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We are loosing our members in church because they cannot see the reality, the validity of what the word says..
We are loosing our ladies to ungodly people, we are loosing our gentle men, our fathers have become herberlists covenanting generations in shrines.. Because hunger is taking them to Egypt…

I will preach a God that can be proven here and now.. That he is not only the saver of souls but the lifter of men.

Please if you are a man of God here let’s take people’s lives seriously.. Let’s not just be acting games with people’s destiny..

We have orphans in this place..
We have widows in this place.. It’s not their fault that they became this way.. Do you blame a child? You see a woman of 60 years with her two children and no hope of any physical breakthrough..

They are the ones who give us offerings and we collect as men of God.
They are the ones who carry their last money and kneel down and we collect and eat..
Let me tell you, God will soon start punishing us men of God who are collecting people ‘s offering and not giving them real truths that will lift them..

After service I can stand here and some of you will carry your last money and give me and go back.. Woe betide me if I don’t teach you the truth the will lift you.
It’s not fair that we keep destroying people in the name of church.

Look at how many young men sit down and they are asking, “man of God you are established, me am not, show me the way now so that both the sower and reapers will benefit”..but the man of God will keep telling you to keep sowing only while he is enjoying it. As he talks to you his food is ready.. Some of you love God but have no food at home..
How long will this continue? 😭😭😭

We mock ourselves in church and the only people who really rejoice are the men of God.
Man of God please repent..There is something God can show you that will change people’s lives.

Stay with him to show you.

Apostle Joshua Selman.

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