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Pork is the culinary name for the meat from a domestic pig, and pork meat is recorded to be the most widely eaten meat in the world, it is accounting for about 38% of total meat production worldwide. Also being one of the oldest forms of livestock been recorded to have been domesticated as early as 5000BC.

Having written a little piece about pork meat, we will be considering some reasons why you should consider not eating pork meats. Even though there is a lot of religion belief that is against the eating of pork meats, many see it as an unclean meat, but that is not actually our focus we will be looking beyond religion. What are the things that can be consider in eating this particular meat called the PORK apart from the religion aspect.

pork | Definition, Cuts, & Preparation | Britannica
  • This really has a lot to do with well-functioning of any living organism even human beings, but study as made it known that pig has a particular problem with their digestive system, their digestion is always a quick action unlike the other living organism like human being, cattle and the like.
  • Their digestion process takes place only about 4hours, they digest whatever they eat in the space of four (4) hours on like other animals that use up to 24hours to digest their intakes, and during digestion process many toxin are neutralized and removed out of animals, but since pig didn’t have enough time to do the digestion, many of these toxins are left in their bodies undigested and are store up in their body system.
  • This has make us to understand through many studies that the meat of a pig which is pork contains many toxic materials which dangerous to the body system when consumed.
  • This is another crucial part of any living organism, as a matter of fact living organism get rid of toxin via sweet glands, this could have also help pigs to give out excess toxins from their body system, and help them reduce the amount of toxins that is stored up in them, but they have very few functioning sweat glands, I mean very few that makes it very hard for them to sweat, I tell you pigs hardly sweat.
  • That’s why you can lose them to the death of a strong internal heat if not properly taken care of. And I tell you there’s no way you can eat their meat and not be a partaker of this toxins and to be more sincere with ourselves we don’t need more toxins in our body system at all, we should even be doing our best to get rid of it, not to add up to it
  • Talking about this parasite and viruses, these are very dangerous parasites that cooking cannot totally eradicate from pork, it was recorded that there’s no guaranteed temperature for safety when it comes to pig, I tell you how these parasites and viruses are dangerous. The likes of taenia solium, menangle virus, trichinella, hepatitis E, swine flu etc. These parasites and viruses may lead to some health problems such as loss of appetite, headaches, rashes, fever, tissue infections and many more.
  • Yes! I can see you making mention of ORGANIC, PASTURE RAISED PIG as you read through, yes it is said that this may be very much better to consume, but it is difficult to find and still contains some certain health concerns. I tell you pasture raised pig are very susceptible to, trichinella spiralis also known as pork worm, this particular parasite is one of the most wide spread parasite in the whole world. Though it might be killed by cooking but has a process via which you can use.

This article is not actually written to disabuse our mind about this particular meat or any other adverse thing, just that your health is also our concern that even as your soul prospers you may also prosper in all sides. There’s no doubt that you can see a very good pork meat to eat, it only depends on how and where they are raised.

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