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-Pastor David Oyedepo Jr at CHoP

Our Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank You today for Your faithfulness and for Your goodness. You have done all things well and for it we give You all of the glory.

Lord, our eyes are on You this morning, speak to us today. Let Your Word transform our lives. We give all the praise and the glory to You, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

We began yesterday looking at this line of exhortation captioned:


We established in yesterday’s Covenant Hour of Prayer that God is in the habit of declaring what He intends to do before He does them and that declaration of divine intention is what we refer to as prophecy.

The declaration of what God has purposed to do is what we refer to as prophecy. Let’s understand this morning that we serve a God that knows the end from the beginning.
Isaiah 46:9-10
What makes Him unique? Declaring the end from the beginning.
One of the unique attributes of God is that when it comes to the manifestation of whatever He has declared, it is not subject to any condition. He said, “anything that I say, it will come to pass. My counsel shall stand and I will do all of my good pleasure.”
That means no matter what is happening around, it is not sufficient to resist the delivery of whatever God has said.
Habakkuk 2:3 – at the end, it shall speak. It will not lie, though it tarries, wait for it. It will surely come, it will not tarry. If I have spoken it, it must come to pass. Therefore, we see that God is the One that knows the end, He is not guessing. That is why prophecy is not prediction, it is pre-ordination.

Prediction is a calculation based on certain factors. Pre-ordination is something God has settled in spite of prevailing conditions.
There may be things that are contrary but when God speaks, He said, “My counsel shall stand and I will do all of my pleasure.”
There is nothing that is strong enough to stand against the delivery of what God has said. That is why it is so important for us to understand that when it comes to whatever God has said in His Word, like we said yesterday, it is settled forever.
Isaiah 34:16 – If that book is the book of the Lord, read it. Take the book of the Lord and read it, there is nothing in it that will fail. There are many things that may look contrary but when it comes to the prophetic scriptures, concerning you and concerning me, God says, “It will not fail.”
-The good news is that the Word of the Lord concerning you will not fail.

It means we can take God’s Word and frame our world.
Hebrews 11:3 – The Word of God is the instrument through which we can frame our world. Our personal experience can be determined by the Word because the Word of God is not prediction, it is pre-ordination.
Romans 8:29-30
If He has predestinated, then He says, “I have already packaged an end for them that is glorious and there is nothing that can be orchestrated to stop it.”
What that simply means is that you and I can have absolute confidence in what God has said in spite of what men may call prevailing circumstances. However, whenever God speaks, there are facilitating factors we must put in place in order to personally experience what God has said.
Never forget what He says, He says to all but it is experienced by those who follow the pre-described steps – Mark 13:37
He has already spoken and what He has spoken is written and those who experience it are the ones who have positioned themselves according to heavenly protocols
They see what God has said come to pass.
Hebrews 6:12 – There are those who carry proofs, He said, “follow their steps.” Follow their examples
Jeremiah 6:16
There is an old way, there are those who have passed the old way and they have gotten real proofs. He said, “look at their own experience and follow the same protocol.”

Yesterday, we looked at the example of Jesus Christ and how that He engaged particular protocols to see the prophetic Word concerning Him come to pass. This morning we are going to look at another example.
We are looking at the example of Hezekiah, the King and the protocol that he required in order to see what God has said come to pass.
Isaiah 38:1-5
“…Hezekiah was sick unto death” – please take note of those first words. He was not just sick, but here the Bible says, “Hezekiah was sick unto death.” He had gotten to a terminal point, it was a terminal disease. We are not talking about, “Hezekiah had malaria.” This is “Hezekiah was sick unto death”, he was at the door of death and on top of the sickness unto death, the Bible tells us, “…thus saith the Lord, set thine house in order: for thou shall die and not live.”
First of all, doctors said, “this sickness is not a normal sickness, this one is a sickness to death.” That was the first one.
Now the Prophet now came and said, “look ooo, put your house in order because you will die and you will not live.”
One: doctors said death. Two: The Prophet said death and when a man is declared dead both by doctor and prophet, there is no hope.

His case looked totally closed. You can imagine somebody is sick in the hospital and the doctor said, “this is stage 4 cancer. This one, there is no way out.” Then the Pastor now comes and said, “set your house in order.” He didn’t pray for him. “Set your house in order because this sickness now, death, not life.” So doctor came and went; left the verdict of death. Prophet came and went; left the verdict of death.

Hezekiah said, “you are on your own. I turn to God” – Isaiah 38:2
When he turned to God, he began to speak unto God – Isaiah 38:3
He was praying and saying, “Lord, I need this thing to change”, but the prayer was followed by tears. You know nothing changes with tears.

Until tears change to joy, conditions don’t change.
Isaiah 38:4-5
“…I have added 15 more years to you.”
But listen very carefully, Hezekiah was still sick until something happened. What is it that happened?
Isaiah 38:18, 20 – Hezekiah had not experienced a change of condition, all he heard was a Word from God. When the Word came from God, he wiped his tears away. He said, “no more tears. When I saw that the Lord was ready, He had not saved yet, He was ready.”
What was the depiction of His readiness? A Word.
He said, “he began to celebrate. We will sing my songs.” We know the story, within 3 days, the terminal disease was terminated. The verdict of death was overridden.
Why? Simply because this man (Hezekiah) understood the protocol to provoke the delivery of prophecies. If he continued crying, he would cry to death.
God has spoken, but the protocol for the fulfillment of the Prophetic Word was the offering of thanksgiving.
Isaiah 38:18-19
Hezekiah was saying, “Lord, you know how I normally praise you. The grave cannot praise you. Death cannot celebrate thee… The living shall praise thee as I do this day” – I didn’t leave it till the next day.
So you see Hezekiah took up this instrument of praise: thanksgiving and celebrated His way out of the grave.
I know that you know that if he had the verdict of death upon him, at that level, movement must not have been something that was convenient. Sickness does not allow a person, particularly sickness that is to the point of death, it doesn’t allow a person to move carelessly, yet this man said, “I will praise You.” He praised God intensely and he walked out of that verdict of sickness and saw the prophetic Word come to pass.
I will like each one of us to understand, the prophecies are available but the protocol must be followed and the protocol is the protocol of thanksgiving and praise. You can praise your way out of any pit, you can praise your way out of any grave. The Word is already available to you, all you do is apply the protocol of praise and thanksgiving and you see yourself walk into the fulfillment of prophecy.
-The good news is this, every prophetic Word concerning you will surely come to pass.

Prayers: With the voice of gratitude and thanksgiving, begin to celebrate God.
The Psalmist said, “In God I will praise His Word” – Psalm 56:10
Celebrate God!!! As you are doing so, you are pressing your way into the fulfillment of prophecy.
Isaiah 34:16, Joshua 24:45
Concerning you, every prophetic Word is coming to pass as you are offering praise, as you are offering thanks. It is coming to pass. Whatever is left to show forth, as you are thanking this morning, it is delivered into your hand. As you fulfill the protocol, He is delivering the package. As you fulfill the protocol, He is delivering the package right now.
Speak and give thanks, from the depth of your heart. Give glory, give honour, give adoration. You are worthy of praise, you are worthy of glory, you are worthy of honour, you are worthy of adoration. We celebrate You Jesus. We glorify you Lord. We celebrate You Jesus. You are worthy of praise.

Father, thank You and blessed be Your holy name. In Jesus precious name we have given thanks.
No Word spoken over you shall fall to the ground.
-Every prophetic blessing that has been released on your life shall be practically delivered.
-As your thanksgiving goes up to Him, His blessings come down to you.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Don’t forget, He still crowns the year with His goodness and all of His paths drop fatness.
-The fatness of blessings for this year will still land in your life this month, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
It is done.

Don’t forget, the task is simple: At every point in time, give thanks. No word of complain, keep celebrating Him, keep glorifying Him, keep jubilating before Him and He will keep decorating you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
-Your day is declared blessed.
-In your going out, you are blessed. In your coming in, you are blessed, in the name of Jesus Christ.
So shall it be, in Jesus precious name. Amen and Amen. It is done.

….Congratulations, You are more than a conqueror. Be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.

CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer.

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