WONDERS WITHOUT NUMBER With Apostle Johnson Suleman: Prayers and Miracle Money Testimonies

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WONDERS WITHOUT NUMBER With Apostle Johnson Suleman (December Edition – 5th Dec. 2021) #Day4 #ThereShallBeNoLoss🔥


– My Father (2x), As I Begin To Pray, Send The Right Men To Carry Me Into My Place Of Rest!

Mark 2:5
– My Father (2x), As I Begin To Pray, Let My Faith Interrupt You For a Change Of Story

Mark 2:4
– My Father (2x), As I Begin To Pray, Oh Lord! Open My Heaven.

#Testimony Session

1. Good morning Papa, I’m Bro Lawrence from Auchi. On Thursday, 2nd of December, I was on my way to Auchi from Benin and I discovered a little fault on my laptop which made me delay and travel later because I needed to have it fixed. On our way to Auchi, news came that the bus that went ahead of us which I was supposed to board, ran into kidnappers and was taken away. The road was cleared and my journey was smooth. I thank God for that delay and for divine preservation. My Time Has Come!

2. Good morning Papa, I want to thank God for his mercy,I was inside the car driving, suddenly I began to feel tipsy and I feel asleep. God delivered me from what would have been a fatal accident.Also I received miracle money 79 Euro in my account from an unknown source. My time has come!

3.Good morning Papa. I want to bless God for his protection and preservation. I received $100 as a gift from a friend when I least expected. I received salary increment twice in less than 6 months. I now earn in 6 figures. Glory to God! My time has come. Gloria from Nigeria

4. Good morning Papa, my name is Oluwatobifrom Mauritius. I have come to return all the glory to the almighty God for an increase in my salary and favour in my place of work. I also want to thank God for favour and guidance in my academics, my decisions, for sending helpers at various stages of my life and for breakthrough in my family. Thank you Jesus, my time has come!

5.Good morning Papa, on the 28th of November 2021 after the prayers, I said to myself “I must receive miracle alert”. I was checking my phone off and on. Before I knew it, some friends I didn’t even expect to see, visited me and started crediting my account. Indeed miracle money is real. Indeed my time has come! Mr. Sambo

6.My name is Kathrina from Delta State; I connected to wonderswithout number on Friday and the next day I received a credit alert. Papa, the credit alert is not the major testimony but the alert says “reverse”. I did not make withdrawal neither did I make any transaction to warrant a reversal. Thank You Jesus, my time has come!

7.Good morning Papa,I am Philipine from Ghana.I want to thank God for answering my prayer request. Anytime Papa asks us to send our prayer request, I always include my admission and study leave request. On the 11th of November I was called and informed about the approval of my study leave with my name as the first on the list. Thank you Jesus, my time has come!

8.Good morning Papa, I want to thank God for my own miracle money. In October I received my own miracle money from my sister who sent me 600,000francs for my Saloon business.Thank God for wonder without number, indeed my time has come!

9. Good morning Papa, every day you decree pay rise during wonders without number. I actually got a pay rise in my place of work. It stopped 2 years ago but the God of wonders without number confirmed the prayers of Papa and it was restored. Miracle money was deposited to my bank account and I checked for the depositor’s name but it was not available. Thank you Jesus, my time has come!

10.I want to bless God for his lovingkindness over my life. I applied for my professional license to work in the UK which was recently approved to the glory of God. While still celebrating that, I received a mail from the Canadian immigration that my Canadian visa which I applied for about 5 months ago has been approved. Thank you Jesus, my time has come! Ejiro from Delta State

11. My name is Royal Alfred from Germany; I wrote down 4 prayer requests at the start of this edition and in all the requests,miracle money is not among but I have received miracle money twice. I was owing the government and they wrote to me that I’m owing them and I said “yes”. The following week, they sent me a letter that I should not pay anything and theytransfered 1,600 Euros into my account. My sister & her kids in France just got her document and I also got my apartment. My time has come!

12. Good morning Papa, I told God that I wanted to be paying certain amount for our church rent, He has helped me to fulfill the promise I made. God hasn’t let money to dry in my hands, there are always doors of financial income to my family. I sent a Prayer Request for my family’s documents to be released before the end of November and I sowed a Seed to the Studio Project; that same day, I was called that my family’s documents are ready. After sowing the Studio seed, I tried to put Insurance on the car I got, and the cheapest is 1,100 Euros. The God of Wonders without numbers step in; another Insurance called me where I had summited my details said it will be done for 452 Euros. Prince Lucky Asworth from Italy

13. My name is Sylvia from Florida. I want to give God the glory. Miracle money has visited my daughter in college. I sowed a seed of $1000 to help with the project.My daughter in college received over $2000 from her college for free. I thank God for visiting my family. Our time has come!

14. Good morning Papa, I want to thank the God of wonders without number for paying of my school fees with no trace as to who paid the money. Also, I have been receiving miracle money from many people I don’t even know. Thank you Jesus, my time has come! Patrick from Zambia

15. Good morning Papa. I started following wonders without number from beginning and this is my second testimony. I was given unlimited contracts in the company whereI work after working with them for just 11 months. I summited the contract to the foreign office for approval but it was rejected because they asked of certain documents from the company which they did not sent on time according to them. After I sent my contributions to the studio project, I re-applied to the same foreign office and it was accepted the second time with honor. Also, I recovered some thousands of Euros which I thought was lost. Thank you Jesus, my time has come. Ovode from Germany

16. Good morning Papa, in the month of October I sent a prayer request about me being in the UAE from months working but not saving anything due to some family problems on me after which I keep praying for my own miracle every day. Papa, behold I now save money and I settle some family problems financially, I now enjoy miracle money at my work place. Thank you Jesus, my time has come! Martin Abane from UAE

17. Papa ooh, Our God can’t just stop amazing me, after sowing a little seed for the studio project, two days after i received miracle money from my business.It was 15 times bigger than the amount I dropped for the studio project. My time has come.Kode Marcel from Europe

18. Good morning Papa, I want to thank God for the countless testimonies since I joined this grace. I always put my husband’s card on the phone whenever you pray for miracle money. Papa!his father gifted him 20,000 Euros and in November he gifted him another 10,000 Euros.Papa it’s not only that ooh… someone who has been owning me 1000 Ghana cedis since 2016 just send me the money on the 30th November without me even asking. My time has come! Helen from Germany

19. My name is Charity from from the US. I want to testify to the goodness of God in my finances. I gave only a small token of $100 to the studio project and to my amazement, I received a grant of $3,500 which I was not even qualified for. In fact Papa, I even applied for the grant just 30 minutes before it expired. Thank you Jesus, my time has come!

20. My name is Kate from Nigeria but I live in Italy. I have received miracle money (1000 Euros). Secondly, I didn’t have a job and I couldn’t pay my house rent but now I’m very happy;I can now work and solve some of my needs. Thank you Jesus, my time has come!

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