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Pastor Godwin Ojotu
In my few years of service to God, I have noticed a certain trend that has led me to make the above conclusion. There are many people who had very great potential in earlier days but for one reason or the other are not fulfilling their destiny in all fulness. What is the reason for this? The bible says a righteous man’s path will shine brighter and brighter unto a perfect day, so it is obvious that it is not the will of God for someone to start well and then have a better yesterday.

What then is the reason why this happens sometimes? At first glance the reasons that may come to mind are prayerlessness, hidden sin, and things like that. While these factors affect a lot of people, by my little observation I came to a certain discovery.


What is a junction of life? A junction is a point where two or more roads meet. A life junction or what some refer to as a crossroad of life is a point where there are a couple of options for an individual and he can only choose one option and let go of the others. Every one of us encounters these major junctions of life occasionally. They are not weekly, monthly, or even yearly occurrences.

The people who make the right choices in these seasons end up fulfilling destiny while some make the wrong choices and are stagnated. Who and when to marry?

Travel abroad when I can or not? Full time or part time ministry at the beginning? Start an Independent ministry or serve under an established ministry?

Move to a new city or stay where I am? These are junctions of life with no predefined answers.
A young brother A is on fire for God and is one of the firebrand leaders in his campus fellowship. He graduates and God begins to nudge him to immediately go into full time ministry. Due to his analytical mind, coupled with the trend of the day, he decides to start ministry part time.

He thinks “after all I am still serving God. When the ministry can support me, I will go full time. I don’t want to become a laughingstock for anybody”. He goes this way in subtle disobedience and his fire begins to wane. Nobody understands how that happened but there is no more divine backing, and he begins to struggle. What happened to this firebrand brother? No one understands that he has broken a divine protocol.
In that same fellowship there is brother B who is equally firebrand. His passion is full time ministry. He senses the call of God and can’t wait to finish school so he can get into full time ministry.

In fact, he almost quit school to start ministry. He is very weak organizationally and administratively and doesn’t even know it. God in his infinite mercy opens a major door for him to get a job in a company that has a very sophisticated administrative system so he can practically learn administration.

Brother B knows he is called but doesn’t understand this nudge in his spirit not to start ministry yet but work in that company and preach itinerantly for a season. He has been having dreams and visions of a huge ministry since his days as a student. He even saw the city in a vision many years ago as a student. After graduating, he moves straight to that city, starts the ministry, and falls flat on his face.

We again wonder, what happened? Divine protocol broken.

The person who taught you how to pray in tongues for 7 hours but didn’t teach you how to hear clearly from God has done the greatest disservice to you. In the above analogy, brother A missed God by not going into full time ministry while brother B missed God by going into full time ministry.

You can see that there is no formular in this matter. Everyone must learn to hear from God for himself. This is very important but especially at the junctions of your life. The decisions you make at the junctions of your life will make or break you.

Let’s assume you are driving on a divided highway with median barriers. If you need to take a left turn but unfortunately miss your turn, you will have to keep going straight even though you know you are headed in the wrong direction. You will lose a tremendous amount of time while moving in the wrong direction and waiting for your next left turn. Unfortunately, in life not all situations will give you a second opportunity for that left turn. While not wanting to sound negative, I am sorry to say that in some cases, if you miss a turn, you will not get another bite of the cherry.


What am I saying? Your decisions at the junctions of your life will make or break you. In all you do, learn how to wait on God. Learn how to discern his guidance. I have discovered that this is one of the major differences between those who are fulfilling destiny and does who are not.

May the Lord help you not to ever miss your left turn and if you have, I pray in His mercies you will find a way out.

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