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-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘CHANNELS OF EVANGELISM .’
Dunamis International Gospel Centre.
Combined Service, Glory Dome.
Clap your hands oh ye people; shout unto the Lord with the voice of triumph.
Blessed be Your name Master, in Jesus precious name.
You are welcome in Jesus precious name. I bring you greetings from the City of Port Harcourt, where we had the most unusual Healing and Deliverance Crusade. The Port Harcourt program was meant to be a return match because last year when we went there for crusade, the rain did not allow the third day to happen well. Miracles, signs and wonders happened but we promised that we’ll return back there.

The first night, rain tried to fall at the beginning but the rain was arrested before we arrived and the crusade was explosive with multitudes on the first day. Second day – explosion, third day – explosive fire.

The Governor of the State was out of state but sent his Deputy Governor with four Commissioners, Chief of Staff on the first night and most of them remained with the Crusade throughout. We prayed for the State and we trust God that something powerful will happen. Nigeria is being filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

Whether the devil likes it or not, he’s never in control in our nation. Jesus is in control!
John 15:16
This morning, we are looking at:
Our objective this morning is to understand soul winning channels kinds or types and then, to understand the ultimate of soul winning.

There are many things we’ve established in the course of the month and first and very important is that, soul winning is every believer’s call (Mark 16:15-17). To be a soul winner is to be a Kingdom asset and to be a benchwarmer is to be a Kingdom liability.

There are soul winners in church and there are benchwarmers; they just warm the bench, they just come to church and occupy space. Nobody in the Kingdom can be traced to their impact.
Yesterday in Port Harcourt, a young lady (medical doctor, consultant paediatrician and a junior in the University), met me and met my wife. She said, the turning point of her Christian life happened in the University. It happened when she encountered me. She told me a story that I cannot remember. She said, I was in the cafeteria eating and I had finished and I was going and she had come and then, I passed her and returned back and I said to her, “I was praying for you the other day and the Lord showed me that there is a friend in your life that is not good for you and the Lord said, you should adjust your ways because He is interested in your life.”

She said at the time, number one; how God knew, number two that God cared for her to speak to somebody about her life.

She was having goosebumps as she was saying it yesterday. She said at that time, there were friends in her life that were not godly, number two, she would come to church on Sunday and go to show on the weekend; Mr University, Miss University, this and that.

She was in all of them. When that word came, it was a 360 degree turnaround, she packed her things out of the friend’s place, disconnected completely from all of them. They said, “we don’t see you again.” She said, “I’m a medical student, we are supposed to be reading very seriously.” That changed her life forever and she said, God did a miracle when she disconnected absolutely from those friends; God saved the friends later and returned them back to her as friends, now born again and saved. She’s talking about the impact of somebody that impacted her life in the University, almost thirty years ago and I’m just wondering. I said, I’m appreciative to God for this privilege.
She said, “I’m more appreciative.” She saw my daughter and she said, “I’m following you on Instagram, you people are doing very well, following the Lord passionately and she said to her, “I thank God for the kind of father and parents God has given me” and the woman said, “I am aware, I have first hand knowledge of the kind of parents that God gave you.”
There are people, you can’t trace anybody to their impact. At that time, I wasn’t a pastor, I wasn’t planning to be a pastor; being a full time pastor was the last thing on my schedule because I didn’t want anybody to say: “oh, this is one of those who is also looking for money.

Because they considered pastors as people who don’t have anything to do, so they are looking for money.” I respected myself so much, I didn’t want anybody to look down on me. I wanted to rather make money and put it in the Gospel.


It is every believer’s responsibility. There must be somebody traceable that can be traced to your life’s impact.
2). It takes wisdom, that is divine strategy to win souls and touch lives (Proverbs 11:30).
3). It takes both the help and leading of the Holy Spirit to win souls. If you remember the story of the Centurion, how he was led to the eunuch (Acts 8:29-37). So, many times we’ll need wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit to lead people to Christ.
What are the channels of soul winning?
1). Preaching (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-17). Preaching is basically revealing the love and the mercy of God to mankind. Preaching in evangelism is not condemnation; it is not accusation, it is not “if you don’t repent, just know you are going straight to hell.”
When I was in the higher institution before I rededicated my life to Christ, one young man came, I don’t know whether it was preaching he was trying to do at that time, it was more like an insult; “all of you doing your father’s work, the devil…” – talking like that.

That man is still alive today and he’s an ardent follower of this Ministry but what he was trying to tell me at that time offended me, I had an encounter overnight with Jesus, 12th of May, 1986. If it was left for that man, I wouldn’t go to church. There are many of us whose approach is so brutal that nobody wants to follow you to church.

Galatians 3:8
Most of the time, we come to people with Goodnews. When I go to some neighborhood and I say, “the Lord bless you all in Jesus’ name. It is well with your soul in the name of Jesus. You will not die before your time. The agenda of the enemy will never prosper in your life. Your family will not know shortage; what killed your mother can’t kill you. I came here to reveal the love of God to you and I came here to let you know that God is merciful and that God wants to change your life and I want to let you know, it is a new season.

Jesus sent me here to release His blessings upon you, but you know what? It is not free, it is conditional. He says, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all the things I just talked about shall be added unto you.

If you follow your own path, you will go to hell. Follow Jesus and you will enjoy life in this world and in the world to come. So, I want to pray with you and for this decree to rest upon you and for you to escape torment on earth and in hell and make Heaven, I want you to pray this prayer of surrender of your life. Go ahead and say after me: Lord Jesus…”

Isn’t that very easy? I don’t waste time to say, so do you want to give your life to Christ? The devil will tell them, say no! It’s like telling a dead man to make a choice; it is like telling a mad man to make a decision because most people in sin have made the decision themselves.

When I arrived there, I decreed blessings straight and by the privilege of God, they just rush at it.
“It is well with your soul in Jesus’ name.”
Is not supposed to be well with them? Does God wants them to die before their time?
“May God help you to achieve every expectation of your heart!”
“Every sickness that wants to kill you in your body now, the Lord return it back to hell.”
“But you know what, God has only the license to work on those who belong to Him. For as long as He doesn’t own you, His right over your life is limited.

You want all the things that God wants to do in your life to happen? Let Him own you; hand over yourself to Him, disconnect from the life of sin, disconnect from disobeying Him. Make your ways right with Him. That was why Jesus came to die for you; to set you free. It is a very great experience to know Jesus. Peace is yours!”

Wow, really? What do I do?
“Pray this prayer with me:….”
How is that compared to; “I want to let you know that the way you are smoking now, hell is where you are going, hell straight. In fact, you should be lucky that you have not died. How can you be smoking, are you kitchen?” What I’m telling you now, I used to do it in those days, very raw in those days, in the University days but it didn’t produce much results. You only appear terrible to many people.

So, the first is preaching and this preaching is the most basic, any of the other things I am going to say are the things that you do additionally to ensure that the preaching is impactful.
2). Testimonies (Psalm 105:1-2). Let people know what God is doing, that was what the woman of Samaria did in John 4:29-30. I have always said that you may not know how to preach but almost everybody knows how to tell a story or relate an experience.

There are times I relate the experience of my life to people; “I was a young man, even though I was brought up in the way of the Lord, yet I was trying to miss road and then, I was on a fast lane of missing road and then suddenly I became afraid of death and then suddenly, one night…” I just related my experience of how I came to the Lord.

You can tell your story; you can also tell the story of something you saw or heard in church; “I was in service today and a young man testified of how he died, I’ve never heard anything like this all my life – how this man died and stepped out of his body and then he said he saw the vision of his Pastor in that other world, who said I came from a preaching engagement in Bayelsa to rescue you back…” You can tell a story.

Somebody told us a story, how that when she was watching that video and the man testified and I was crying profusely and she was crying profusely where she was watching in America, then she fell into a trance where she saw that I was invited to preach somewhere and at the last minute, I could not come for the program outside this Country and I called the people and say, “I’m sorry, I cannot come because of so and so.”

So, the people relaxed. Suddenly, the second day of the program, I showed up, wearing a red suit according to her and the man ushered me into the service, preached, ministered and all manner of things happened and then, went into the pastor’s office, so that he can go ahead and arrange for the hotel reservation and suddenly, he didn’t see me anymore.

So, he thought that maybe they were so slow, I got offended and then I went and arrange the hotel myself. So he called my wife and said, “we are so sorry, we didn’t plan on time. He just finished ministering with us and he has gone to organise a hotel for himself.
Please apologize to him.”
She said, “who?” We are here together.”
She said, God told her, what you just heard from that man is a shadow. You have seen nothing yet. So I told her and said, “I am not surprised because I’ve seen such revelations and there are things you cannot say, let’s wait until they happen.”
So, you can tell a story. These stories may be in printed form but the easiest thing to do is to tell someone the story of your experience, the story of your own life.

Demos Shakarian of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, when he founded that Fellowship, the whole basis of that ministry was testimonies; the stories of their lives, how they met with the Master, how their lives changed and then, they leave the people to make their decisions. So testimony is a channel of evangelism.

3). Character: your character is a message, your character is a preaching (Acts 11:26, 1 Peter 3:1-2). Your action is more evangelistic than your confession and utterance.
I heard the man Saint Augustine of the Catholic church said, preach the Gospel always and when necessary, use words.

That is, your major preaching is not your word; your major preaching is your life and character. There are some people who will not listen to you because what you are saying is contrary to what they see of your life;

“Follow me to church”
To go and do what? To go and steal like you are stealing at work?
There are some people, they said that, “if this one is going to Heaven, then everybody will go to Heaven. Your action and your words should match.

4). Kindness and love (John 3:16). Evangelism can never happen without loving the people (Song of Solomon 8:6, Matthew 5:16, Acts 9:36). When you touch people’s lives, you impact them, they will be attracted to whatever you have to offer or say to them. This is where the Home Church comes in massively here.

You look in your neighborhood, a needy people, hungry people; you reach out to them, call it welfare evangelism. You touch them practically, by the time you have touched them practically and you say this is the love of Jesus we are communicating to you, they’ll want to know that Jesus.

One day, a young student going to the University passed through me and I gave him a very massive amount of money and I think I’ve done that once and a second time without telling him to come to church and I am a pastor and he knows. Without telling him, be saved, I am just helping him.

At the end of the day, will you want to give yourself completely to Jesus Christ? He surrendered; you are a pastor, you didn’t force me to follow you to church, you gave me money free of charge and you let me go and then returned back and gave me money again. You are almost taking care of my schooling and you are asking me to follow you to the God who gave you the money and I say no?

That guy followed Jesus on the spot till tomorrow, he is tight with Him. He is now helping other people.

You can’t teach them until you touch them. Many of us wants to teach people that we have not touched. If you want to successfully touch them, you must successful teach them.
This is very important. Love them until they are ready to hear what you have to offer and they cannot say no to your Jesus.

5). Excellence, that is outstanding existence and results (Matthew 5:16). Be a shining star in your work. Don’t be a mediocre staff in your office. Whatever is your realm, be outstanding; your excellence is more evangelistic than your utterance.

Excellence brings audience and influence. Excell, be on top of your game. Don’t be a mediocre in your realm; be an authority in your field. Whatever you do, do it well. Be at the top and then, you will influence the system from up – down.

David was so outstanding in Israel, he was the number one instrumentalist, singer, warrior; number one everything (1 Samuel 22:2).

When you are a star, you attract fans and these fans can be turned into disciples. They are your fanatics and you let them know, look, there is somebody bigger than me. I am also the fan of somebody else, His name is Jesus.

You are duty bound to succeed and you shall succeed. That is also the reason why you must have plenty money. The Bible says, money answereth all things. You must have plenty money. You know, when you go to the village and you came with financial power, whatever you say goes. You know, means give voice.

If you have the means, you have the voice. When you are influential in Hausa language, they said that even the man’s gas (that man who is highly influential), it is our perfume. That’s the extent to which they will cope with him. But if you are wretched and poor, the hatred multiplies.

Whatever you do, please don’t fail. Don’t be the tail, be the head if you want your voice to be heard in your generation. Even if you will not succeed for the sake of yourself, succeed for the sake of those who need to come to God because of your success.

  • You will never fail another time!
  • You will never be the tail in your life. The grace to be the head and not the tail, that grace is released upon you now!
  • Before this month is over, before the first quarter of this year is over, God will make you a success story; a story of excellence, distinction, quality and notorious authority for the sake of the Gospel!

I don’t preach materialism, but I preach Kingdom prosperity for purpose. I preach supernatural resources for Kingdom assignment, for the purpose of the Kingdom, not just for the sake of belonging to a group of people or for the sake of “I have made it” But for the sake of depopulating hell and populating Heaven, for the sake of punishing the devil and intimidating ungodly successful people who think that they can be independent of God and succeed.

You stand side by side and you say, what you have, I have more. What you can do, I can do more. Wherever you can go, I can go further but I have plenty things that you don’t have; I have peace of mind, the anointing,” if a witch face me now, I kill it.”
Look at your neighbor and say,

“I will succeed whether the devil likes it or not for the sake of the Kingdom. I will impact my generation for the sake of the Kingdom.”

That was how Daniel influenced the whole of Babylon. That was how Queen Esther was, that was how Joseph was, he was outstanding until he influenced and impacted the whole of Egypt.

6). Print (Media) – Psalm 68:11.
Publishers of the Word fall into the company of greatness (Mark 1:45). We have the print in form of evangelistic tracts, testimonies tracts and stories. When it is not convenient or when the time is too choked for you to talk, you can just pass it out and a whole community can be dragged.

Somebody shared a testimony of how they gave someone a tract on the road and he threw it down. Another person said, what is this man throwing down, he picked it up.

That was what brought the person to church, gave the person a turn around. In those days in the late seventies, mid-eighties, as children of God, we didn’t consider ourselves fully dressed until tracts are in your pockets because you are almost like a doctor on call, twenty-four hours. You can give that tract in a taxi, market or anywhere.

7). Power Evangelism (Acts 1:8, Mark 16:20). This is where you apply the hand on the afflicted leg and suddenly the leg is healed and everybody knew that Jesus was the healer. This is when you step into a place and they say the father of the house is lying in the bedroom and you say, can we pray in agreement and you lay your hands on that father and that father got healed on the spot and then you draw the curtain and give an altar call. This is the kind of evangelism that take us to crusade field.

Don’t struggle to heal any person, it is God who heals. Accept responsibility and leave the results in the hand of God. If you lay hands on a person and the person got healed, you are not the one who healed him. If the person didn’t get healed, you are not the one who refused to heal him. All you have done is to discharge your responsibility and leave results in the hands of God.

Once in a while, you take a bottle of oil and do a hospital visitation. Over the weekend, find out when is the visitation time, step in there; “I came to bless you and pray with you. I am from Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Jesus has sent me through the instruction of my pastor, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche to come here and pray with you and I am here, not in my name but in the name of Jesus and with the mantle of that Commission, to cast out every pain, demon and every disease” and all of a sudden, the pain is healed, the growth is gone, the fractured bone is mended and all of a sudden, you gave them an invitation to church and they will come and when you invite people to church, ask them to come with the whole of their families because that is what happened in the scripture.

This is power evangelism, don’t be afraid to pray for the afflicted. There are times the devil may tell you you have your own problem. Tell the devil, “I know what I am doing.” It was when Job prayed for his friends that God turned his captivity (Job 42:10).

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