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Pastor Abiye Daniel David on “Your Mind and Prosperity” at SMHOS Mid-week Service
Lord, we give you all the glory and praise
Thank you Heavenly Father in Jesus precious name
Jesus Lord we thank you for this moment. We ask that you open the heavens over us. Let everyone come under the influence of your spirit for conviction, transformation, upliftment, reformation in the mighty name of Jesus. No one will remain the same again. Lord, we pray the word will flow without hinderance. The unction backing this commission will answer to me. Thank you as your people are blessed. With a big hand, clap for the Lord. Please, get seated.

Hallelujah, I like to deeply appreciate God for this moment to be the one to serve us with God’s divine menu this evening. It’s a privilege I consider very sacred (and will not be abused and mismanaged) given to me by God through His servant though he is not here right now. He is at Asaba for the Crusade. I like to appreciate him for it and mama and every one of us. God will bless us in Jesus’ name.

In this season of manifesting supernatural abundance, you will secure the greatest forms of breakthroughs and favors in the mighty name of Jesus. You will become an epitome of wealth.

When others say there is a casting down, you will say there is a lifting up in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. In the face of economic downturns all over the world, your financial turnaround will be getting bigger and bigger. If you believe it your amen should show it.

The subject of the day is PROSPERITY YOUR HERITAGE.

but the subtopic is Your Mind and Prosperity.
Hear me tonight, some Christians have erroneously believed that some people are destined to be rich while others are destined to be poor.

That’s not true that’s a lie from the pit of hell. That some people are destined to be rich while others are destined to be poor. They will tell you all fingers are not equal. Why do you choose to be the small one while not be the big one? At the point of birth, everyone is born equal. Nobody was born with money in his pocket. Everybody was born naked, nobody was born with clothes. At the point of birth, everybody was born equal.

In the year 1400, all the Nations of the world were of the same level. Then, some decided to improve upon what they were doing and before long, some became Third World Nations.

Others became First World Nations by virtue of what they were doing. At the year 1400, all nations of the world were at par and some started improving on their minds and got better results than those that didn’t improve on their minds.

Today we have poor nations and wealthy nations and we have third world nations and we have first world nations not because it was classified to be so but because of the attitude of the people in those nations.
Then some other nations became better than others. I pray that God will give us understanding in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

So God delights in the prosperity of his people. God takes delight in the prosperity of His people. Psalm 35:27 For God delights in the prosperity of His servants.
Your poverty will do God no good just like the poverty of a king’s children will do him no good. No king will be proud that his children are dressed in rags, going from house to house begging.

If earthly kings will not allow that, how much more your Heavenly Father the King of kings? When did you see the King or Chief of your community or whatever nomenclature given to the head of your community, when did you see his children begging from house to house? ……bambiala Mama Sunday give me penny….. If earthly king will not allow that, how much more Jehovah Almighty. God does not take delight in the poverty of His people, God takes delight in the prosperity of His servants.

He said he brought them out of Egypt with silver and gold and there was no one feeble among their tribe.

He brought them forth with silver and gold and there was not one person among them feeble in their tribes. Psalm 105:37.

He brought them forth with money. So God wants us to prosper. Amen
3 John:2 I wish that above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth.
No person in his right mind will love poverty.

I hate poverty with passion because I was born into it. I saw it face to face. Poverty is an unclean spirit. Poverty is demonic and devilish and Papa said, ‘poverty is wickedness. Poverty is not good. I have tasted it. I have tasted the two sides. I know the one that is better.’ Nobody in his right mind will love headache except he is mad. The destruction of the poor is their poverty.

Many people die out of poverty. Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction more than arsenals, missiles, bullets and bombs. Poverty has killed more people than any other thing you can think of in life.

In Biafra-Nigeria Civil War from 1967-1970, the people that kwashiorkor killed out of no food were more than the ones military weapons killed. The ones that the shellings, the bombardment and the shootings killed cannot be compared to the those that hunger killed. Praise God. Poverty is not good. You will not see it again in Jesus name. I vow in my life may God forbid it.

I started hawking on the streets of Port Harcourt at the age of seven. At the age of seven, I sold everything except human parts. I saw poverty raw. Nothing you tell me, there are certain things in this world I will never agree, anything poverty I don’t want to hear it. I hate it with passion. It smells. It stinks.

The stench is horrible. It’s something that nobody should be able to dream it. If you see poverty coming your way disappear flee from it.

Poverty is worse than hell fire. God forbid in Jesus name.

Wealth is tied to man’s capacity to think. Poverty and prosperity are tied to human mentality more than the things of endowments, giftings and cash in the hand. All we are saying is this your prosperity is more of what you think in your mind than the money you have in your hand and the talent you possess.

Your talent is not as powerful as what you think in your mind about this subject. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. You cannot be free from poverty until you start thinking right. Many think it’s when they have money that they will start living right. No sir.
I want to be very sincere with us.

The economy of Nigeria in the 70’s was more buoyant than that of the United States of America. Hope you are aware. Yes it was 70 kobo to 1 dollar. Nobody was looking for greener pastures abroad. Nobody was ready to go.

In fact those that didn’t succeed in Nigeria were the ones that ran away. Then, nobody was willing to go even 1980 at least I started knowing some things around 1980, it was still 70 kobo to 1 dollar. In 1981 to 1982 when it got to 1 naira to 1 dollar people started shouting. Now, the question is this: where is the economy now?

Because Nigeria does not have oil again? They are still discovering more. They have seen gold maybe tomorrow they will see silver. And then they will come to diamond.

Africa is the most endowed continent of the world. The most blessed but the poorest. Belgium is richer than the whole of Africa put together. Why is it so? That is the question. It has to do with the mentality of the people not the natural endowment.

Africa is blessed. Nigeria is blessed. Gold now has been discovered in Zamfara State with so many other things. Oil so blessed. How come things are this way? It has nothing to do with availability of cash, it has to do with your mindset. You think poor, poverty comes. You think wealth, wealth comes, simple.

It has nothing to do with your background. You can be born dangerously poor and still be wealthy. You can be poor but you are not created poor. So you can be born poor and still be wealthy.

Jesus was born in a manger he didn’t die there. The Bible says ‘let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus…’ Philippians 2:5 let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who thought not to remain in the manger though he was born there. He was born in the manger but didn’t live a manger’s life. He was born in the manger but didn’t live a manger person.

Yes, he was rich not that he was poor. He was so rich that he had an accountant called Mr Judas. Poor man cannot have an accountant. What will he be counting? Jesus was so wealthy that everything about him was good. Cloth that he wore, they had to play gamble to collect the cloth.

Two generals were playing gamble to collect cloth of a person. John 19:24 says, therefore, among themselves, let us not tend it, but cast lots for it, whose it shall be that the scripture might be fulfilled, which said, they parted my raiment among them and for my garment they did cast lots. These things therefore the soldiers did.

So he was not a poor man. Praise God. May God give us understanding in Jesus mighty name.
Please hear this, what your mind cannot conceive, you hands cannot achieve . If you meet so many people in the body of Christ, they will say if I have money ehn, if I have money, I will be rich. Bros if you have money and your mind is poor, you will be dangerously poor.

Giving money to a man who has not developed his mind is a money soon gone. True! Many of you have held so much. If they calculate the money that has passed through your hands, you would have been a comfortable billionaire enlisted in Forbes.

If they calculate the amount of money that has passed through your hands… but as I’m talking to you now, it is well in the real sense of it is well. In the real sense of it is well, it is really well. Yes, but if they calculate how much has entered your hands, believe me, you would have been a billionaire in dollars.

The money that has passed through your hands in less than twenty years if they calculate it… Because your mind is not developed that is why it’s happening that way; not because money has not passed through your hands but because your mind is not developed.

So, instead of thinking how you are going to block your leaking pocket think of blocking the leaking mind. Because you cannot really organize wealth until your mind is blessed. If your mind is out of place, there is nothing you can do. God himself said I cannot do anything except for your mind Philemon 1: 14.
I cannot do anything except for your mind. God himself cannot act without your mind. Your mind must be in order before God himself can do what he wants to do.

I pray God will give us understanding in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. So prosperity is solely your responsibility, solely my responsibility not God’s responsibility. God is not the one that will prosper you.

You will prosper yourself by doing what God says you should do. Joshua 1:8. Thou shall make thy way prosperous, before you arrive at good success. So you are the one that will create your way for your prosperity not God. Check all that is there you will not see God mentioned once.

This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, meditate therein… your mouth, you observe to do, make your way prosperous then you will arrive at good success. Simple. So all is tied to you and it has to do with your mind.

Praise the Lord!
Now I like to tell you this for all of us who are parents please try and do this experiment with your parents. Now take a cup, take like four glass cups keep them in your kitchen then surround those four glass cups with ten plastic cups and tell your children to go and get you cup anyone they bring is their mindset.

I don’t know if I am communicating. If you see anyone with a plastic cup, know that that one has a poor man mentality. So you will start telling that one to adjust. The one that has prosperity mentality will go and grab the glass cup and bring.

That’s why you see some of your children, some will sit on the floor some will sit in the chair yes, the small small ones. If you give some of them some things to use to eat, they will not eat.
For instance if you bring stainless for some, they will say, ‘No mommy take this one away’ And they will point to the breakable one because that one that is using that one to eat that hospital plate, operation plate to eat that one has poverty mentality. Some of us like that type. That type is the only one we buy when we get to the market.

You go to the market, you buy plenty plastic plates and surround the house with plastic plates including the burnt ones.

How to think your way to prosperity and stay prosperous.

  1. Love Prosperity and Think Prosperity. The year 2002, I was driving alongside with Papa. I was the one driving. I was sitting on his other side. Papa made this statement I will never forget in my life. He made a statement very striking. We were discussing something else and suddenly he just turned and said, ‘Never depend on a woman’s money if you want to be great In life.’ As a man, never depend on a woman’s money.

So my mentality changed. If you are a man here and alll you are praying is to marry a wife that will feed you. I want to comfortably tell you that you are a poor boy, confirm poor boy. If you don’t change your mindset, prosperity will never come into view.

From that day, I have known that you can’t depend on a woman’s money and ever be successful. You see now it has nothing to do with my pocket. It has to do with my mentality I have. It is not possible. Imagine a husband waiting for his wife to feed him. How can your wife be feeding you? All the men here please open your eyes very well. I want you to be observant now.

Any woman that wants to marry a poor man that she would be feeding, raise up your hand. Please men, look around did you see anyone? All the women that like to marry rich men that will feed them, raise up your hand. Can you see their hands.

Now, imagine you are a poor man waiting for your wife to feed you, it means you are going to eat quinine. When she serves you the soup, the meat that will follow the soup will be insult.

The woman was designed to be fed by the man. The woman should only make the load lighter. You as the man are the sole financier of your home.

All these young boys looking for rich ladies to marry because of money, don’t worry you will go to the market. You will wash plates, you will be the ones to wash undies. You will graduate from poverty to suffering.

It is not a laughing matter. The reason some men are not working is because they have refused to think. If you sit to think, you will hate poverty. One time, they were sharing things for widows and two women came. They said they wanted some too but they were denied because they still had husbands. They said, ‘Please give us, our husbands do not do anything. They are always seated morning,day and night.Please there is no difference between us and widows.’

Listen, what you love is what you attract. What you hate, you repel. If you love to be the one calling the shot in your home as the financial head of the family, it will come to you. But if you want your wife to feed you, it will also come to you. You cannot think a pauper’s thought and get a lender’s destiny. It is impossible.

Your mind must be renewed for your life to be new. You just renew your mind. I began to see life from another angle after Papa told me that I have to be responsible to command respect. No woman will respect you if she is the one footing all the bills.

They will tell your children, ‘I don’t know what your father is doing. He said he lost his job but his other friends also ost their jobs and are feeding their families’ If you don’t understand, ask the women beside.

No woman comes to suffer. If I am a woman too, I won’t want to suffer. She can’t be poor in her father’s house and still come to your house to be poor. Love prosperity because if you don’t love it, you cannot see it. When you see people buying car, don’t say which kind car.

Don’t see the rich and despise them. One girl came and testified that as her mother was going on the road, a car splashed water on her and instead of getting angry, she said,

‘Thank God, this is an evidence of the fact that my car is coming’ It didn’t take long, her husband bought her a car. Love prosperity and love prosperous people. Don’t join them on the internet when they are bashing men of God over their wealth. Are you as merciful as Jesus who allowed the alabaster box of oil to be broken at his feet? He said, ‘The poor, you will always have with you’

Jesus Christ helped the poor but he didn’t follow the poor. Jesus was not a friend of the poor but he was a helper to the poor. One day he healed the mad man of Gadara from evil spirit. After the evil spirit left, the man wanted to follow Jesus but Jesus said he should not follow him.

But one man was on the tree who didn’t invite him called Zaccheaus. They said he was a thief and a rich man but Jesus said it does not matter that he would go to this man’s house. Help the poor but don’t be a friend to the poor.

You know why? If you are a friend to the poor, they will envy you. That is why rich people talk to rich people.

If we are talking about prosperity, those who love to be poor will be sleeping. If you go to where wealthy men are and you are talking about prosperity, you will see them writing and taking notes.When Jesus was to have the last supper, he told his disciples to go to a room that was well furnished. For the first time, Jesus rode on an ass in a convoy.

If you see men of God walking in convoy, you will see people complaining about them. Men of God do this so that they won’t get lynched by the crowd of people that would want to meet them.

  1. Hate Poverty but be Free-handed to God and humanity. The first time the word poor was mentioned in the Bible, it was in Genesis 43:19. The meaning was not good at all. It meant famine, scarcity, ugliness and dryness. Poverty is ugly. Poverty is dry. Hate it with passion. What you pamper, you can’t hammer. You have to hate it to kill it. If you want to destroy poverty, you just hate it with passion. If you don’t hate poverty, you can’t overcome it.

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