Winners Chapel 2022 PRESIDENTIAL VISION BRIEFING (Friday 7th January, 2022)


Opening word: Bishop David Abioye

It is our culture as a commission to have vision shared with us by God through god’s servant – Hab. 2:1-3.

Our assembling is to run with the vision that is to be shared by his servant. Until the vision is shared there can’t be running.
We are here to receive the clarity of the vision and to receive grace to run with it.


Any season of life without a vision is a black out season, wilderness season, frustration season – Prov. 29:18, Hosea 4:6, Is. 5:12.
* Jesus came on a well define vision.
* Only ministry with visions and revelations enjoy continuously progress.
* E.g Wonder double vision…I the God of wonder double is visiting you.
* Visions and revelations are the way forward to any ministry who will stand the test of time…e.g from Damascus to Lagos, Raji Oba, the to Canaanland.
* Cell doubling in 2021 fulfilling the vision of wonder double.
* The wonder double agenda continues.
* Every divine agenda enjoys a change of phase at the end of every seven years Ps. 31:, Deut. 15:1.
* There shall be positive change of phase this year to wonder double agenda of God for his people this year (by May 2nd of 2022).
* There shall be massive reenactment of the visitation of wonder double God – Eccl. 3:1-11/14,
* We shall be turned to surprises not only by the world but by our self
* Access to to heaven’s agenda can’t be stopped by the angry devil. Act. 1:1.
* What ever the word teaches is what God does per time.
* It shall be manifested in everyone’s lives as a commission and as an individual.
* There shall be change of phase for every winner this year.
* Num. 23:19 We serve a God that never lies. You can’t can’t on on on his.
* Everyone’s spiritual life will experience change of phase.
* There shall be total change of phases for everyone.
* No contrary situation or circumstances can stopped divine agenda from being fulfilled in our lives. E.g covid 19 season.

1. A year of release from bondage to liberty Deut. 15:3/12-15. There shall be total termination of slavery on behalf of his people this year. It shall Joseph’s year order of release from prison to palace.
* Release from slavery to royalty.
* Release from lack to abundance.
* In the growth of the church lies the glory of the people… Jer. 30:19
* It shall be a year of glorification, as we keep engaging our heart in seeking the enlargement and advancement of his kingdom

1. We are taking minimum double of the highest Sunday attendance since inception, and depending o the quality.
2. Minimum of the number of churches in foreign mission this year Eph. 5:14.
3. Minimum double of the number of the rural churches built last year.
4. What we have never seen in the last six and half years shall be our experience this year.
Receive it, believe it and take action with it and you are empowered to partake of the blessings. Glory to God.

God has something to say / 2xe.
I will listen
And pay full attention
For God has something to say…. A song by papa.

* To pick what God is saying, you must be spiritually attentive.


* 1 Cor. 9:24-end It is not enough to know the vision for the season there is requirements to know in order to see the vision come to pass.
* The one who shows us the visions, know the way out to (Exo. 3:7, Ps. 103:7) their fulfillment.
* Sos. 2:15 Little little things not taking
* Every heavenly vision can be liking to the pool of Bethesda – Jn. 5:1-19. Whoever first drive in into the driving of the vision enjoy the blessedness of the vision fulfillment in our lives.
* Procrastination is the enemies to the fulfillment of the heavenly visions. E.g a relay race, examination hall.
* There is need for the jumping into the pool as the heavenly vision is shared in order to see it come to pass.
* What makes many people miss out of the blessings of the revelations and visions is delay, dragging, procrastination, passiveness. Deut. 28:1-14.
* Our slow response to driving the revelations revealed has caged a lot of people on the same spot.
* Prompt response of faith is key to see the speedy full fiend of revelations and visions for our lives as God delivers it. Gen. 12:1-4, Gen. 17:23-27, Gen. 22:1-end. (Father Abraham’s prompt response to every instruction delivered him by God).
* E.g Mose, Noah, prompt response to deliver the children of Israel. Heb. 11:1-end and to build an ark.
* Sos. 5:1-10 A delay response is costly and dangerous to the fulfillment of the visions and revelations of God for our lives.
* Instances of the power of (Is. 55:6) prompt responses to every revelations and certified heavenly visions.
* God will only back up what he reveals to you in person.
* Procrastination is a robber; Reuben (Gen. 49:1-end). It rob the the people of the best of God for the season. (judges 5:15-16).
Testimonies of prompt response as a commission:
1. Liberation mandate delivered on the second, and there was a prompt response to its fulfillment.
2. Kaduna directive June
3. March 1984 Come and see tract
4. July 19, 1989 Lagos invasion.
5. Harvest of aftica is ripe.

* Effective transportation system for the church… Everyone with cars makes their cars available to carry people to church.
* Transportation offering, for transportations.
* Operation bring back the lost sheep.
* Operation one more winners.
As Pastor quit the drivers seat if you can drive again. Take personal responsibility towards the fullness of the 2022 visions. Act. 10:34, Gal. 1:15-16.

1. Deacons assembly in charge of the attendance collation.
2. Details of auditorium capacities, chairs in the main auditorium and overflow chairs shall accompanied the monthly MAAG.
3. Attendance falsification shall receive sanctions.
4. Two services are legalize as number of services In a church; any additional services must receive approval with mandate being followed dully.

* All offerings well written on their columns, no diversion of funds.
* Income lodged to account 1 as appropriate.
* All documents well slated as it is required.
* No diversion of income to be diverted to project account without due approval.
* No spending of church income.

* Pastor’s wives and families not staying with them shall be sanctioned.
* Pastor’s wives who are not ordained Pastor’s are not allowed to sit in pastors seat.
* No illegal programs by any Pastor’s.
* No illegal ministrations and abuse of designated mysteries in services.
* No Pastor’s traveled without seeking approval for necessary quarter.

* Follow all guide lines as regards reserve account.
* No withdraw from reserve account; follow all needed guidelines
* No payroll enlistment as employer unless there is proper letter.
* No late lodgment of incomes.
* Recurrent fund operational not to be spent solely or withdraw at once. There should be proper management.
* Withdrawing from account 1 directly is not done. It is illegal.
* Collecting unapproved allowances is not legal.
* Let all necessary mandate of signatories be put in place.
* Budget and budgetary control is needed.
* All financial statement should be done daily…not at month’s ending.
* Supporting documents to be attached to each transaction e.g payment vouchers, cheques, e.t.c.
* Unapproved salary for payment is sanctionable.

* The resident pastor to ensure that the SB hold their meetings regularly and submit the report or minutes to the church office.
* Services to be held in the church; CHOP, Midweek Services, Sunday Services, WSF.
* Proper relationship and communication between the Pastor’s and the SB On a regular basis.
* Various church growth programs to be promoted for the new converts, first timers establishment in the church.

* Jesus duplicated his life to his disciple.
* He came to duplicate duplicates.
* Every apostolic ministry has the same pattern; to duplicates themselves into others.
* Elijah vs Elisha, Jesus vs Disciples.
* To every apostolic grace, there is supposed to be a reflection
* You don’t announce grace, IMPARTATION duplications you manifest it. 2Kgs. 2:15.
* The spirit of the commission is mandated to reflect in you everywhere.
* Grace are duplicatable by manifestations.
* Members say: He carries the spirit of the commission.
* The power or duplication of grace is by active followership.
* Every genuine followers duplicate the grace naturally…by consistent followership… 1Kgs. 19-21.
* The duplication and manifestation of the grace unction of the father in a son is step by step followership.
* Matt. 4:19-20 You automatically manifest the grace of the person you follow…
* The best you can have as a staff is salary, but followership secures you blessings without limit. Phil. 1:7, 2 Cor. 12:9-10.
* Moses vs Joshua, The more you follow, the more you duplicate the grace of God upon your fathers.
* Stop categorizing yourself as I am twenty something pastors, it is grace that separate you or distinguished you among others. Eze. 2:1-2.
* Those who follow don’t return back empty they return back full.
* Those who follow follow today, become leader leader tomorrow.
* Who you follow determine the unction you operated in.
* Num. 32:11 Wholesome absolute followership… Matt. 4:20, 1 Kgs. 19:21. Phil. 2:8-10. Num. 32:12.
* Your number one person to follow is God, follow his servant, mandate, statutory vices, teachings, outlines, Deut. 1:36, Joshua 14:8-9,14.
* Wholly individualistic followership, not cooperate followership.


Don’t exist here bodily, let your spirit, your heart be here wholly.

When your heart is no more here, please exit.

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