…
On the surface, many of us would love to have nearly a quarter million subscribers right?
But here’s why looking at subscriber count is a waste of time…
I know many YouTube creators with more subscribers than me, but their engagement is terrible. Newly released videos are getting less than 1,000 views….
Why does this happen??
They have a lot of dead subscribers. Why does this matter?
One of the most important metrics that the algorithm follows is how many views you are getting compared to your subscriber count upon upload.
If you have 1,000 subscribers and your videos receive 100 views within the first 48 hours, then the ratio is 10% (100/1,000).
This ratio number is a very loud signal to the algorithm on how valuable your content is. Take a look at channels that are experiencing huge growth surges and you’ll constantly see 50% or higher view/sub ratios in the first 2-7 days.
Back to the dead subscribers….
When your channel has A LOT of dead subscribers – i.e. people who are subscribed to your channel, but not watching your content – your views/sub ratio is going to PLUMMET which tells the algorithm that your videos are not valuable.
Think about it like this….
Someone with 1 million subscribers, but only gets 3k views per video will not experience any growth because clearly no one cares about their new videos….
But someone with 5k subscribers who gets 3k views will start seeing HUGE GROWTH because clearly their content is engaging and gets people watching…
So why should you not care about subscriber counts….
Because it doesn’t matter !!!!
Focus on making videos for a specific audience and growth will be inevitable when a majority of your audience is watching, even if you have a small channel.
The beauty of YouTube is that everyone is looking for THE NEXT STAR which helps small channels grow…..
Are you going to be that STAR people are looking for?

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