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-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

Jesus thank you for another Shiloh, thank you for manifesting yourself all through the past Shiloh and thank you for the packages ready for us this Shiloh, let no one return without a story to tell, let no one return without a testimony of the Lord, grant each one a definite encounter that will last a life time, take all the praise, in Jesus Precious name, AMEN.

The purpose of this meeting this morning is to get everyone’s expectation set in order, for at the end it shall speak and thy expectation shall not be cut short- Proverbs 23: 18, what you find at the end is your expectation at the beginning. At the end it shall speak and thy expectation shall not be cut off.

Please note that Shiloh is a prophetic feast for satisfying God’s people with his goodness, a prophetic feast that will wipe away all tears and remove all reproaches from the lives of God’s people. It’s the King of Glory that set up the feast and is bidding as many as are ready to come and as you respond you have committed him to fulfilling his word in your life, now we serve a feast making God, all parable sin scripture told by Jesus they are just pictures of what operate in the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of God is like unto, the Kingdom of God is like unto – that’s how the Kingdom of Heaven operates and we saw in Luke 14, how God is a feast making God – Luke 14:17, all things are now ready, people have a series of excuses not to be a partaker of it and God has nothing to lose – Matthew 22:1-5, 8-10 all things are ready and they still made excuses.

Isaiah 25: 6-9, the siege of untimely death shall be swallowed up in everyone family. Every partaker of that feast is suppose to return with testimony, you shall return with testimony. Let us look at some prophetic highlight of Shiloh 2021 very quickly

1. We want to recognize that Shiloh is a place of divine appointment with God, ordained for our dominion both as a church and as individual, ordained to put us on top of life situation and circumstances – Joshua 18:1 this is the mandate for Shiloh which came down to me 1998 in may and he said to me, the whole congregation of Winners will gather to me at Shiloh set up and met him there and the land shall be subdued before them, you’re coming out of Shiloh as more than a conqueror indeed!


The things that used to trouble you will begin to tremble at your instance, and ever since Shiloh began we have seen the Lord subdue the land before us with growing impact as a church year in year out, many people who were here at the beginning knew where they were when Shiloh began and where they are now by grace.

The land being subdued before us. Somebody was testifying sometimes back that what happen 1 year was more than 50 years put together, dramatic change of story in fulfillment of Gods word concerning this prophetic event.

2. Shiloh is not a Church Programme but a mountain of encounter with God as in the case of Samuel – 1 Samuel 3:21, Isaiah 25: 7, God will appear to you, when God appears to a man mountain disappear from his life, the Lord will appear to you and change your story supernaturally, Shiloh is a mountain of encounter with God, that changes the story of men.

Shiloh is not a church anniversary but a mountain of answered prayers as in the case of Hannah, everything everyone partaking and participating of Shiloh presents to the Lord he shall return with a testimony of answered prayers. Hannah did not only get Samuel.

She got 5 sons after that, give me a man child, God said I will do exceedingly abundantly more than you ask.

I’ll give you 5 more sons, God will go beyond your asking at Shiloh 2021. Shiloh is not a church convention but a mountain of divine visitation, God will visit you.

Now Let us look at those specific things that awaits us at Shiloh. Shiloh 2021 shall be a mountain of diverse encounter with God through his word into dramatic change of stories in the lives of all participant, this are specific highlight concerning Shiloh 2021.

The Lord sent a word into Jacob and lighted upon Israel – Isaiah 9:8 God will appear to you by his word and you become a man and a woman to be wondered at in the name of Jesus Christ.


Shiloh 2021 shall be a mountain for the rise of more than conqueror in our midst through encounter with the prophetic word at Shiloh – Ezekiel 37: 1,6, expect the hand of God to come upon you at Shiloh that will cause the giant in you to come alive.

Shiloh 2021 shall be a mountain for the rise of more than conqueror in our midst both as a church and as individuals, that shall be your experience in the name of Jesus Christ – Hosea 12:13, there shall be unusual release of the prophetic word that will lead to your own dramatic turnaround in the name of Jesus.

It shall be a mountain of Vision and revelation that will mark an end of every form of confusion in the life of everyone, as you come over to Shiloh, he will be Showing us what his plan and purposes his for our lives, what is doing next with us, what he wants us to step into in the name of Jesus, so it is going to be a mountain of vision and revelation in the name of Jesus Christ.

Shiloh 2021 shall be your own Shiloh.

Everyone went to Shiloh in the house of Elkanah but only Hannah returned with a testimony, there is no record of any other person that went in that household for a testimony, so be personally set for your personal encounter, God does not visit group he visits individual – Genesis 21: 1, get yourself personally set and you will see the hand of God in a very strange way.

As far back as 1982 the Lord spoke to me, I will be ministering from one spot and it will be seen on the screen across the nation of the world, now there was no internet technology in market, he knows the end from the beginning, so whatever part of the world anybody maybe get set for there is nowhere their voice is not heard, both online and on ground, God will manifest himself in many strange ways. Don’t be lost in the crowd it your turn for a change of story.

Hear what God is saying – Joshua 18:3, it all ready, now get set to take delivery, so Shiloh is a mountain for accessing all our hanging inheritance in Christ that is yet to reach us. – Joshua 18:3.

What do you want me to do for you, anytime he invite anyone he ask what do you want, so is not there you start planning what you want – Mark 10:51 you know what God has ordained for you in redemption and you know how many of them are not in place yet, now listening he has given us all things that made for life and godliness – 2 Peter 1:3, John 10:10, is that fully in order, if not what are the point to which they are not in order yet. Revelation 5:12, we saw the seven-fold redemptive package that God has for us in Christ, Psalm 66:3, by redemption you’re to great for the enemy to be tormenting you, the enemy has no legal right to torment you, Ephesians 1: 21 so demand your escape, demand your liberty it is long overdue, power, riches, when he opens your eyes to what it takes to enjoy your package of wealth, nobody will need to encourage you to engage. Wisdom Proverb 8:17, Strength Daniel 11:32 .

Honor, Glory, Blessing, what that means simply is this, every good thing is your right and my right in redemption and every time Jesus invite us, he asks what do we really want, you’re the one to determine what you want, he will not determine that for you and me. If all this are available for me in redemption, why are these things happening around me, settle down Proverb 24: 13- 14, don’t come to Shiloh guessing, asking what exactly am I here for, we have 2,3 days to go, so set your expectation in order, all things are now ready, Luke 14: 17, for all things are now ready, including your things.

When he invites, he makes available all things that anybody may demand for, all things – Matthew 7:11, James 4:2, don’t be casual about your presence at Shiloh, be fervent in spirit on your objectives at Shiloh, maybe your spiritual life needs an upgrade, you can sense it there is a dryness coming in, your walk with God needs an upgrade not just activities, every time Jesus calls to a feast, he demands of us what we actually want.

He saw that Bartimaeus was blind and he still say what do you want – Mark 10: 51, maybe he wanted a house or some money.

Whatever you’re truly tired of, you will return with it as a testimony, whatever you don’t want to see anymore in your life you will return with it as a testimony, whatever must change in your life you must return with it as a testimony, this so important Luke 11: 13, say with me every good thing is my entitlement in Christ, he is the one who as called me to this feast at Shiloh, where all things are ready, including my things, whatever is missing in my life regarding my redemptive right I must return with it as a testimony, no more sickness, no more diseases, no more failure, no more frustration, no more depression, abundant life is my portion in Christ I must return with it, no more struggling for survival, no more poverty, no more begging for survival, help me Jesus.

That the way it works, no one ever doubt what he can see, specifically demand that Lord open my eye Lord that I may behold wondrous things out of your word at Shiloh – Psalm 119:18, Isaiah 25:7, Deuteronomy 28:1 your story must change.

Now, let’s conclude from Exodus 19:10-11, get set to meet with your God – Amos 4:12, Matthew 22:12 get ready with your washed clothe, sanctify yourself ready, sanctify yourself worthy for a visitation.


No one unprepared for Shiloh that returned with anything, God is no respecter of person – Acts 10:34, gather all the stone, the stumbling block around your life and open up, because you’re returning with a new name – Isaiah 62:1-2.

You are bound to return with a new name, when God names a name, no devil can reverse it – Genesis 17:5.

There is no nation on the earth today without a seed of Abraham – Galatians 3:29, There is no where on the earth where we do not have multitude of the seed of Abraham, God never lies, you must return with your own new name, it will be clear everywhere that God has given you your new name.

Thank you father, Glory to your name. Well, the Job is yours, the task is yours to get yourself spiritually prepared, get away all bitterness, get out of your life all malice, get away from your life all unforgiveness and get ready to meet your God – Amos 4:12, your own package is waiting, don’t let the enemy rob you of them, in the name of Jesus.

Lift up those two hands and thank God and thank God for grace for adequate preparation, Now let us give him victory praise everyone, let celebrate ahead of time, the things that awaiting us at Shiloh. Glory to God.

Your own case is settled, you must return with a new name.

From this Shiloh onward it shall be good news all through the days of your life, there shall be no more evil occurrences around your life.

Death shall be swallowed up in victory in your family. You never lack access to revelation anymore.

You never be a victim to frustration and depression anymore, by revelation you will be going from glory to glory, as you grow in insight you scale new heights in the name of Jesus.

No more assault on your life, no more assault on your household in the name of Jesus Christ.


CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer

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