Tridax procumbens


-Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo at ‘Empowerment Day of Expansion’
Morning Session,
7 Days of Glory.

Let’s celebrate Pastor Modele for that powerful prophetic session. Hallelujah!

2 Kings 6:1
There was a certain school of prophet, the Bible says the sons of prophet went to Elisha and they said to him, “see now.” You see, it starts from you seeing it. When a mad man knows that he is mad, he is already well. I tell you the truth, even if his clothe is still dirty, even if his hair is not combed, once he understands that he is mad, he is already well. The problem of a lot of people is, they don’t know even know that something is wrong, a lot of people think, no, I don’t aspire for much ooo, I am just contented but that is not God’s will for us.

The first thing that God said to man was, be fruitful and the next thing He said to him was, multiply. You need to spread, you need to expand, you need to move from where you have been. Listen to me, it is not contentment, it is a satanic demonic mindset. When people like us were going to school, our parents told us, remember the son of whom you are. They were telling us something else, we were listening to something else.

I came from a particular place where if you become suddenly rich, you are in trouble. My father told me, I said to him, daddy, how could you have been here, here and here and you are on this level? He said to me, he said Biodun, you need to understand me, my generation. He now explained to me, I have to do this so that I can go to school. My father did not go to secondary school. He studied at home, he was a houseboy, studying at home. He wrote the GCE and A’ level to go to university. The first time he saw Mathematics in his life was at UI (University of Ibadan). They took him for economics, he had to go to political science because he couldn’t cope, he has never saw Mathematics before in his life.

He said, that was how I got here. He said the reason why it is difficult for me to think the way you guys think is because, the only instruction the mum gave to him when he was going to school was, don’t eat eggs because it is only thieves that eat eggs. That is the kind of bloodline I came from. My father wore shoes for the first time when he was going to the University and it came out of the newspaper because he was one of the few students that carry their luggage by themselves. Most of the guys came from London, he came down, he saw that kind of school, he has never seen that in his life. He took his luggage by himself.

Others will say, I don’t eat eba (Cassava flour), my father said what? That’s the best food I’ve ever seen in my life. So that’s the kind of bloodline I came from. If you don’t break from that circle, you will think you are spiritual.

I came also from a spiritual lineage where they clap for you when you are a mediocre. I used to relate with someone in ministry who told me, he said Pastor Biodun, I just want to go to heaven, I don’t aspire for much. I said what? I was just six months in ministry, I had nothing but my mind told me, that, that is not God’s will. I am telling and you know what? When they see you moving forward, they are jealous. They want it, they like it but their mindsets keep them on a spot.
– Today in the name of Jesus, I join my faith with the prophetic words spoken over you by Pastor Modele, we destroy every limitation upon your life.

That you are educated doesn’t exempt you from this ooo. That you have money in the bank doesn’t exempt you from this. I told my son yesterday, I said son, ‘I hate to spend money, I said if it is about money, it has to be genuine.’ My son told me, I have noticed. I said I hate it. I said seed sowing is different from spending. I was telling him about somethings Pastor Matthew shared and I said if I will leave inheritance for my children, they will sign on somethings, they will sign on somethings. It is because of where I am coming from.

Till tomorrow, even in the public, I am not one of those guys that you will give food, they will eat half of it. I am thinking, where is this other half going to? I warn people, we don’t have dogs in my house. I don’t like waste at all. If you ever hear my voice here in COZA, I am shouting based on waste, I hate waste. It is because of where I am coming from.

Now listen to me everybody, you must let two minds balance you. You are not greedy, you are grateful but you aspire. How you do it is, every milestone the Lord takes you too, you are thankful but you set your eyes like a flint. Don’t let people clap for you too soon, we are not there yet. That guy said the place where we dwell is to small, may we have associates. Have contemporaries around you, your spouse that will keep pushing you. Listen to me, you are looking forward, you can’t see your back, you need people that surround you to see what you don’t see. That’s why I really love what Pastor Modele was talking about, it is from inside out.

You can’t keep thinking like a pauper and end up as a king, it is not possible. If you are a king, you will soon lose your throne, if that is the way you are thinking. Lapidoth was small, his name means small, you can’t think small.

Bro Tobi is my witness, four days ago, I was praying in the room and I heard God like a man hears his friend. ‘Biodun, stop doing small things.’ I picked up my phone, I sent him a text, I said guess what God just told me, God said we should stop doing small things. I’m sure the brother was wondering, were we doing small things? From that minutes, 5:00am this morning, I was going to be with Pastor Matthew, I told my wife and said, expand everything, expand everything. Listen, it doesn’t cost you money. We are not talking about those who go borrowing for what they don’t have. Just dream it and let God sponsor it. The Scripture Pastor Modele read this morning, it says expand the place of your dwelling, it says spare not. God said I am giving you a blank cheque, write anything there. God said I am the One that will pay for it. Stop dreaming small, expand your mind.

The Lord gave me a privilege to speak in Pastor Richard’s Church, beautiful church, wonderful church. When you enter a Pastor’s church, you can tell whether the Pastor has a vision. I will never go to a church and raise funds for a church when I see a Pastor driving a better car than the church or living larger and then when we come to your work we see a small work.

When I saw the work, I saw sacrifice, I saw faithfulness. When we finished, all the ministers that came, I told them, just wait for us in the Pastor’s office. I told Pastor Richard, I said follow me, I said this has to go, this has to go. I was ordering like I will pay for it. The next day, the man of God started disturbing me, how do I do this? Do you know what happened? He did everything, he didn’t see rain, he didn’t see wind, he didn’t have to raise funds. God paid for all.

There are some people sent to your life, it is not just because you are helping them, it is when you have money that they will show up to collect it. When you look at the picture of his Church now, I tell you, you will think it is COZA and everybody thinks Pastor Biodun has given him money. Shishi (nothing), just a word, you will do this and I walked away. Expand this, put your children’s church here and gbam, gbam, gbam after this prayer, things you have never thought you will do this year, things you are thinking maybe two years time, you will start them now.
– The Lord will pay for it in the name of Jesus!
– As you leave here today, in the name of Jesus, everything you have thank God for, walk into them.

Look at me everybody, if the Lord has asked us to do this program which He did, let me tell you what will happen? In the next 14 days and beyond, you and your spouse will say, haha, haha. You will remember me, you will remember this morning. You and your spouse will say, hey, do you know we couldn’t do this before, what happened? You will not be able to trace to anything.
– People’s reaction will be different, the way they receive you will be different.
– Your business will receive new open doors, new acceptance.
– What you struggle before, you will do with ease.
– I want to pray a prayer for you; you will take money out of money.

So shall it be in Jesus precious name.


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