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Rounded Rectangle: New Teaching




Teaching Series:

  • Thanksgiving and praise ushers believers into the presence of God, where He shows us the path of life among others – Psa. 100:4/ Psa. 16:11
  • A lifestyle of thanksgiving and praise entitles us to harbour God’s presence – Psa. 22:3
  • When a believer carries God’s presence, he operates as more than conqueror over life’s situations and circumstances – Psa. 114:1-7/ Dan. 3:17-28/ Dan. 6:20-23
  • This is why thanksgiving is a vital mystery behind operating in the realm of more than a conqueror – Psa. 119:111/ Mak. 13:37

(Sunday Dec. 19, 2021) Operating in the Realm of More than a Conqueror through Thanksgiving (Pt 1)

The Testimony of Abraham

  • A most hospitable, ever cheerful and ever-welcoming along with his wife Sarah – Gen. 18:1-8/ Heb. 13:2
  • Though challenged with issue of childlessness, he remains addicted to giving glory to God and Isaac the child of promise was born – Rom. 4:17-20
  • Grew to become a covenant symbol of generational blessings – Gal. 3:13-14/29

The Testimony of Joseph

  • A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance – Pro. 13:15
  • Was ever merry hearted both in Potiphar’s house and in the prison – Gen. 39:1-5/21-22
  • He became the prime minister of Egypt from the prison – Gen. 40:6-8/ Gen. 41:15-16/38-44

The Testimony of Daniel

  • We saw God reveled to him the dream of the king and the interpretation thereof and how he responded in thanksgiving, praise and worship to God – Dan. 2:16-19/20-23/26-28/30
  • We saw the king bowed to a captive by reason of that secret, which only God could reveal                          – Dan. 2:46
  • Daniel emerged more than conqueror in Babylon, came out of the den of lion unhurt, thereafter continued to be relevant to the kingdom of Babylon all through his life – Dan. 6:1-3/20-23/26-28

(Sunday Dec. 26, 2021) Operating in the Realm of More than a Conqueror through Thanksgiving (Pt 2)

The Testimony of King David

  • David was a thanksgiving addict – Psa. 34:1/ Psa. 119:164
  • He rose to emerge as more than a conqueror at the age of 17 – 1 Sam. 17:32-50
  • He left a legacy behind – 2 Sam. 14:20/ Rev. 5:5-6

The Testimony of King Solomon

  • Solomon was a song-filled man, he wrote a thousand and fifty songs and one thousand five hundred proverbs – 1 Kgs 4:29-34
  • All the king of the earth came to hear the wisdom of Solomon – 1 Kgs 3:34
  • He grew to become the greatest king on the earth of his days – 1 Kgs 10:1-7/8-13

The Testimony of Paul the apostle.

  • Paul was an addict of thanksgiving, joy and rejoicing – Phi. 1:17-18
  • He taught us to give thanks in all things and for all things – Eh. 5:20/ 1 Thes. 5:18
  • He operated as more than a conqueror indeed – Act. 14:11/19-20/ Act. 19:14-15

Jesus is Lord!

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