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By: Dr Paul Enenche

1. Understanding the dimensions of the wonders of God
2. Understanding the ways into those wonders

We serve a God of numberless wonders (John 21:24-25)

1. The miracles of Jesus were wonders
without number (John 21:24-25)

1. Overnight or 24-hour turnaround miracles (Acts 9:1-4; Gen. 41:14-44; 1 Sam. 16:1-21; 2 Kings 7:1)

2. Supernatural or strange supply miracles (Num. 20:1; Ex. 17:6; 1 Kings 17:2-6; 2 Kings 3:15-17; John 2:1-11; John 6:6-12)
We serve the God Who can break the law of demand and supply; He can cause supply that is inadequate to handle overwhelming demand; He does exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think


3. Drastic prophetic fulfilment (2 Kings 7:1-12; 3:15-20; Ezek. 37:1-7; Num. 22:28)
We serve a God Who is a Specialist in making prophecies come to pass
We serve a God of drastic prophetic fulfilment

4. Drastic healing miracles(Isa. 38:4-8; Mark 10:46; Acts 3:1-10; Mark 5:25-30)

5. Supernatural transportation (1 Kings 18:12; John 6:16-21; Acts 8:39-40; John 20:19-20, 26)
Supernatural transportation is the Holy Spirit moving you to where you are meant to be

6. Drastic intervention in battle (1 Sam. 7:10; 2 Chron. 20:23-24; 2 Kings 7:5-7; Josh. 6:1-20; Judg. 5:20-21)
God can use anything to fight for you if He wants to give you victory
‘Arise in my life oh Lord and let the enemies be scattered!’

7. Resurrection miracles (2 Kings 13:20-21; Ezek. 37:1-10; John 11:43-44)

8. Judgmental miracles (Ex. 12:11-12; Dan. 4:33-34)
The wonders of God include judgmental wonders

1. Connect with the Word of God (Mark 16:20)

2. Commit to the work of God, especially the work of evangelism (Mark 16:20)


3. Connect with the Presence of God (Acts 10:38)
When you carry the presence of God you are a mobile wonder to your world

4. Exercise faith in God (Mark 16:17)

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Oh God of the overnight 24hour turnaround miracle, show Yourself in my life NOW!

Father, You are the God of overnight miracles, change my story oh God!

Oh God of strange supernatural supply miracles, show Yourself in my life in this season, in Jesus’ Name!

Oh God of drastic prophetic fulfilment, show Yourself in my life today, Lord, in Jesus’ Name! I demand that every hanging prophecy be fulfilled with urgency NOW!

Oh God of drastic healing miracles, show Yourself in my life and in the life of anyone related, associated and connected with this ministry, in Jesus’ Name!

Father, You are the God of supernatural transportation, move me by Your Spirit with speed to where I am needed; that sphere of influence, power and authority where I am needed, move me there Lord NOW!

Father, You are the Mighty Man in battle, step into my battle; cause every war and every battle around my life to cease NOW in Jesus’ Name!

Oh Man of War, take over my battles; I hand over every battle of my life into Your Hands NOW!

Oh God, the Resurrection and Life, I demand for resurrection and restoration in every area of my life where there has been a loss. Father, I demand and receive resurrection and restoration NOW in Jesus’ Name!

Oh God of vengeance and judgment, in my life, my family, the church, Dunamis, in our nation, Nigeria show Yourself! Father, I ask for Your vengeance and judgment against every altar, coven and high place; and every unrepentant witch doctor, occultist or terrorist after the innocent in Nigeria, oh you wicked personality and entity CATCH FIRE NOW in Jesus’ Name!

– Tonight, everything fighting your destiny shall be exposed!
– Tonight will be the night for the unveiling and exposure of mysteries!
– God is going to disappoint the token of liars and make diviners mad!
– Your case shall be different! When men say they are cast down, you shall be lifted up!
– Everything my Father in Heaven has not planted in your life shall leave your body tonight and your healing shall be confirmed!
– Any devil that followed you here shall be laid to rest!
– Every negative cycle that followed you here is broken!
– The builder’s mantle is dropping now!
– God is untying what the enemy tied and undoing what the enemy did!
– Every force that has slowed your life down, is hereby arrested! Move into your destiny in Jesus’ Name!
– Every arrow of destruction sent by the enemy to destroy your life, that arrow is retrieved and refired back to hell!
– Every negative thing that followed you from the womb of your mother, it expires tonight!
– Every area where your doors must open, in the name of Jesus, they are opening right now!
– God shall exceed your expectations this night in Jesus’ Name!
– Any mystery behind your frustration shall be revealed and nullified tonight!
– What stopped your father cannot stop you! Where he could not cross you shall cross it!
– Every past, present or future attack of the enemy on your life is arrested!
– Between now and the end of this month, my God will give you a turnaround miracle that will shock you and shock those who know you!
– Strange supplies are coming your way now!
– Between now and the end of March, you shall have a drastic turnaround in your life!
– Every prophecy hanging on your head that is yet to be fulfilled, before this month expires I declare they shall be fulfilled!
– No devil shall delay your testimony! It shall come to pass!
– Anyone who has tried to humiliate you, they shall face generational disgrace in this season!
– Jehovah shall intervene in your battle!
– Your warfare is accomplished and your fight is over!
– An unusual speed is about to move you to your next level!
– Anything that they use to know you with that is negative, anything negative that has swallowed your identity, today, it is cancelled!
– Anything around your life that is taking from you but not adding to your life, tonight is the end of it forever!
– Those who have ganged up against your life, from this very hour, their weapons will turn against each other!
– Every fight from the pit of hell, confrontation from the water spirit realm, every agreement of the occult over your life and destiny, tonight they are cancelled!
– Tonight is your night of restoration and resurrection!
-Everything the devil took or destroyed from your life, I prophesy, they are returning now!
– Resurrection and restoration are coming your way!
– The Lord shall pass through the land tonight and deities and altars shall be judged!

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