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By: Dr Paul Enenche

1. There are many voices in the world (1 Cor. 14:10)
If you turn on the radio or the TV, you hear voices; your heart is speaking to you; you receive news from the village, that is a voice.

2. What matters is not what was said
What is most important in voices that we hear is not what was said; it is not the content of the voice.
3. What matters is who said it
What matters is not the content of the speech but the speaker

4. Only what God says has the right to come to pass
Other things may illegally try to impose themselves but only what God says has the right to come to pass
God has the final and only say that matters

We are here this morning, in the place of God’s presence to enforce His Voice, will and purpose.
We are here to tell the devil, ‘it doesn’t matter what you said, since it is not God that said it…’
If it is not God who said it, it lacks the spiritual legal power to stand!

Father, thank You for the privilege of knowing You. Thank You for the Blessing of being called Your own. To You alone be all the praise Lord in Jesus Name. 1 John 3:1a

Father, thank You for the manifestations of Your power and presence in salvations, healings, miracles, signs and wonders yesterday. To You alone be all the praise Lord, in Jesus Name. Psalm 145:4-5

Father, thank You for the midweek service today, we ask that Your word will run swiftly and fulfill Your purpose in our midst today Lord, in Jesus Name. Psalm 147:15

Father, we pray for the service of 5 hours in Your presence this Sunday. We ask that You will exceed the expectations of Your children in all aspects of the service Lord, in Jesus Name. Philippians 3:20

Father we pray for the 25th anniversary convention. We ask that You will give the commission and every participant an unforgettable encounter Lord in Jesus Name. Shift us in ways and dimensions that will impact our generation drastically Lord, in Jesus Name. – Isaiah 9:8

Father, we ask that You will frustrate the tokens of liars and make diviners mad in this season in the Name of Jesus Christ. Disappoint Lord, the evil devices and decrees of the wicked in our Land so that their hands are not able to perform their enterprise Lord, in Jesus Name. Job 5:12, Isaiah 44:25

Father, we decree today that only what You have said, decreed, and declared concerning our land, nation, the church in Nigeria, Dunamis, my family and my life has the right to come to pass. Father, we establish Your utterance, decrees, and declarations and we frustrate every other voice, decree and declaration against Your people; we frustrate them now in Jesus’ Name!

– Very soon those who mocked you will look for you and ask for your help/favour. God will turn you into something that will shock them!
– Everyone who is a victim of disfavour, mockery, hatred without cause, today that agenda of the enemy is arrested!
– In this season God will turn you into something that will shock and surprise your mockers!
– Today shall be a great day of help, mercy, Divine openings, favour, opportunities, and breakthroughs!
– The plague is over!

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