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Pastor David Ibiyeomie on “Wisdom for Abundance” at SMHOS First Service

The first key to prosperity is your decision and the next is wisdom which is the correct application of knowledge.

The poor will always want someone to push them while the prosperous push themselves to succeed.

You need the expertise, wisdom and strength of others. Great dreams will always require others for its accomplishment.

No matter where you find yourself, make the best use of that environment to prosper yourself.

Give a big hand to Jesus, you may be seated.

This month is declared the Month of Wisdom for Manifestation. Today, we will be looking at Wisdom for Abundance.

Prosperity is not just having money; it is having enough of God’s provision to complete His will for Your goodness. it is to bless your life and to bless the church, your family and humanity at large. God wants to prosper you financially. Deuteronomy 8:18. In as much God wants you to prosper, you need wisdom to acquire what God has said.

Let me say this to you, prayer is not a scriptural seed for money. It is not the scriptural requirement for Kingdom prosperity. If prayer was required, then all Christians will be millionaires because every Christian prays. It is our decisions and actions that decide our prosperity. The first key to prosperity is your decision and the next is wisdom which is the correct application of knowledge. Proverbs 4:7.

Many are waiting for financial miracles instead of actively pursuing and applying financial principles. Stop waiting for a financial miracle, pursue and put to practice the principles you will hear because if you wait for a financial miracle, you may never have one if you don’t do the principles. You can’t be expecting miracle when you don’t pay your tithe and offering.


1. The Wisdom of the Ant. Proverbs 6:6-8 Solomon the richest man in Bible history took time to study the ant. Why does the ant not come under pressure? There are certain virtues that make the ant to be wise and not lack when others are lacking.

a. The Ant is Self-driven. It has no overseer or guide, that means it motivates itself. Self motivation is often the only difference between the prosperous and the poor. The poor will always want someone to push them while the prosperous push themselves to succeed. first sign of poverty is that you don’t do things until you are pushed to do them.

b. The Ant Accepts Responsibility for her Provision. When you wait for someone else to do your work, you destroy creativity. Stop looking for who to blame for your failures. You won’t fail in Jesus name.

c. The Ant Plans for the Future. The ants take time to prepare for the rainy days. Learn to sow today and not to beg tomorrow. Pay correct tithe and give quality offering. Genesis 8:22.

d. The Ant Knows the Difference Between a Season of Preparation and a Season of Enjoyment. Prepare today and enjoy later or enjoy today and suffer later. When you refuse to be serious with life today, know also that you will pay direly later.

e. Ants Focus on Their Goal. Give total focus to the task ahead. Matthew 6:22. Stop playing with any assignment given to you per time. For instance, you are a footballer. You should know that football has a short-term career. Did you see the way Joshua was beaten yesterday? He refused to focus on his goal. He was just relaxed. That is what I mean. You have a target to win a fight; you should focus on that assignment, no press interview, no laughing, no joking.

Your business is your goal, you don’t focus on it. You leave it every weekend for ceremonies.

f. Ants Believe in Team work. Team simply means “together each achieve more” You can’t achieve your dreams and goals all alone hence work as a team. You must involve others. You need the expertise, wisdom and strength of others. Great dreams will always require others for its accomplishment. Ants don’t do things alone.

Jesus the Messiah had to pick the 12 because he knew he couldn’t do it alone. One man squad is a myopic dream. Any dream that is ‘I am the only one’ is a useless dream. Anything you are doing and somebody else can’t do makes you a failure. Every leader should be able to raise other people to do what they are doing. Just imagine I am the one taking opening prayer, praise and worship, preach and other things. I won’t be able to do two services without adverse effects. You don’t have a future if you are not a team player.

g. Ants Understand Seasons. Ecclesiastes 3:1.. They know what and when to do the right things. Ants know the season for planning action. You should know when to read, you should know when to play. You should know when to be serious.

h. Ants Adapt to Their Environment. The excuse of the poor is “If not for the government”…. “life is not fair” that is the excuse of the poor. My friend, wake up to reality, stop all these excuses. Ants could have relaxed and complained about their size. We have no strength to gather food. Ants don’t give such excuses. If you want to give excuses, there are many excuses to be given. You need to sit up and stop giving excuses. There is always a reason for not doing something. Luke 14:18-19. The present Government is already off with bad ideas, get up and face reality. Romans 2:1.

No matter where you find yourself, make the best use of that environment to prosper yourself. If you find yourself in any environment, don’t give excuses.

i Ants are ever Determined. Kick an ant mould and in few hours, they will rebuild on another side of your compound. They believe they have a right to prosper no matter what. Neve take No for an answer. Fight your way through life. Never give up! If you are kicked out of business, kick yourself into another business.

j. Ants do not Complain When Other Ants Build Colonies. Envy and jealousy are killers of creativity. Nobody’s success should be a threat to your success and prosperity. The sky is too big for two birds to collide. Envy and jealousy of the prosperous is the major reason the unsuccessful ones fail, stay down and leave and die in defeat. Jealousy is an eternal parasite that eats away the joy of people. Celebrate the successful and prosperous. You can’t castigate the prosperous and expect to be prosperous.
The wisdom of the ant can make anybody prosper.

2. The Wisdom of Problem-solving. Everyone is created to solve problems on the earth. Everything created is a solution to a specific problem on the earth. Eyes see, ears hears, mouth speaks. So, mechanics solve car problems, lawyers solve legal problems, Ministers of the gospel solve spiritual problems, mothers solve emotional problems, You are created to solve a problem.

The problem you solve will determine your level of prosperity. Your prosperity is finding a problem to solve. Your earnings depend on the problems you solve. You are either causing problems or solving problems. Problem-solving is the major secret of Joseph’s prosperity. Problem-solving is a major master key to financial abundance.

– Problem-solving decides who looks for you. If you are a problem solver, people will begin to look for you.

– Problem-solving decides who notices you.

– Problem-solving decides your exit from a season of pain like Joseph. Your pain will stop when you solve problems.

– Problem-solving decides who sends for you in moments of adversities and crises.When there’s crisis, you will be sent for if you can solve problems.

– Problem-solving decides your promotion. Joseph went form prison to palace. You don’t pray it; you solve problems to get there. You don’t pray to be the head, you solve a problem to be the head.

– Problem-solving decides your Favour. If you solve a problem for a man in authority, will he favour you? Oh yes, he will.

– Problem-solving decides how people will remember you.

– Problem-solving will take you beyond what your education can’t offer. There are places your qualifications will not carry you to that it is only problem-solving that can get you in there.

– Problem-solving will make people recommend you to those in authority to promote you.

– Problem-solving makes you unforgettable. What should you look for? Money or problems to solve? All the rich men are solving problems.

3. The Wisdom of Giving. Giving releases power in your life. Your faithful obedience to paying of tithes and offerings sets into motion God’s principle of financial prosperity Proverbs 11:24. The wisdom of giving expects that you should know certain things about giving.

a. Give expecting to receive. It is a lie to accept give and expect nothing in return. Give in expectation of receiving. God gave his only Son in expectation of receiving you and I. God gave his greatest gift with expectation of receiving sons and daughters. If you don’t expect, you can’t receive. I didn’t know that before.

b. Have faith in God and his word when you give. If he says, “Give and it shall be given back to you” believe it for He is not a liar. Luke 1:45. When you do what He commanded, you will reap what He promised. Mark 9:23.

c. Pay tithes and give offering. Your tithing opens the windows of heaven while your offerings pour out blessings through the opened windows. Malachi 3:10. Close to 20 year, I have not taught in Bible School. I taught on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had to teach basic and advance.

d. Make sure you plant your seed. Any seed not planted has no ability to produce. Any money you have not put into the kingdom has no ability to reproduce. The world teaches, ‘Get all you can; keep all you can, sir on the can” That teaching will make you broke forever. In the Kingdom, give all you can to get what you want. Galatians 6:7-8

e. Sow again from heavy harvest. A portion of every harvest is a seed for another harvest. You keep sowing . You must replant your increase.

Once you know God’s principles and you apply them faithfully, you have started your journey towards walking in abundance. Proverbs 28:19.

Those who are not faithful will remain poor. Change your faulty mindset that the church needs your money. No!

God is too big to be depending on your wretched purse, your wretched purse depends on him. As you obey these principles, God will make your way prosperous.

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