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-Pastor Belemina Obunge at RCCG Youth Convention Tagged ‘Exceeding Expectations’
(Day 2, Morning Session)

– It is my prayer that by reason of your being in this Conference, the DNA, the lifestyle of exceeding expectations shall be your lifestyle in the name of Jesus.
– I believe that by reason of being part of this Convention, somebody shall be tapping into the grace of exceeding expectations.
– You can’t be in the Redemption Camp and not tap into the grace of our father in the Lord, because Daddy G.O is a man that exceeds expectations and I believe there’s someone listening to my voice; the Bible says the glory of the latter shall be greater than the former.

I stand to declare on someone here, as you continue, that grace of exceeding expectations shall come upon you in the name of Jesus.

ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶You are great, You do miracle so great.
There is no one like You…
There is no one else like YouğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶

Unto Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask of Him; unto Him who is the Almighty, unto Him who is our God, our Father, our Maker; be thou exalted in the name of Jesus. Unto Him who has created us in His image with the DNA of exceeding expectations, be glorified in the name of Jesus.

We ask oh Lord, as we connect with Your Word, that grace of exceeding expectations be released unto us in the name of Jesus. Blessed be Your name, in Jesus name we have prayed.

Isaiah 8:18
Tell your neighbor; “I am a wonder to my generation”.
When we talk about exceeding expectations, we are talking about being bigger, better, going beyond.
– I declare into someone here; you shall be bigger than your superiors in the name of Jesus.
– In the works of your hands, you shall be better than those that’d gone before you in the name of Jesus.
– I declare whatever has been a barrier, you are going beyond that barrier in the name of Jesus.

Let someone shout, “I am exceeding expectations”.

There’s someone in the Bible called David, he had the DNA of exceeding expectations.

whatever David did, that DNA of exceeding expectations was in him.
– You will exceed expectations in the name of Jesus.

There is something unique about David, David’s passion towards God was such that even though he was a teenager, because he was passionate towards God, every Goliath that came before him, he pulled down.

I am speaking to someone that is passionate, every Goliath before you shall be pulled down in the name of Jesus!

– Somebody that had looked down on you, shall begin to look up and honour you in the name of Jesus!

I’ll be sharing with you some principles of exceeding expectations.
1. Identify your purpose. You cannot exceed expectations when walking in another man’s calling.

You cannot exceed expectations when you are walking outside God’s purpose for your life.

Show me anyone that exceeded expectations and I will show you that person that has identified his or her purpose and they are walking in accordance with their purpose.

Too often, we try to imitate others instead of connecting with God’s purpose for our lives. As long as you are a counterfeit, you cannot exceed expectations. As long as you don’t connect with the purpose of God for your life, you cannot exceed expectations.

The Bible makes it clear in Romans 8:28 that God will cause all things to work together for your good once you identify with His call and with His purpose.

So when you are walking in accordance with God’s purpose, when people are trying to pull you down, it leads to your promotion in life.

When people are ignoring you, God will be lifting you. When people are telling you; you cannot make it, because God is causing things to work for your good, all of a sudden, you’ll become a celebrity because you have identified your purpose.

– As you identify your purpose, you shall exceed expectations in the name of Jesus.
– The Lord shall release unto you the grace to exceed expectations in the name of Jesus.

You must identify your purpose. David identified his purpose, they tried to reject him but God caused a problem to pop up so that David’s purpose could be made manifest.

– For someone here, God will allow a problem to come out so that He will position you to be celebrated, to manifest your purpose, to exceed expectations in the name of Jesus.

Lift your hands and say;
“My Father, my Father, as I identify my purpose in life, I will exceed expectations. Help me oh God”.

2. You must ignite the potentials within you. In Genesis 1:28, God released unto man potentials and God said by reason of the potentials I have released unto you, be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue, dominate, exceed expectations.

But you need to ignite the potentials within you. Manifested potentials makes you essential to your generation. God has releases unto you the ability so that you don’t become a liability.

Lift your hands;
Father I speak forth by the power of Your Word, as this message goes forth, may the potentials in Your sons and Your daughters be stirred up in the name of Jesus.

The treasure You have deposited in them, may it never be wasted! may it bring greatness to your life in the name of Jesus.

2 Corinthians 4:7
We have in us a treasure so that the excellency of God shall come to pass.

The treasures are your potentials; the gifts God has deposited in your, the blessings of God upon your life and when you begin to ignite that treasure, you see, I am from Rivers state.

Rivers state is a state that has treasures; the treasure base of the Nation. But you see, before you get to that treasure called oil, you go into the mud. You don’t care about the mud Because you are going for treasure.

– I declare; no matter the mud in your life, the treasure in you shall begin to come forth in the name of Jesus.

– The excellency of God in you that shall cause you to be celebrated, before the end of this year, I declare; it shall bring celebration to your family, to your life and to the Church in the name of Jesus.

Beloved, we must ignite our potentials. You may ask, what is potential?
Potential is that dormant ability, untapped power, hidden strength waiting to manifest, unreleased talents but it is about time that those talents shall bring celebration to your life.

Potential is your unused success.
– I believe; somebody with a history of failure, before this Convention comes to an end, there shall be a turnaround in the name of Jesus.

Potential is all you can yet become. Potential is all you can yet do but you are not yet doing. Potential is who you are but nobody knows it yet.
– I believe that as we move into October, somebody here shall be celebrated
– Somebody here shall move into significance, into a higher level of greatness in the name of Jesus.

Proverbs 18:16
– Somebody’s gifts shall cause great men to come and locate you in the name of Jesus.
– As you discover and you implement, you manifest your potentials, the great shall call you great.

Gideon was a young man, he did not know what was deposited in him. He was complaining, he was hiding. Tell someone; “stop hiding”.

Gideon was hiding because he did not understand the potentials deposited in him but the angel of the Lord came and told him; “thou mighty man of Valor”. From that moment, the veil covering Gideon’s eyes was removed.
– Every veil covering your eyes, shall be removed in the name of Jesus.
– Every veil that is hindering you from manifesting your potentials; Holy Ghost FIRE!!!

3. You identify your purpose, you ignite your potentials and then you begin to invoke the power of God. An iron has potentials, until you put power, the iron is useless.

An air conditioner, vehicles, they have potentials but until you invoke power. Let someone shout power!!!

The Bible says and you shall receive power after the Holy Ghost has come and your life shall begin to witness GIA (God in Action).

When the power of God is operational, people begin to see God in action in your life; work, business, ministry, sport, technology, entertainment, skills.

The disciples needed God in action, they waited in the Upper room and the Bible says; they that wait upon the Lord, the Lord shall renew their strengths; they shall mount, they shall soar, they shall exceed expectations.

Is there anyone here that needs power?
Say; “My Father, my Father, release your power upon my life. I want to exceed expectations.

Jesus was anointed with the Holy Ghost and with power.

He went about doing God, He went about exceeding expectations because he had power.

– I declare and decree; the God of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, the God of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the God who said once I have spoken, twice you have heard; power belongeth unto me.

That same God will release power unto you in the name of Jesus. Receive power in the name of Jesus.

His power makes you a wonder!
Luke 1:34-35
– I am declaring; during the course of this Convention, the power of the Highest shall overshadow you in the name of Jesus.
– I declare and decree; you shall be for wonders, you shall exceed expectations in the name of Jesus.

4. Improve your productivity. You cannot remain on the same spot and you want to achieve greater heights.
For you to achieve greater heights, you must climb.

Colossians 1:10
Never allow any person to place a sealing on your life by telling you, “you have tried enough”.

Never say; “I have tried my best”. Because I believe that someone here can be better than where they are right now, someone here can put in more efforts than they are putting in time past. If you are the person, lift your hands and shout “Higher”.

Proverbs 1:5
I hear the Lord tell me that by reason of somebody hearing my voice, the Lord says, the wisdom to cause you to be celebrated is being released unto you now. Receive in the name of Jesus.

– Grow in grace. That grace of exceeding expectations, grow in grace!
– As you lift your hands, the grace to exceed expectations, may it increase in your life in the name of Jesus.

When I joined RCCG in 1983, we were using an auditorium near the gate, 100 meters by 50 meters.

It was the largest auditorium I had seen in my life then and I thought that was good enough but then I came for a Convention and I realized that the auditorium had increased.

Before we could say Jack Robinson, we filled that auditorium, we moved to another one; 8 times bigger – increase, improvement.

That auditorium was massive. Little did I realized it was the children’s auditorium. After a few years, our father in the Lord said, “we have not yet started”. We must increase, we must improve.

Let someone shout: “I will increase, I will improve”. Now we are in an auditorium, 1KM by half a kilometer, we have not yet started.

By the grace of God, the largest auditorium in the world, 3KM by 3KM is right in the Redemption Camp and I believe that someone that is here, that grace of improvement, of increase is coming upon you in the name of Jesus.

Improve your productivity. If you are have been working well, work better. If you have been working better, work much more better. If you have been working much better, exceed the much better.

If you have been exceeding the much better, do abundantly above the much better. If you have been doing exceedingly abundantly much better, do exceedingly, exceedingly above the much better. At every phase of your life, exceed expectations.

For those of you that are working in your office, you must be celebrated for exceeding expectations. In the Church, you must be celebrated, you must be known for exceeding expectations but you must improve your productivity. Thank God for the internet, thank God for knowledge that is released, you have no excuse.

Kindly lift your hands again:
Daddy, the Almighty God, we connect with the grace and the mandate upon RCCG, upon our father in the Lord and I declare; as many hands are lifted all over the world, because RCCG is a global brand, these hands shall become global brands in the name of Jesus.

Because You have lifted RCCG, I declare lifting shall be the portion of your children in the name of Jesus.

Listen brethren, you may be dumped in a corner: people may have forgotten you but the Bible says underneath us are the everlasting hands of God.

Because your season has come, the eyes of the Lord shall go to and fro, and the Lord shall locate you and the Lord shall lift you above shame, reproach, limitations and above all those that are mocking you.

Your lifting shall not be limited because His hands are not limited in the name of Jesus.

5. Be an innovative person (Isaiah 43:18-19).
Innovation is doing an old thing in a new way, coming up with new ideas. Kindly put your hand on your head and say;
“My Father, my Father, I receive inspiration for innovation in the name of Jesus”

Romans 12:2
Be not conformed with the mindset of others because your mindset determines your footsteps.

Don’t be conformed but be transformed by the renewal (Innovation) of your mind…
– I declare the renewal of mind to give you innovative ideas, receive in the name of Jesus.
– Before the end of this year, someone that is listening to me on the internet, you shall be celebrated by reason of an innovative idea. In Nigeria, you shall be celebrated by reason of innovative ideas. Don’t hold it back, go forth in the name of Jesus.
– I declare; in Africa, you shall be celebrated.
In Europe, you shall be celebrated.
In Asia, you shall be celebrated.
In Australia, you shall be celebrated.
In the Americas, you shall be celebrated. Globally by reason of innovation, you shall be celebrated in the name of Jesus.

Lift your hands and say;
“My Father, my Father, I reject every of limitation operating over my mindset. I will exceed expectations in Jesus name”.
– The world is about to celebrate RCCG in a unique dimension.

Members of RCCG, members of any other mission of the Body of Christ connecting with this program, I declare Innovative spirit is released upon you in the name of Jesus.

6. Make sure in whatever you do, you instill passion. David was a passionate person (Psalm 69:9, Ecclesiastes 9:10).

Passion is an outward drive that comes about by an inner conviction. If you are not convicted, you cannot be passionate. Passion is fuel to your vision.

Passion drives, delivers, distinguishes you in life.

Please lift your hands and say:

“My Father, my Father, by the power of Your Word, I receive a new level of passion in my operations and in my lifestyle. I receive passion, I will manifest passion in the name of Jesus”

You cannot fake passion.
– I pray for the grace to be passionate, to reject slothfulness, the grace to move with passion; may that grace be released unto you in the name of Jesus.

Lift your hands and say;
“Oh Lord, I reject every spirit of slothfulness; I am not your candidate in the name of Jesus”

– As from today, 28th September, 2021; may new level of passion be made manifest through you in the name of Jesus.

That level of passion that shall bring relevance and significance, that shall cause you never to be ignored, that level of passion that will enable you to exceed expectations, receive in the name of Jesus.
– Every slothful agents operating over your life; Holy Ghost FIRE!!!

Thank you Jesus…
Finally, for anyone to exceed expectations, you need His Presence. The disciples waited for His presence to be made manifest.

You need His presence. Simeon Peter toiled all night, he got nothing but as he connected to the presence of Jesus, he exceeded expectations. You need His presence.

While preparing for this meeting, the Lord said He is ready to release the grace for you to exceed expectations. He said but I am a God whose words never fail (Isaiah 59) but there is something called sin that can pollute the DNA of God in you and it can hinders you from manifesting that grace.



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