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-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘THE BLESSING OF THE FEAR OF THE LORD’ at 1st Service, Glory Dome.

– Satan your agenda today is frustrated.
– Father You will fulfill Your purpose in my life today and the agenda of the devil shall be frustrated.

Father we give You the praise, we give You the honour, we give You the adoration.

Blessed be Your name, honour to Your name, adoration to Your name. We worship You, we honour You and we adore You. Thank You because what You will do today, You will do and no power of hell will stop it.

Thank You because what You will say today, You will say and no devil can hinder it. Blessed be Your name, honour to Your name.

Thank You Master in Jesus precious name.

Give the Lord a bigger, bigger clap and a shout of praise. Give Him a shout of victory as you take your seat.

It is the Blessing Sunday and in this Sunday and the whole of this month, it is our Release, Recovery and Replication on the Frequency of Character or the Frequency of the Fear of the Lord. Church Gist. This morning, we shall quickly explore:

Our objective is to understand the blessing that flows from the fear of the Lord.
Psalm 112:1-4.

The fear of the Lord which translates into positive character, is a major doorway to blessing in life and the absence of the fear of the Lord which also equals negative character, is a major doorway to curses in life.

There are so many people in Church, very faithful for years but they have been unable to see the blessings of God in their lives like they should and a major reason is the absence of the fear of the Lord especially in financial dealings, truth and honesty. We’ll look at examples of people who walked in the fear of the Lord and in positive character and how they were blessed.

1. Abraham (Genesis 14:22-23). No wonder Abraham came to a point in his life where he became the heaviest man in his days.

2. Jacob. Many of us think that Jacob was a man of crooked character but that man had the fear of God in him that most people didn’t have (Genesis 31:38-49). He was talking to Laban, a crooked man, he said this twenty years have I been with you; your ewes and your she goats have not cast their young and the rams of your flock, I have not eaten. That is I didn’t eat anything you didn’t licenced me to eat. Church Gist.

This man was a honest labourer that was not a liability staff, he didn’t present losses to his master.

Beloveth brothers and sisters, what is not yours can never increase you. Whatever is not yours will never increase you; whatever is not rightfully yours will only reduce your life and your destiny.

That is why we live in a world today, where you see people go up and they crash down because in their hands and in their bank accounts are things belonging to too many people.

There are people living in houses now that they have snatched from others by force.

I heard a funny story of someone who was give money, I think tithe money to help pay or something and then he used the tithe to marry wife, what a cursed foundation, home and future.

That was Jacob, “I couldn’t divert anything that is yours, I pay for it”.

There are examples of those who decided to crookedly get things and their end was clear. Our example here will be Achan (Joshua 7:24-26). Achan took what was not his, he died before his time.

We don’t know how many people have died before their time because of taking what they are not meant to take.

We don’t know how many destinies died, they are still alive but their future died because of taking what they are not meant to take.

Don’t ever forget this for life: whatever is not yours will not increase you; whatever is not rightfully given to you will not enhance your life.

Look at these scriptures:
a). Proverbs 11:11 – there is blessedness in uprightness and there can be no blessedness in crookedness.

If you have money and you can’t explain how you got that money, it is not a blessing.

By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted.

To be upright is to go right up, very, very clear.

b). Psalm 24:4-5. Cleanliness of hands is the way to blessedness of life. I pray that our Nation will hear this; leaders and people at all realms will hear this. Such that we can begin to experience true genuine blessings.

Let me give some practical issues to avoid:
a). Don’t divert to yourself what belongs to another; that is the way of curses (Lamentations 3:25-26).

Even if it was one Naira; you did a business transaction with your friend and you defrauded him and you lied; he trusted you, you executed a job and this was what you made and you lied that you made fifty million, so we split twenty-five, twenty-five.

Meanwhile you made seventy-five millions, you kept back the twenty-five and you are now adding the twenty-five to your own, that makes it fifty million and your friend is rejoicing that he made gain.

That is why there are so many people, their future ended before they started, their children can’t see any good because they cheated too many people.

There are those who killed their friends so that only them can own the money, don’t do that! One Naira that is not yours is a curse to your destiny.

b). Avoid dishonest gains and profits (Proverbs 28:8). The person who is making unjust gain is just wasting his time, that money can’t last in his hand. I’m sure you have not forgotten Jeremiah 17:1. Is God speaking to anybody here?

When I was a younger man, when I was still practicing, my wife and I used to go to market to buy potatoes, buy beans together.

In the course of all these things, you will notice how people will pour potatoes and they will pour it in a hurry and then return back the basket in a hurry. You will not know that the basket did not start from the beginning, under it were stones and other things.

Oh yes, it was not a full basket; there are some tomatoes, the best ones are on top, rotten, bartered, shattered, scattered, mortuary bound ones are under and the wretchedness continues.

They never become anything, the level you know them twenty years ago is the same level if not worst, nothing changed because of unjust gains and profits.

It was better to sell a small quality of it at any price you want than to pretend that it was at a higher volume. Unjust profits that people make and some are in Church.

What about those who mix flour with cassava or just mix something with something to just increase the size.

What of the rebagging of cement, they can make ten bags of cement out of eight bags, just to make more money and there are Christian people who also do that and it’s unjust gain, unjust profit and God says the one who does that is wasting his time, he is just gathering it for the person who will pity the poor.

c). Don’t destroy people to rise; don’t trample on others to rise in life. There are people who went up in life by walking on the wealth of some people. The lied against the man, pulled him out of the office so that they can take the place.

The way some human beings behave and the conscience with which people are functioning is amazing.

Someone introduced you to a business, took you to an office and at the end of the day, you pushed him out and continued the transaction and this is happening as if God is not watching.

What of those who carry the wisdom of others, the proposals of others, the ideas of other that they shared with them, prospered with it and they pushed the other person out, it is as if God is not watching and someone is asking, Lord bless my business, bless my proposal and it was somebody’s else proposal.

I told a man sometimes ago, I said I don’t want to see you with my eyes, that is crookedness personified.

He brought himself and lied that he belongs to a particular organisation, even got them to give him complementary card in a bid to secure work and to secure jobs. Only to release that he has no business with that organisation.

He lied and made them to tell lies on his behalf.

The extent to which people go to get things and then the person who assisted you to open the door, you entered the door and banged the door behind you; “you remain outside, continue to suffer” and you are driving a car, you are enjoying it and you are seeing him still trekking, you are happy.

That to me is like the heart of satan. It is like those who escort their friends to visit their husbands-to-be and the husband-to-be eventually kicked out the other one and marry the friend and she is moving and saying, “look at me, I got him”.

You can be neatly rich and there are people seated here, God will use you to prove that you don’t have to be crooked to be loaded.

One man said, since 1995, he stopped going for Government contracts, just to spare himself of any demand. He is a billionaire now, a neat one.

He is into properties that he is selling five million dollars per house in this City. He got a job before of eighty something billion, some people said to him, just come and sign that you have done the job, we will process the payment.

He said “me? Take your money, take your job”. He went and met the commander in chief at that time, he said “I am not doing again”. The Oga said what happened? He said I am not working again. If that is how to get money, let the money go to hell.

The man pressed him and he told the man the truth. The man then summoned the people involved, sat all of them down; they saw themselves together, they began to sweat.

Can you imagine, just sign and then you will be paid, the only thing is that you will give us 50 per cent of what you are paid – for doing nothing.

That was why the devil was trying to take light so that you don’t hear what you are hearing. Too late for the devil. Even the devil is hearing the preaching now.

– You will make it neatly. An Abraham is rising out of here. A Job order of material abundance is rising out of here. An Isaac order is rising out of here.

Lamentations 3:34-36
You don’t crush people, you don’t trample on people to be successful in life.

d). Don’t profit from the pains, calamities and disasters of people. This is a category of killers and oppressors.

I don’t believe that anybody is here like that or maybe you are connected to people who are like that, who are into such businesses; kidnapping, ritual killing, armed robbery, somebody is crying; they are laughing. God Almighty hate all such and incase you say I am not in that category, what of those who wait for widows to deal with them?

This woman built a home with her husband, husband is no more and vultures in the name of relations come to feast on what they know nothing about and the man has children but they don’t care; they have sold the house, divided the cars, they have done this, they have done that and left that woman empty handed, crying to her Maker who is the Father of the fatherless and the Judge of the widows who will arise in judgement and deal with them.

That’s why some families, you see the whole family finished and they are worried.

If you know their track record, there are those who will even kill their brothers so that they can inherit his properties and push out his widow – that’s the world we live in but that is not you.

Two things I will say;
1. You will never be in that position and no devil will deal with you like that. “I the Lord hate wickedness and I love righteousness”. Beloveth, I have just one counsel this morning:

Absolutely embrace uprightness and completely avoid crookedness. If you are expecting to see durable blessings from Heaven, absolutely embrace uprightness especially in financial dealings and completely avoid crookedness in order to experience durable blessings from Heaven because there are blessings that are durable and there are blessings that are vague.

Supposing you have found yourself in a situation where you have done some financial dealings and transactions that are not correct, Jesus told the woman caught in adultery, go and sin no more.

Go and transact like that no more.
Lord what you can’t give me, I don’t need.

Where you can’t take me, let me not go.

What you can’t give me, may I not have. But I’m telling you, God in this day, in this age is looking for men and women that He wants to make into signs and wonders to a generation that you can be holy and be wealthy, that you can be beautiful and be righteous, that you can be godly and be handsome; that you don’t need to serve the devil because of anything.
– It’s a new day for you

Stand up on your feet if you are blessed this morning. Lift up your hands and your voice, let’s appreciate the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the I am that I am.

Father we give You praise, Father we give You the honour, Father we give You the adoration, blessed be Your name, honour to Your name, adoration to Your name, worship to Your name, glory to Your name. Thank You Father, in Jesus precious name.

Lift your hands, lift your voice and say;
Father, I receive the grace to embrace the way of uprightness. I receive the grace to avoid the way of crookedness in the name of Jesus.

The grace to live for You, I receive it Lord, thank You Master in Jesus name.

There are many people who in a world like this, where evil is everywhere, corruption is almost an institution, that is you are not interested but they will present it to you, what do I do?

God makes a way where there is no way. I told you of someone who said I am not doing anything in government, they are looking for him to give him things on his own terms. “I am stable, I am comfortable without you”.

God will grant you ideas, open ways for you where you can neatly get His resources without compromise and also where your soul can be safe guarded for eternity because what shall it profit a man, if you are a billionaire in this world and you open your eyes in hell because of crookedness and you didn’t miss church but because of fraudulent practice, you find yourself in eternity of damnation. What is the profit?

Lift your voice and say:
Father, I receive the grace to live for You, to do Your will, to maintain uprightness of character, uprightness in financial dealings, I receive that grace right now in the name of Jesus.



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