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-Pastor Olumide Emmanuel at Kingdom Wealth Conference Tagged ‘The Secret of our Journey’
Day 3, Morning Session.
Father we thank You because You are a faithful God. Awesome is Your name, mighty is Your name, faithful are You Lord. We thank You, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Let’s put our hands together and celebrate Jesus. You may please be seated in God’s presence.
Let me say something, it may sound controversial but go and think about it; if you can be physically present in a meeting and you are watching online, you cannot experience the same glory like someone that cannot be physically present in the meeting.

For instance, if you are living within this vicinity and you are watching online and somebody is in America or Tanzania watching online, they will get more blessing and more glory than you because you could have been here but you are either spiritually lazy or you have allowed the spirit of virtual to take over you.

Virtual is a spirit; virtual, virtual. So when you want to do operation too, you will call your doctor to treat you virtually. Those who honour me, I will honour. Since it is virtual now, if you want to get marry, you will marry virtually. Naming ceremony too will be virtual; everything virtual.

Yesterday night I could not do my session so that we could give Papa enough time to bless us and while thinking through it, today is the last day of the Conference, I don’t think it will be okay for us to end the conference without me completing my series that I started on Sunday.
I will do a brief recap and then complete my series on understanding Kingdom Wealth. This conference is called the Kingdom Wealth Conference and as a minister of the Gospel, I believe very strongly that understanding and clarity is key to whatever we do as believers.
On Sunday night, I began to talk to us about understanding Kingdom Wealth so that we will understand what it means to experience the Kingdom wealth because there is so much religion, confusion and assumption in the way things are done in the Body and many times, people confuse Kingdom principles with worldly principles.

So we began by looking at scriptures, Psalm 67:12. God is bringing us out into a wealthy place.

Yesterday morning, one of the revelations that was re-emphasized to us was that the best of God is ahead, it is never behind. So God is bringing us into a wealthy place because greater things are ahead of us; our latter will be greater than our past.

In Deuteronomy 8:18-19 we saw how that God is the One that gives us the power to get wealth, we don’t acquire wealth by ourselves. God empowers us to get wealth and the Kingdom of God is the reason why we have the wealth.

Then we began to come into the place of definition and I told us that when it comes to Kingdom wealth, we need to accurately define what Kingdom wealth is and I gave us a definition; Kingdom wealth is the wealth that has its source in God and the Kingdom as its purpose.

So the source of Kingdom wealth is God; not your job, business or investment and the purpose of Kingdom wealth is not for your sustenance or your upkeep, it is for the Kingdom and we also saw that in order for you to become wealthy, there are two options;
a). You either do it the Babylon way or worldly way.

b). The Kingdom way or the Covenant way.

You have two options because all the rich and wealthy men on earth are not born again.

You don’t need to be born again to be rich, you can do it according to the system of this world and apply the principles but it doesn’t end the way Kingdom wealth ends.

The Bible says wealth gotten by vanity will soon diminish and the wealth that you get from God is sorrow-free.

We also saw few specific facts that are non-negotiable. If you are not a Kingdom person, you are not a covenant person and you want to do things in another way, then you can compromise these things:

  1. God is your source. You look up to God, there are many resources, there are many things that can become resources but God is your source.
  2. The Kingdom of God is the purpose for wealth.

One of the challenges we have in our world today is that we have prosperity without a purpose, money without a mission.

A lot of people, because of lack of clear understanding and balance of this Kingdom, they end up acquiring money by the application of principle of wealth creation and then when they finally get the money, they forget God and then they think it is all about themselves.

You need to understand that you are too small to be the purpose of God for your life and everything that you require is small compared to what God wants to give you. He wants to give you enough of His resources so that you can fulfill His purpose and push His agenda on earth.
Ephesians 4:28
There is a difference between a job and a work. Covenant people don’t have jobs, they work. The challenge is that many of us are looking for jobs so that we can sustain ourselves. You work to learn; you don’t work to earn. Look through the Bible; “My Father worketh… work while it is day… He that will not work, let him not eat… The Lord will bless the works of your hand…” The Bible and Jesus will never use the word ‘job’ because covenant people don’t have job, they work.

The problem with a lot of us is that we are getting a job, that is the system of this world – that’s not covenant. If you want to make money, Kingdom wealth, you work and not go for jobs. Does it mean that you should not get a job? No!

You go and work. Your job is what you do to earn a living, your work is what you are created to do. Fishes don’t struggle to swim; birds don’t struggle to fly.

They are working but it is not a job and they are never hungry.

Stop looking for job, look for work. Do you know that there is work everywhere but there are no jobs? People are looking for jobs that’s why they are where they are.

  1. Kingdom wealth is entrusted; it is not acquired. God must trust you to entrust wealth to you.
    2 Chronicles 26:5.
    I was discussing with my wife this morning that this “seek ye first the Kingdom of God…” People don’t understand, we did not arrive here overnight.

The God that sees in secret; sacrifices that you make that nobody knows about, things you have to let go just for the Kingdom… By the time you will begin to see the harvest and they will be wondering? The God that sees in secret rewards in the open, so seek the Lord.

  1. Addiction to God and His Kingdom is a trigger for Kingdom wealth. What are you addicted to? The spirit of the addiction provides for the addiction. What you are addicted to makes way for you.

That’s why a drunkard does not make money to go to the beer parlour, he’ll just show up and by faith, he believes that he will not return empty handed because what God cannot do does not exist and truly, once he gets there, somebody will say, serve them round.

You are not passionate about the Kingdom that’s why the money is not showing up for you. One of the spirits that is reigning now is ‘japa’ spirit.

The spirit of relocation is a transit spirit.

People just relocate anyhow and they will be saying it is God that told them to move. Some of the people that are relocating, their children are on drugs, practicing gay etc. The prayer point has now shifted.

They have exchanged one demon for another.

The children are telling them it’s their right.

Can your child in Nigeria tell you that; “this is my right” and you will not slap him? But there, it is child abuse.
Let me tell you something, all of you that want to go to Canada, it’s not a curse, you can’t make it. You know why?

You did not make it in Nigeria and you want to go to Canada? A lizard in Nigeria cannot be a crocodile in Canada.

You think some of us don’t like enjoyment?

Why do you think we are in Nigeria? 1998, my first child was born in America, all my three children have America passport, you think I can’t japa? Stay where God has put you.

  1. Uncompromising obedience to covenant obligation releases the blessing.

In this Kingdom, if you want to make it, there are covenant obligations that are not negotiable. We looked at 15 of them;

a). First fruit (Proverbs 3:9-10).
b). Tithe (Genesis 14:18-20).
c). Offering (Deuteronomy 16:16-17).
d). Sacrifices (2 Samuel 24:24-25).
e). Welfare (Proverbs 28:27).
Social media is trying to manipulate the Church and blackmail the Church into welfare. Welfare is not our calling. You can share rice and pay school fees for people and they will still go to hell. The only thing that can save people is not palliative, it is the Gospel. If you give to the poor you will not lack but the poor will remain poor. Poor people don’t prosper by you giving to them.
f). Vows (Judges 11:30-31). One of the mysteries of vow is that it compels God to move. Covenant is when God invites you into a transaction, vow is when you invite Him into a transaction. Vows are not initiated by God; they are initiated by man.
h). Parental honour (Ephesians 6:1-3). Honour is not a levy but from every income, you give a portion of it and then the blessing will come upon you.
i). Prophet Offering (Matthew 10:41).
It is not because they have need, it is because you need the blessing.
j). Seed of Faith (Luke 6:38). The harvest is determined at the point of sowing. You can’t plant on one plot and reap a harvest of one hectare.

A seed of faith is the seed you sow in expectation of a specific harvest. Seed is not all about money. Time is a seed, love is seed.
k). Seed of dedication (Luke 2:21-24). This is the dedication of cars, houses, children etc. There is no man of God on earth that is anointed to answer prayer. We can only pray; it is God that answers prayer.

You gave birth to a child and you spent like N800,000 on the naming ceremony. On the day of the child’s dedication, you put N500 in an envelope, who did this to you? Something is wrong with you.

You are now wondering why the child is wayward. You honoured people’s stomach, so the child is going after people’s stomach.
You should never spend more money on naming ceremony than you put in the offering box for the dedication of your child. Let that be a principle you learn from today.

Look at the Church and see what you can do as a memorial so that it will can be a seed that will speak for you.

Some parents are serving God but they are not putting their children on the altar.
l). Seed of Thanksgiving (Psalm 107:21-22). Many of us are not grateful. Enter His gate with thanksgiving. The password is thanksgiving.

Be careful for nothing but in everything with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving.
I had to deal with my last child over and over again to bring him to shape on thanksgiving and I told my wife, let us work on this boy because whenever I traveled and returned back, instead of greeting me, he would say, “daddy what do you buy for me?” I said haha? You have not greeted me; I am the gift.

What did I buy for you? Nothing, I am the gift.

After crossing that boundary, he would not say thank you for the gift. He would ask, “is this what you bought? You know I don’t like this type of biscuit”. I said “sit down. Who are you talking to? It is not about what you like. You will thank me first”. You have to learn thanksgiving.

I saw something on the social media that was said by one of our pastors, it was amazing. The speaker asked the people, “how many of you would like a million dollars? Everybody lifted up their hands.

He asked the second question, what if I put a condition to that money; “I will give you a million dollars now but you will not wake up tomorrow. How many of you still want it?” So he said, you have been waking up every day but you did not know that it was worth more than a million. I said wow, that’s powerful! Every day you wake up, it is worth more than a million.

Let me tell you something, when you see songs become popular or global and everybody is singing the song. It’s a sign of the heart cry of God.

  1. When you go after what God has not given you, He will take what He has given you. All of you that don’t believe in tithing, where is you limo? If you do not believe in tithing, then I should see the ten per cent that you have gathered and build a mansion? He gives seed to the sower and bread. Every money that comes, there is a seed and bread inside it. If you don’t sow the seed you are in trouble. Even the bread, He can ask for it… Cast your bread upon the waters. So if you go after what God has told you not to go after, He will collect the one that He has told you to go after.

God told Adam not to touch the tree of life, the very minute he touched the one God said he should not touch, he lost all the other ones.

Whenever you go after what God said you should not touch, you will lose everything.
Ahab was a king and as a king he had many real estates but he was eyeing Naboth’s vineyard and he lost the throne. He got one plot and lost the kingdom.

David and Bathsheba. David had a throne and a kingdom but when kings were going to war, David refused to go.

There is nothing wrong in the first look because the first look can be accidental. It is the second one that kills your destiny.

There is something called the mystery of the neck. The reason why God gave us the neck is so that the head can move around. If the evil is right, you look left. If the evil is left, you look right and if there is evil everywhere; “I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my help?”

There is no evil up there and even if it is there, close your eyes to save your destiny.
Samson lost the anointing the day he carried Delilah and you too, God said bring the tithe, you said you are going to eat the tithe. You will not know how you spent the remaining 90 per cent.
Let me close with this; 1 Samuel 7:3-10.

It doesn’t cost God to prosper you, the problem is; a faithful man, who can find? God cannot trust you, ordinary small job of N280,000, you are having a side chick, how can God prosper you?

Don’t you know that money gives you options? By the time God blesses you with five million, you will be doing Dubai. So God checks and say, “this one, no, no, no.

The way he is handling this one, if I prosper him now, there will be trouble”. God cannot give to you what He cannot get through you.
Follow God, face God, serve God and things will begin to happen.
Let’s lift up our hands in thanksgiving to the Lord for this session.


  • Lord help me to rightly apply this message.
    Father in the name of Jesus, we thank You, we give You the glory, honour and adoration. Thank You for this first session. Lord help us to align ourselves with Your will and purpose. Help us never to limit You, help us never to fail You but help us to always be at the center of Your will.

Thank You for bringing us into a wealthy place. Lord prepare us for the prepared blessing and let Your name be glorified, in Jesus’ name.

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