Shoprite, Other South African Companies to Increase Investments in Nigeria
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ShopRite is one of the biggest and popular shopping mall in Nigeria, even in Africa at large. Despite the fact that ShopRite is not a Nigeria supermarket, it still gain a very much relevance and attention in Nigeria today, and we have thousands of people visiting the mall on daily basis in Nigeria, and I don’t think anyone even cares or bothers knows about the brain behind this big shopping mall. But we will be unveiling the owner of this big shopping mall in this article.

Since its creation in 1979, it has been the largest food retailing company in Africa. It has it headquarter in the Western Cape Province South Africa. Basically situated in about 15countries in Africa and has more than 2653 outlets. It has an awesome amount of employees of about 143,000workers.

ShopRite was first situated in Nigeria in the year 2005, in Lagos state, Victoria Island to be precise. And this is when the first ShopRite Nigeria supermarket was opened in Nigeria, which now has about 17supermarkets across different states in Nigeria, such as Kwara, Enugu, Abuja, Kano, Ondo and others, is also having about 2000workers which Nigerians happens to occupy 99% of the total number of the workers.

But the question is still who owns this big company, the largest food retailing company in Africa. A company that is able to employ over 143,000peoples. The owner of this big company is no other person than MR CHRISTO WIESE, the South Africa billionaire.

Shoprite did not only have their outlet in South Africa and Nigeria alone but all over the Africa countries such as ANGOLA, BOTSWANA, MADAGASCAR, ZAMBIA, NAMIBIA, CONGO DR, MOZAMBIQUE, CONGO, GHANA, SWAZILAND, MAURITIUS, and LESOTHO. And this man doesn’t just own ShopRite alone but others like OK foods, OK grocers, OK mini mark, ShopRite hyper, MEDI-RITE pharmacy etc.

Now you know MR CHRISTO WIESE owns one of the top leading supermarkets in Africa.

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