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(Your Crush and your marital choice)

She called me and began to lament of having a crush on a particular brother. This guy was a close friend so it was a little difficult for her. Being a lady, she never wanted to look desperate; she’s been trying to contain the feeling.

I can’t say if “Brother” really knew what was going on. You know, many times, you might not even know that someone very close to you is crushing on you.

As a Christian sister, she couldn’t just hold the feeling any longer. She felt like opening up to him. On a second thought, she didn’t want to be too forward, lest she disgraces her village people.😀

I’m sure some of us have been in this shoe before.

I have even seen cases of people who suddenly began to crush on their pastor or mentor.

She then called me to ask for what to do and how to go about it.

After listening to her ordeal, I asked her a simple question. “Who is this guy to you?”

“He’s my very close friend”, she replied.

“Do you have any other close friend or female friend?” I asked further.

“No, he’s the only person I am closed to. I find it much easier to talk him.”

I already knew what the problem was. Why wouldn’t you get emotionally connected to someone when he’s the only person you’re closed with?

She had no other friend, not even female friends.

I told her the truth: “Sis, you do not love this guy. The main issue is that you’re lonely”.

Shhhhh….. She went mute.

“Ehn.. actually, it’s not like he’s my type but he’s the only one I’ve got. No other guy is coming and I’m really lonely”, she confessed.

This is one of the things I treated in my E-book “Your Crush and your marital choice”. I wish she had read, she would have gotten to understand better.

I realize that, we all have at one point or the other admired someone secretly or openly.

I have had to counsel many people, especially young people, about the feeling of crush.

When they speak to me, I realize that, they’re attracted to someone of the opposite gender.

I’d counsel someone and realized that the issue was that, he or she had a crush on someone. Some could not be bold enough to talk to their crushes.

Some summoned courage but they were disappointed.

I counselled ladies who were crushing after certain guys but the men involved did not even give them any audience.

Some got engaged to their supposed “Crush” but they ended up being heartbroken.

It is so strange to see the way the feeling works.

Having a crush on your mentor, your boss, your lecturer, even to the extent of singles having crush on married people.

Many people have ended up committing adultery even after they had made a vow on the altar with their wife never to cheat.

They couldn’t just help the so called “Crush”.

It kept on like that and the thought came that, it is better to have this knowledge documented in a book than to keep repeating the same thing to everyone that comes for help.

One thing about this book is that, it cuts across every age, gender, religion or marital status.

Everybody can relate with the message in there.

The book is titled:
“Your crush and your Marital Choice”.
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I admire the fact that there are lots of practical discussions that are needful and useful.

Every parents need to buy this for their children.
It is one gift they’ll live to remember.

Every young person should have a copy.

Dear singles,
Before you get married to that man or woman, I implore you to read this book.

You may just be saving yourself of a lifetime mistake.

Even if you’re married, you’re not excluded from the feeling of crush.

This feeling in itself has scattered many homes because it wasn’t handled appropriately or because they felt it wasn’t something serious.


NOTE: There is no hard copy of the book; it is only in soft copy.

It was formerly sold for #2000 but now, you can get it for #1000.

All you need to do is pay #1000 to:
Acc name: Olayiwola Stephen
Acc Number: 2163177324 (UBA Bank).

Send the proof of payment to 08100606861.

Details in the comments section, check.

© Steven Olayiwola.

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