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Kings in our Yoruba land are dubbed lesser gods. They were chosen with Divine intervention to direct the affairs of the masses. It is our tradition, our value system  has to be protected. Political heads are not the same with the traditional leaders. Traditional leaders are not elected but chosen in ancestral line. Traditional Kings are like the head of the nation, they are respected by all and sundry irrespective of the age of the king, he is revered and treated with utmost respect. It is forbidden to heap insults on Kings or any divine chosen person but for any person to insult a living King, it has to be critically looked into.

Darren Idongesit Aquaisua, a Nigerian, has expressed his disdain in the new Ooni of Ife, the leader of all Yoruba leader on earth, via his Facebook page. This man raised a lot of issues about the king, ranging from his status as the king to his new wife

In  his words, the said:

“To my Yoruba brothers, I have to apologise before hand. I am a professional ethnic bigot and I always have an opinion, a malignant opinion that doesn’t stay hidden for long.

I’ve been harbouring this disdain for your spiritual head and I couldn’t express it because I’ve lived amongst you lot and I know how you pay reverence to elders but I Darren Idongesit Aquaisua don’t share in that culture and I have zero respect for elders and authority so I have to fire some shots”

“The Ooni was described as Lord of the universe even before the story of Jesus Christ so why did the last Ooni drop such a huge title for a carpenter nailed on two piece plywood “

“This current Ooni is too young and puerile, wisdom has nothing to do with age so he ought to know better “

“The Ooni doesn’t visit Nigerian presidents(okay maybe that time Abacha was around.), the presidents visit the Ooni because the stool of the Ooni is bigger than the office of the presidency to the Yoruba ethnic group”

“The Ooni doesn’t visit people anyhow, he should have sent a prince or representative to the Oba of Benin and Alaafin of Oyo established practice before Christianity? Why is he insulting that majestic legacy”

“Doing Ifa divination today and hugging a crucifix tomorrow, what kind of madness is that?

The elders of Ile-Ife had better sit up and reinstall that title of “Oluaye” because the Ooni is bigger than any other foreign god and he should stop mixing Yoruba traditional worship with a fake foreign religion. It doesn’t mean because Oba Okunade Sijuade dropped this title that Oduduwa himself appointed, this new Ooni must also deny that he is the owner of the universe “

“His second wife neè “Otiti” was a wrong choice for queen and also a dangerous pretender, we on the sidelines know her every move. She usurped the position of the first wife with her trickery and Ooni had no wisdom to know better, now she is disgracing us abroad. She was a free and independent woman before the Ooni married her, she is feeling insecure that Africans will not accept her that’s why she is playing politics by saying stupid things like “a woman is below a man!” Just to win African votes and a false sense of humility. We can see her face well, she does insult the Ooni when the camara is not around so she should stop the fake piety. If the Ooni loves her she shouldn’t pander. The Ifa texts have clearly stated that the woman and man are equal but they are different vessels for complementary purposes so why is she saying women are plastic plates while men are fine chinaware?

“What’s with wearing a regal attire to play golf?

“What kind of nonsense is that? Why is he disgracing that royal ?”

“It’s like queen Elizabeth wearing her coronation apparels complete with the majestic cape to join the scrum on a rugby field “

“This Ooni needs proper Ifa prayers because soon enough Sango will slap him a combination of Igbati, Igbarun, or Igbaju and Jesus wouldn’t do anything about it.

Stop disgracing the legacy of Oduduwa”

“Yoruba people should also know that the late Ooni had a favourite and it wasn’t Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi. He is just disgracing the legacy of Oduduwa with his childish antics”.

Much have been said here, looking critically at his statements, it would be observed that this man is sternly against the religious belief of the Ooni of Ife. He felt the responsibility saddled upon his shoulders outwit his knowledge physiologically. He felt the position of Ooni is too gigantic due to his naivety and less understanding about the Yoruba culture and tradition. But remember, different consultations were made before installing his as the king, could we say the gods of the ancestors have  compromised?

Or the Ooni is trying to bring civility to our culture and tradition but is this acceptable?

As he has said, playing golf with the Royal attire is a blemish to the culture but can’t we accord it to an act of humility? And how has the wife of the Ooni tricked the Ooni? Can we say she lured the king to marrying her? Marriage as we know is a mutual agreement between a man and a woman, the Ooni was pleased with her and wedded her so how has that affected him, probably he has more to say on that.

At this juncture, let’s put the round peg in the round hole. Insulting or using tall talks on leaders is a big offense under all righteous religion, it is believed that any King or leader that emerged has been ordained from the supreme being, God Almighty. For him to have used such expression on the Royal being is a big taboo to the tradition of our land. The king deserves utmost respect from everyone, irrespective of his tribulation, he has to be honored by humans because he has been honored by the Creator of humans.

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