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There are days that are unforgettable. Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the commission from God to move to the city of Moscow. 9th of November 2019, at 23:58 to be precise. I made the move in March 2021 almost 18 months later because I had to prepare the Perm church for the transition. This is a short story of How it happened:
The month was November and was already unusual. I had just started operating in the healing and miracle anointing (How I entered this realm of ministry is a story for another day) and was so excited about the new levels the ministry in Perm could move into.

The 9th of November was a Saturday and I usually went to my office in the evening to prepare prayerfully for the Sunday service. Since in this month we were having healing and miracle services, I had to do extra preparations. Preparation for a miracle service in some respects is quite different from the preparation for a normal service.

I prepared my message, meditated for a while, and began praying in the spirit. Since I was doing a series on the topic “Healing is the bread of God’s children” for the whole month, I basically had a ready sermon even before Saturday but just needed to put some final touches to it.

Most of my preparation was just praying in the spirit and worship. I prayed for a couple of hours, mostly in the spirit and just before rounding up I got a call from my wife. Every non single man knows what this call is about. She wanted to know when I will be returning home and I told her I’ll be back in a short while. She asked me to kindly get her something from the Grocery store on my way back from the office. I replied in the affirmative. If only I knew what was waiting for me in that Grocery store.

I left my office at about 11:30 pm and drove home. There was a grocery store right on the first floor of the apartment we lived in. After parking the car, I headed for the store which was about to close for the day. I had just finished praying for the Sunday miracle service but wasn’t feeling anything unusual.

Like the Great Man of God Kenneth Hagin will say, I didn’t expect anything unusual to happen anymore than I expected to be the first Man to land on the moon. The moment I grabbed the doorknob of the grocery store to open it, it was as if I was transported in the spirit. Spiritual things are sometimes difficult to explain but I’ll try. It wasn’t a trance, neither was it a vision. I entered the grocery store physically but, in my spirit, it was like I entered a different world. A million thoughts and voices were ringing in my spirit instantly and yet I understood everything.
In a single moment, I knew I was supposed to move to Moscow (A city I had no love for at that time), I knew in the spirit the type of ministry we were to have there, what was to be our message and what I was to emphasise as well as many other details. All these happened in a split second.


After this happened it took me almost 10 minutes to locate what I came to buy. I was just moving about and thinking, “what just happened?”. It is one of the most unusual experiences in my walk with God. I spent a couple of hours in God’s presence in my office worshipping and praying in the spirit and didn’t hear a single word. Finished and left for a grocery store and that’s where God spoke.

This is a little testimony of How God led me to move to the city of Moscow. Like I said, I didn’t leave immediately. I took about 18 months to prepare the church for the transition and we even planted another church in the process before I finally moved to Moscow. Today makes it exactly 2 years since the night I got that word from God.

It’s a night I can never forget. God can speak to you wherever He chooses and in whatever way He wants. Just make sure you are always in tune with the Spirit and one of the ways to do that is to pray abundantly in the Spirit.

P.S. The picture is from my time in the Perm Church.

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