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  • Pastor David Ibiyeomie on “Your Prophet and Your Prosperity” at SMHOS Sunday Service- First Service
    Genesis 21:15-19
    Things are tough and you are crying does not. means God will hear you. That you are crying because there are crises does not mean God will hear you.

What Haggai needed for her predicament to be turned over was around her but she was busy crying.

  • Ask God to open your eyes in this service to see that which you need for your turn around
    Give him a big hand, you may be seated.
    Praise the Lord!
    This month has been declared as Our Month of Manifesting Supernatural Abundance.
    Today we will be looking at “Your Prophet and Your Prosperity”
    Psalm 74:9-12
    Looking at this scripture, you’ll understand that prophets are not just God’s spokesmen; they are custodians of signs and wonders on the earth. When prophets come up on the stage, signs are done.
  • That is why I know in the name of Jesus. Whatever signs are lacking in your life, as I speak this morning, God will do a spectacular thing in your life in the name of Jesus.
    Please listen carefully, prophets are not people wearing dreadlocks.

Those are not prophets; they are bushmen. A prophet is a mouthpiece of God. In this part of the world, we believe prophets to be white garment men. That is incorrect.

A prophet is a mouthpiece of God. When he speaks, God confirms. So don’t mistake a prophet to somebody wearing dreadlocks. Those ones are seers of doom.

Signs and wonders follow whenever prophets take the stage in the affairs of men. Hear this and hear me very well. In 2 Chronicles 20:20b, the Bible declares, ‘Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe in his prophets, so shall ye prosper’.

Financial prosperity is your birthright in Christ. Yes! But there is a connecting point to that prosperity which is the prophet of God. How many understand what I am saying? For you to get into financial prosperity, a prophet has to be your connecting point to that prosperity. It says “God will establish you” But for you to prosper, you need a prophet of God.

-Every form of hardship is ending in your life as I am talking.
The first financial fortune in the Bible ever recorded was for the Children of Israel. Israel suffered for over four hundred years in hardship, nothing to show and they encountered their first financial fortune through a prophet called Moses.

Then they came out of Egypt after four hundred and thirty years (430), (Exodus 3:21-22)
-Now, hear me. Every form of emptiness will end in your life.
Exodus 12: 35-36.

  • I am declaring to someone with authority, places that you thought you are suffering, in that same place, God will favour you.

Now listen carefully, How do you lend someone who was going and not returning? Israel said, “We are leaving” Yet, the Egyptians lent to them. Gold was the wealth of that time. It was the universal currency. It means the economy of Egypt was handed over to Israel.

When God wants to favour you, he turns the counsel of your enemies to foolishness. Do you know why Pharaoh pursued them? He pursued them not because they should come back to serve. He pursued them because the whole wealth of Egypt was with them.

The whole fortune of Egypt was handed over to Israel in one night and this was done with the instrumentality of a prophet. God will never touch your life without a prophet. I am not just a preacher of prosperity, I am a prophet of God sent on the message of kingdom prosperity.

  • In the name of Jesus, anywhere you have toiled, toiling is ending right now.
  • The same God who did it for Israel, in 24hrs to this prophecy, you will get a phone call that will hand over wealth to you.

Abraham also flourished supernaturally through the blessings pronounced on him by Melchizedek, a prophet. God told Abraham, “I am going to bless you” But that did not come to pass until a vessel was used by God. Genesis 14:20. The moment Abraham connected to the prophet, what God said concerning him came to pass.

-Today marks the end of your suffering in life in the name of Jesus. It marks the beginning of your prosperity at different levels in Jesus’name.

There was a widow called the Widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings 17:8-16. Some will call the request of the prophet wickedness in the natural. Most of you analyse things from your understanding. A man of God came to her and he said she should bake for him first. It is those who make for the men of God first that come out first.

He said, ‘Look, I know you want to die o but make for me first before you think of your own’ It looks like madness. If it was today, it will go on social media. You will hear, “Look at this man of God o cheating a widow” Widows, hear me, you will never open the windows of heaven until you give. There is a difference between hearing an instruction and obeying an instruction. The moment she obeyed, the blessing was pronounced on her.

  • I am speaking to someone in the name of Jesus, this is the last year you will ever go through hardship in your life.
  • No matter what the world is going through, you will be exempted and your case will be different in the name of Jesus.
    She enjoyed divine supplies during famine, when others were famishing. When others were groaning in dryness, she was flourishing.
  • In the name of Jesus, God will turn your captivity for life.
    Who Are Prophets?
    A prophet is not someone who tells you something evil. In this part of the world, we interpret who a prophet is wrongly. A prophet is not somebody who tells you who killed your grandfather. A prophet is someone who turns evil counsel to good. He sees that you are about to die but declares that you will not die but live. He is not someone that will tell you that you will die. All of you who move about all these dreadlocked bushmen, stop it. Never call a dreadlocked bushman a prophet.

A prophet is not somebody who tells you your problems.

A prophet is somebody who turns your problem and brings the promises to proclaim and then things turn around. He is not somebody that will be telling you that your grandfather is your problem or your wife is your problem.

  1. Prophets are agents of rescue. Exodus 3:10. Moses’ major role was for the rescue of God’s people. Prophets are Godsent agents for the rescue of his people.
    -Today, wherever you have been held captive, I decree your rescue right now!

Last week, a pastor of a church their choir leader was adopted came to me and said sir, “They are asking us to pay a ransom” They adopted her and took her to an unknown location. As his prophet, I said, “In 24hours, I command that release” In less than 3 hours, they brought her to Airforce Base and told her, “We are sorry” and dropped her by the Junction.

Our former accountant lost her housemaid in a mysterious circumstance that can’t be explained in Lagos. I said, “Between now and 1 pm, I command you find her” Less than 30 minutes, Police called. Prophets are agents of rescue.

  • In the name of Jesus, wherever you have been held captive, be rescued right now!
  1. They are agents of prosperity. 2 Chronicles 20:20. Prosper here connotes abundance. Prosperity is the ministry of every God-ordained prophet.

That is why the Bible admonish us to believe the prophets for us to prosper. If all these are what God has ordained in the life of a prophet, how do you connect with the blessings of the ministry of the prophet?
How to Connect with the Blessings of The Ministry of a Prophet
When God wants to bless you, he uses the ministry of the prophet to bless you. Abraham needed Melchizedek to connect his blessing. Israel was rescued through the ministry of Prophet Moses. There is no way God will reach man without a man.

  1. You must receive their person. Mathew 10:41. Anytime we receive a prophet, we tap into what that prophet carries. The prophet you don’t receive, no. matter his anointing, the virtues he carries cannot bring any value to your life. As anointed as Jesus was, he went into a place called Nazareth and could not do any mighty miracle. Mark 6:5-6. He could not perform any miracle because they didn’t believe in him.

The prophet you don’t receive, what he speaks can’t work in your life. Jesus could not do miracle in Nazareth. They were saying, “Is that not the carpenter’s son? We know this guy now”

  1. You must honour them in your heart. Proverbs 27:19. It is more of connectivity than proximity. You can be close to somebody does not mean you honour him. There are people who honour me who have never met me. And there are those who are very close to me that don’t honour me.

That you are close to somebody does not mean you honour the person. Honour has nothing to do with proximity. It has to do with connectivity. It is heart to heart.

I have never gone physically before Oyedepo to do eye service. I have never knelt down to greet him. I am not from there. That is their culture.

Here, when we respect someone, it is from inside. You can lie down there in hypocrisy and after the person is gone, you stand up and say, “Oloshi ni e* (He is unfortunate person)
Honour is not how you kneel down. Honour is a heart issue. It is more of the heart than physical display.

You can lie down on the ground and have no honour. I’ve seen people who said they will die with Oyedepo and still turn around to abuse him. I honour him to a point that you can’t talk about him negatively where I am. You are not born to talk about him. I will chew you raw. Our heart is the part that connect us to the flow of prophetic blessings.

You can’t think lightly of them and connect with what they carry. You can’t replicate their grace talking ill of them. I replicate the grace of Oyedepo, You just see me, you see this man. People in Winners Chapel don’t carry what I carry. Pastors in Winners don’t carry the virtue of that man that I carry. When I talk, you think that Oyedepo is talking. Sometimes, I have listened to my tape and I say, ‘Is it Papa talking?” This has to do with the heart.

Your reaction to a man of God will determine God’s reaction to you. They are God’s mouthpiece. God was telling Aaron and Miriam that they were nothing before him compared to Moses. Men of God are called by God. Are you called by God, Mr Judge?
They are people called by called. When some people talk, they don’t know their limit. We all are not men of God o. Don’t deceive yourself. T

here are some people in covenant with God. They were enjoying life in clubs and God came to separate them for his work. You only came out for altar call, he told me, “You, I will use you” So, don’t think both of us are mates now. Even among preachers, there are preachers. Shoes get size. It will be stupid for me to think I am mate with Oyedepo or Oyedepo should think he is mate with Adeboye.

Shoe get size. Everybody knows his size. Don’t just wag your tongue about people that are not your mate. I don’t even talk about Oyedepo in secret. I don’t even discuss him. I don’t want to know. He is a man of God. If you say you have seen fault, it is your own business.

  1. Sow: give to them as you may be prompted from time to time. We understand that giving to the prophets is one major channel through which prophetic blessings are released. As a married man, all that we had was fifty naira (#50) in 1997. No money in the account or anywhere else. Then, God has called me into ministry already. I said to God, “What is the secret to Kingdom prosperity?” I read the book of Copeland. What I heard was not in the book. As at that time, I was already giving a tithe of twenty per cent (20%) yet, I was not prospering.

Tithe is ten per cent o but I chose to go higher. I was already a tither, I was already a giver but I was not prospering the way I wanted to. Money will come, I will get broke, money will come again. I said to God, ‘Lord, I want continuous flow’ I was lying down after reading the book.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me, ‘Who is blessing you? ‘ I said, ‘of course, it is Oyedepo’ then the Holy Spirit said, ‘Don’t you know you can never prosper without a prophet? As from today, after your tithe and offering, sow into his life and poverty will end’

I said, “Wow! Is that the secret?” I said to my wife, “Give me the fifty naira” I put it in the envelope and I wrote Prophet’ Offering. I didn’t see him o, the moment I packaged it, less than two hours, someone knocked at my door and said, ‘Pastor, I have ten thousand (10,000) I just thought of you to give you two thousand (2000)’ The man who gave me the two thousand does not give until you beg him for money.

Again, from the amount, I removed tithe, offering and Prophet Offering. From that time till today, I have never run dry. I didn’t need to see him before I honour him. I don’t do it occasionally; I do it every time. Is that clear?

That has broken poverty in my life.

On Fathers’ Day, I packaged some hard currencies and I was going to see him. At the Airport, a sinner walked to me with dollars. I said to myself again, “This things works” Listen, Oyedepo does not need my money, I need his grace. When you sow to a prophet, you are not helping the prophet; you are tapping into the virtues he carries to enhance your value on the earth for the next phase of your life. Was it Elijah that sustained the woman or the woman sustained Elijah? It is Elijah.. That was her last meal, if she had not given it to Elijah, she would have died.

Many people quote Philippians 4:19, “My God shall supply all my needs…” Do you know it can never work until Philippians 4:15-18 is in place. If you quote that scripture without doing 15-18, you are a 419. After you have given, Paul said “My God shall supply all your needs… ” That prayer is a declaration of a man of God.

  • I decree from this day, My God shall supply all your needs in the name of Jesus.
    1 Corinthians 9:11
    If I have been ministering to you for the whole year, is there anything wrong for you to sow to me on my birthday. I have been blessing you and blessing you, so for my birthday now, you to want me to give you money, thank you.

Paul said if I have been blessing you, is there anything wrong to be blessed by you in return? Is it too much if I reap car and aircraft? It is the Bible. I didn’t write it.

Don’t do do as if you didn’t see it. It took me years to preach this Gospel. My wife is my witness. Every time, I will be scared that people will think I am begging for money. God said to me, “The thing that took you out of poverty, you better tell them, otherwise they can’t prosper” It took me years.

There is no shortcut to prosperity without honouring your pastor.
You know people can be funny. They will say, “See, o he is even using microphone to tell us to bring money” This is what brought me out of poverty. If I stop giving to Oyedepo today, I will be broke. He will not be broke but I will be. As long as I sow to him, I will remain prosperous. Someone might be saying, “Is he Jesus Christ?” Let me show you from the Bible.
Let us read the Pidgin English translation of 1 Corinthians 9:11
“So, if wi don plant spiritual sid among una, e go dey tu mush if wi ask for ordinari fud and drink from una?”
Luke 8:1-3
After Jesus prayed for them, they came back with substance not story. That is Jesus himself.

They were putting expensive oil on him and Judas was there complaining. When it is my birthday and people are giving me things, the Judas in the Church will start complaining. They will be saying, “Why are they always giving him things every birthday” Wait, don’t I come here to bless you every week?

Why do you say Amen when I say, “God bless you”?
The one I prophesy, you say Amen. But to honour me, you get angry. Judas! This week, you just honor me. If I don’t tell you, I won’t be helping you. If you don’t do it, God will bring somebody somewhere to do it.

Giving to the prophet does not help the prophet. It is the prophet helping you. Running from where you are to another nation does not prosper you. There is no shortcut, giving is giving. We can only give our way out of poverty.

You can’t pray your way out of poverty. After your tithe and offering, also give to a prophet and you see yourself swimming in Kingdom Prosperity. Things that would have stood on your path will just depart.

Don’t think I preach better than my mates in ministry. I am only smarter than them. I do what they don’t do. Preaching is not what makes a man to get result. Every prosperous man in this ministry, (I don’t mean dirty money o) has connectivity to sowing seed to my life. Check the pastors who are not even in this Ministry. Pastor KK bought me twelve cars in 12 months. One time, he gave me wristwatch worth millions. If you watch others, you will see he is different from them. Watch me and Oyedepo, among all of us his children, I am different. I am not preaching what I am not doing. I am telling you what I did to prosper. If you like, you should hear. Thursday is my birthday, to now say you didn’t prepare for me a whole year, okay o.

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