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One day, we were having our departmental church prayers at the school basketball court.
While we were praying, two guys were playing basketball and disturbing us, i was thinking they will go when they saw us, but we were praying and they were playing basketball, hmmm.

At a point i got provoked in the spirit and i said, God we can’t be praying and this guys are playing, let something happen and move them out of here.

After this prayer, one of the guys threw the basketball, and it hit me on my hand and stomach, it was real painful, when they realized the basketball hit me, they apologised and quickly moved somewhere else.

I prayed for them to move, but before they moved, i got HIT…

I prayed for a move, but it happened as a result of what hit me.

Sir, Ma, there are demons terrorizing your territory and i know you are tired of them, but are you willing to get HIT?

Are you willing to get HIT for there to be a move?

I mean are you ready to get hit by hunger, because of days of fasting for your Generation 🔥

Are you ready to get hit by sleepless nights, because of staying awake to interceed?

Are you ready to get hit by shame and persecution, just because of preaching Jesus?

All the men of old that stirred up revival, got hit by something, just to experience revival in their Generation.

Sleepless nights hit them, the pain of rejection hit them, there were times rain beat them because they were evangelizing, they were times they slept hungry because they gave everything they had to spread the gospel.

I know you want the power of Darkness to move out of our Generation but i ask again….


Have you given your life to Jesus?
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Dear Jesus, i believe you died for my sins, i believe you died for my salvation, i accept your eternal life, cleanse me from my sins and help me to live for you and you alone in Jesus name.

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