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Some years ago, I went to visit an African country and I wanted to have an appointment with the Head of State. I got the appointment and they warned me this is Monday morning, this is the time for cabinet meeting.

Don’t take more than 15 minutes with the President. I got in, we started talking. I wasn’t the one taking the time of the President, He was the one taking my time.

After one hour, one of his aides came in probably to signal to him that the cabinet was waiting, he turned to the aide and said “bring us a pot of tea and two cups”.

We sat down there drinking tea, and hours later someone was asking another fellow who is delaying the president.

Someone answered it is one pastor from somewhere in Africa and the other one said “Pastor? He is not even a Bishop”.

– I believe the almighty God is going to breathe on someone tonight and you are going to become someone special


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