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The most expensive table is about to be broken 😅

Someone asked me to make this post to benefit those that couldn’t see the video I posted on my channel.
I spoke on why I didn’t want my husband when we were in a relationship to ‘propose’
This is MY opinion and standpoint. Don’t take it personal❤️
Someone asked how i knew he was going to propose. I mean, we come on your faces every time online to proclaim our commitment to modeling a Godly relationship and you are asking whether or not I know he will propose? We started talking about marriage the moment we discovered we were meant to be.
I am of the opinion that a guy can put out a surprise proposal party to make the moment memorable and beautiful. But seeing how some ladies weep and explode in shock, that the guy they’ve invested time and resources on is actually gonna marry them is shocking to me. It’s fine if you get emotional because you were caught in the moment.
Like what have you guys been discussing all the years? Why are you actually surprise that he wants to marry you? Seeing guys disturbed and scared of proposing because of the fear of rejection marvels me.

People in the world do this because they often don’t know what they’re getting into. It’s obvious from the movie we watch and all.

But hey Church folks, we can do better. That some ladies will even take time thinking whether to accept or not while the crowd plead with her to say yes is something I don’t understand.
Why the drama?
What were you two doing?
Like I said, this uncertainty some Christian depicts when they’re propose to, is the issue.
Do all the sweet surprise proposal and express shock/joy at the things he put out to make it special but minus the drama. A lady went browsing how to react when proposed to. Haew🤣
It is a trend, it wasn’t done before. We can decide to fit in as Christians but we must not copy step to step. Make some adjustments that will depict your relationship is Christ centered.
Someone was saying she’ll not accept a brother’s proposal if he doesn’t make it big, bla bla bla.
Let’s relax Children of God.
Somethings are not necessary.
I watched uncle Allison’s proposal. It was so unique and you can literally see the joy in Aunty Choco’s face. She didn’t look uncertain about whether to accept or not. He wasn’t afraid she’ll say no. There are many others that did it uniquely but I cannot mention.😅
Don’t put your partner under undue pressure.
If you’re sure you can’t marry him, don’t waste his time until the day of proposal and then say no. If you’re not going to marry her, don’t waste her time.
Christians in a Godly relationship, discuss marriage. Proposal should not be a shock. It should be exciting.
Any relationship that doesn’t have marriage in view is not Godly ❤️
The excellence of the proposal doesn’t determine the success of marriage.
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