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Who is Apostle Joshua Selman Spiritual Father?

This is a question that many people have been asking, seeing the remarkable level of exploits and impact Apostle Selman is commanding across the world and in Nigeria particularly, everyone is wondering, what manner of Grace is this, who mentored and pastored this man?

Who raised him in the faith? How did Joshua Selman rise to become a major phenomenal in the body of Christ?

Well, I will try and provide some answer to these Questions, Apostle himself as talked about this several times in his teachings and sermons.

The first thing he made us to understand is that, he is a product of many GRACE, which means, he partake and tap from many Anointing, not just one person, he had a strategic spiritual upbringing and had passion for God, even when nobody knew him yet, when he had no idea he was going to be a Pastor into full-time ministry, he had passion for the Lord and the things of the Kingdom, and this is very obvious in his teachings and Ministry today.

Watch this video of his Humble beginning;

Apostle Joshua Selman as talked about his Encounter with various great men of God; including some who have passed on to Glory, and those who are still here right now;

He has also had personal encounter with Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Adeboye, and more.

Apostle Selman also talks about how that he has tapped from men like Bishop David Oyedepo, Benny Hinn, William Branham, Morris Cerrullo, Reinhard Bonnke, Myles Munroe and many more.

He is a man that believes in the Grace of God on the generals of faith and fathers of old, many of which he has read their books, and listened to their sermons.

Recently, he had a personal encounter with Bishop Oyedepo at a Conference in Lagos;

Pastor Adeboye of RCCG as also invited him to minister at Redemption camp to the youth meeting and esther’s breakfast.

Another good thing about Apostle selman is that, he honors various Pastors across different denominations and churches, and he is accepted all across the body of Christ.

Watch this interview session with Apostle Selman;

Apostle SELMAN is known for honoring fathers, he doesn’t criticize or dishonor them, he also talk about how he encountered the Holy Spirit, in form of a dove, at a Crusade of Reinhard Bonnke in Nigeria and it impacted him greatly, according to him, this is one of the great encounter that opened him up to the manifestation of the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

He also talked about his encounter with Bishop David Oyedepo in a Vision, where God ushered him into the realm of Massive Kingdom Wealth transfer;

Apostle Joshua Selman is a true blessing to the body of Christ, he doesn’t just have one Spiritual father, he actually tap from many Graces and Anointing.

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