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By Taiwo Festus Stefan

_Genesis 1:26a_
Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us.

_Humans are the only creatures that has God’s nature._
God created man for his pleasure and for the expression of his love. There is no human on earth without this nature both believers and unbelievers.

When God was creating the world, God said let there be! when it comes to man he said let us create man in our image.
”To be created in God’s image and likeness imbibe in us the nature of God.

One of the nature of God we are looking out is the Power of imagination.

🦚In layman parlance is called image formation. Imagination simply means the ability to create a mental picture of your desired reality and working towards bringing it to pass.

Imagination Which means image formation, is the most powerful attribute deposited in a man when God created us.
Your mind is so powerful that nothing is impossible when you engage your mind in it. Imagination is a creative force that when fully engage can birth anything you desire. You can start recreating your world by using the power of imagination.
The nature of God in man can be seen in various inventions of man the beautiful edifice around us, Like the invention of
Light bulb by–Thomas Edison
Car by–Karl Benz
Telephone by– Alexander Graham
Great wall of China
Pyramid in Egypt, Skyscrapers etc..
It amazes me that most believers are not utilizing these potentials.

I read about a story of Walt Disney the founder of Disney Land. ” he was seating in a open field gazing at the land he purchased, his engineer walk to him and ask him what he was gazing at, he told the engineer he was seeing Disney Mountain. He gave the engineer the description of what he was imagining and today we have Disney Mountain.

God gave us an ability to imagine things and bring it into reality. That is why the bible said in Ephesians 3:20a ”Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or Imagine (paraphrase).

Your Imagination is key to your desired Realities 🌻

Be Blessed🙏🏻

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