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*You can’t put Jesus is Lord and then you do something so poor. It does not justify your christianity.

When you do your business anyhow not minding the quality of your products or services that you deliver, then you will soon be out of business.

We are to imitate God in excellence. God does not do things anyhow; I should also not do things anyhow.

Excellent people are noticed when they are not around.

Be faithful in your assignment: work and remain faithful as if you are the owner of he business.

-Pastor David Ibiyeomie on “Wisdom for Distinction (Excellence in Workplace)” at SMHOS Mid-week Service

Give him a big hand, you may be seated.

Please, never be among thousands and billions of people that waste all their lifetime doing the job that God has not assigned them to do.

The most frustrating thing is to do what God did not assign you to do; you will never succeed.

Many are doing things they don’t like. If you wake up Monday morning and you don’t feel like going to work, just know you you will be a failure in that assignment; that is not your place in destiny. Don’t do what you don’t have love for.

What is wisdom?
Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge. It is knowing the right thing and applying it correctly to get desired results.

The word distinction means the state or quality of being excellent or superior.

Wisdom for distinction means knowing the right thing and doing it to stand out. May you know what to do. To have a principle accomplished in life, you need wisdom.

Wisdom is of inestimable value.

Every good thing needed to make life enjoyable comes from wisdom. People pray for money, long life and other good things but all of them come from wisdom.

Proverbs 3:13-16. Wealth is in wisdom. Wisdom is so important that Jesus Christ is called the power and the wisdom of God. 1 Corinthians 1:24.

What power obtains, you need wisdom to keep. To ignore wisdom is to accept mediocrity and failure.

God does not reward mediocrity because He is a God of excellence.

We need the wisdom of God in every area of life.

One way you need the wisdom of God for excellence is in your workplace. It takes wisdom to be a good performer in any place you are working.

Excellence in Workplace simply is being exceptional in your work so as to stand out.

What is excellence?

It means surpassing others in some good qualities. It is doing a common thing uncommonly well.

Excellence is a state of being exceptional at something.

Then Workplace is where people work such as offices, factories, shops and etc.

The workplace includes both the employers and the employees. Employers who lack wisdom will soon be out of business.

That will not be your portion. When you do your business anyhow not minding the quality of your products or services that you deliver, then you will soon be out of business.

Listen carefully, we are in the era when unemployment is increasing.

Companies and organisations are downsizing. Many people are losing jobs all over the world.

In order not to be a victim, you need to operate with excellence where you are working.

There is a lot of mediocrity in the workplace.

People are thrown out of business, thrown out of jobs every day not because of the devil, people blame the devil for lack of excellence.

Many Christians pray too much and give little or no attention to excellence.

To escape this, you need to embrace excellence.

Why Do We Need to Be Excellent in Our Workplace?

1. To be like God. God is an excellent God. His works are excellent. Psalm 8:9, Isaiah 28:29.

Even in the work of creation, God demonstrated excellence. People attest to he excellent performance of Jesus in ministry. Mark 7:37.

May people speak of excellence about you in your workplace. There is no mediocrity with God.

You are to drive every assignment with excellence. Whatever you do, do it well or don’t do it at all. If you are a cleaner, clean very well.

If you are a teacher, teach very well. If you are a cook, cook very well.
If you are a preacher, preach very well.
Let excellence be your hallmark.

If you are singing, sing very well.

As a fashion designer, be current in your designs.

As furniture maker, update yourself with information on modern furniture making and upgrade the quality of your services if you want to remain in business and this applies to all artisans in every field.

I pray that somebody will go back home in this service with a lifetime decision never to settle for mediocrity.

We are to imitate God in excellence.
God does not do things anyhow; I should also not do things anyhow.

2. To glorify God. You glorify in your workplace by being excellent at what you do. When people appreciate the quality of your work, God is exalted; God is honoured and glorified through you. Mediocrity brings reproach to God.

You can’t put Jesus is Lord and then you do something so poor. It does not justify your christianity.

Don’t tell me you are a church man and when you deliver a job, it is so poor.

Embrace excellence so that your light will shine before men.

Don’t go and do something and there is no reflection of christianity in you. People have used religion to cover the truth; no more excellence.

I told a preacher, I said, “Do you know why people don’t come to our Church? No excellence” He was shocked. I said “If I where around you, I won’t come to the church you pastor” He said, “Why sir” I said, “You start a single service at 7am and close by 1pm, for what?” What kind of deliverance are you doing?

Are all the demons in your Church?

You climbed altar only with starting time, you don’t have time to close. No touch of excellence.

Just imagine later you find bell on this altar, will you come here? You will leave the following day.

True or false. Have you not gone to churches to share testimony and you will hear people singing songs and wasting a lot of time.

If you enter some churches, it is like shrine.

They will use satin material to cover the whole place. The pulpit too will be robed with satin material.

Don’t use church to cover the truth. You are cooking food and flies are moving all around the whole place and you are pouring anointing all, my friend, people will run away.

I won’t even enter such a place to eat even if you out Salvation Ministries’ stickers. Go for excellence!

3. Excellence creates relevance for you. Being an excellent performer in your workplace makes you to be relevant. You must decide to be the best at what you do.

Being excellent in your assignment makes you an exceptional person and causes your absence to be felt. When you are excellent, the day you are not in the office, everybody will know.

Excellence sets you apart from others. Excellent people are noticed when they are not around. There are people who do the same job but the excellent ones are always called upon by superiors.

4. It guarantees job security. Being excellent in your assignment secures you. You won’t just be laid off anyhow. Companies don’t lay off their best and productive workers.

Excellenceand corporate organisations should maintain excellent customer service if you want to remain in business. People will go to where they are valued and celebrated. Value your clients and customers and treat them with respect and dignity. If you don’t value customers, you may be at the top today but you won’t last there.

When Nokia was reigning, nobody knew Apple. There used to be a flip Nokia that every big boy used then. At that time, nobody knew Apple product. But Nokia began to misbehave. Now if you carry Nokia, you will be viewed like an old-school person. You know why? Samsung was ahead of Apple but not anymore. You know why? If you return faulty Samsung, it won’t be changed but if you return Apple, it will be changed.

Today, the gap between Samsung and Apple is very wide. Don’t think because you are at the top, you will be there forever. I am not advertising for Apple but the two of them are not in the same class. Samsung is for average people and Apple is for excellent people. I have used the two phones. They don’t belong to the same class. One is Agege and One is Ikoyi.

Everything you do, autograph it with the touch of excellence. Anything you do at all. Don’t do bad jobs. Don’t give terrible service. Some people sew dresses and after taking your measurement, they will still bring terrible jobs. You will start wondering if your measurement was used.

Wisdom To Attain Excellence at Workplace

1. Be passionate for excellence in your workplace. Passion is the key to success. You can’t succeed in anything you don’t have passion for. Excellence in your workplace is not a gift but a personal choice. You must be intentional about it. You just strongly desire to excel. What you don’t desire, you can’t pursue. The journey to excellence begins with desire.

I am to teach abundance on Sunday. I slept some minutes to 5am this morning. I have a Crusade tomorrow but I had to study and study for Sunday service. I don’t want to come and teach giving. If you miss the service on Sunday, you have missed 75 per cent of deep revelations. I told myself I was going to stay awake till 5am studying. You are not serious if you always wait to be told to do the right things before you do them. Excellent people are self driven.

2. Develop right attitude to work. Cultivate the right attitude to work in he following ways:

a. Be faithful in your assignment: work and remain faithful as if you are the owner of the business. This also applies to business owners. Don’t use official time to attend to things that have no value to your business. Don’t spend all your time on social media of surfing the internet except it has to do with your work. Hebrews 3:3. Faithful people don’t abandon given to them. Jesus competed his work. John 17:4.. Faithfulness in assignment demands commitment.

b. Embrace the law of over-performance. This law states that a worker works cheerfully more than he is paid whether under supervision or not. It would distinguish you. You should go the extra mile in any assignment given to you. You make every extra hour count productively without demanding extra pay. Jesus encourages us to go extra mile. Matthew 5:41.

Why did Joseph excel? He went the extra mile. What was Joseph called for? He was called to interpret dreams but he went extra mile to talk about preservation of food. Then Pharaoh told him to take over the land because there was no one as wise as he was. You are given cloth as a laundry man, you see a missing button, you can fix it. Always go the extra mile on your job..

Don’t ever stop just at the assignment given. You are told to clean, after cleaning, arrange the house too.

c. Avoid waste. Seek to be prudent. Cut down cost. Avoid waste and losses. Every employer loves those who avoid waste and enhance productivity. Refuse to be a waster of resources of your company or employer. Those who waste other people’s resources never succeed in life. Stop wasting the resources of your employer.

When we were in Bible School, Bishop Oyedepo told us to go on evangelism. We were given money to eat anything we like. I was told to lead my team to go and I was given the cash for my team. Most of my classmates bought food that we have never eaten before because it was free money. I refused to eat using an extravagant amount. I considered in my heart that this is money from the offering of he Church, why will I use it to eat food? I use my own money to eat. In that set, the difference is very clear among us now.

If you say because it is not your company, you will use things anyhow. I can tell you that the day you start yours, you will destroy it. God hates waste. It is a common thing in this part of the world. People use anything that is not theirs anyhow. Wasters are never successful in life and business. John 6:12.

Look for new ways of doing things at minimal cost without compromising the standards. This is where many miss it in life. Every employee that is prudent is loved by the employer.

d. Accept challenging tasks

e. Be creative and innovative.

f. Embrace continuous personal development.


-With what you have heard, go and take your world by storm.

– Wherever you go from today, the wisdom of God will make the difference in your life.

-There is nowhere you will go from today that people will look down on you.

-You will be looked up to.

-Be blessed as you go. Enjoy a weekend of inspiration.

-No evil will befall you this weekend.


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