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-Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘THE POWER TO GET WEALTH’ (Part 2).

2). The Law of Value.

Your value is a measure of your skill, your gift, your abilities whether acquired or inherent (Proverbs 18:16). Your value is a measure of your usefulness to the marketplace; not to destiny. The marketplace is a mystery. It is not just talking about your shop or mall; a marketplace is a name given to a platform where demand and supply meet.

Your value is also a measure of your ability to solve problems and provide solutions that are needed and useful within the context of a civilization. That means your value must be needed and useful to prosper you. Just because it is value does not mean it will prosper; that value must be needed and it must be useful.

Your value decides who pursues you and who rewards you. We get paid and rewarded for bringing value to the marketplace. Africa, wake up! Nigeria, wake up! This superstitious ideas we have about wealth to believe that all we need to do is just to drop seeds, as important as that is and our lives will magically transform into transgenerational wealth.

You must discover and develop problem solving skills and abilities if you want to prosper. Superstitiously hoping that you will become a millionaire, to be blessed just like that may not get the job done.

Become a master at providing solutions and you will never be ignored. All of these sentiments that come using tribe, religion, gender, age etc. They only become issues when your value is not needed and useful and when you have not invested in yourself to discover and develop yourself.

Most people who are willing to pay you are desperate for result, they don’t really care whether it is a male hand or a female hand that provides that result. Rewards answer to value, rewards don’t answer necessarily to age or age; they answer to value. Be too valuable to be ignored.

  • It is my prayer for you that you will become so valuable that whilst you are sitting down, many people prayer requests will be looking at you!
    Genesis 41:14, 33-43
  • In the name of Jesus Christ, for some of you before this week runs out, on account of the value and the investment you have been making in yourself, the Pharaoh that will send for you, the Cyrus that will send for you; I command that they must send for you and lift you in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Every blessed man is looking for valuable people. Nobody wants a liability and a nuisance in his place of work or business. Stop bringing the issue of sentiment; “I have a brother somewhere, he does not want to give me a job”. Are you valuable? Value is an enhancer of favour; when you are valuable it is easy for favour to find expression in your life.
    3). The Law of Productivity

Productivity is the quality or ability to create, make or enhance products and services.
Productivity is the ability to refine and develop your value and then turn it into products and services that are needed and useful and to serve it with excellence to a targeted consumer. As powerful as value is, your value may be sufficient for commendation but maybe not for reward.

You have to turn from value to productivity.

A great friend and brother, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, one time was sharing his story; how that not too many years before now, he was in this same country and would sing with a good voice, grace and yet not be rewarded and honoured the way he is doing now. The difference was that, he moved past the step of value to productivity. Now you want to invite him for instance, you must be willing to go through all of the logistics that you will go through with joy. Why? Because you are not only bringing a man who is valuable, you are bringing a man who is productive.

Never stop developing yourself until you find out you are in the palace. The palace is where the gold is, where treasures are kept. You cannot receive the rewards of kings when you are outside the palace. Serve your way through excellence, develop yourself. Being valuable is not enough, your value must be refined, packaged and served with excellence to command a reward. Therefore tonight, I encourage you to reject and fight mediocrity out of your life.
Productivity requires exposure, you cannot be productive until you are exposed. Exposure means that you broaden your horizon beyond your current scope of size. You have to be able to expand your mind and your thinking. Positive exposure is very needed if you will be productive. Productivity also requires creativity and innovation. You have to be creative and innovative.
Competence and excellence are magnets; attracting people, resources and opportunities to your life.

  1. The law of Increase (Matthew 25:14-30). It is not enough to have financial resources,; you must know how to build and to increase it. That is why many of us continue to receive the blessings of the Lord through your job, business and yet we do not increase because we do not understand that increase is a law. Increase is not just something you do in business, there is a law that brings increase.

2 Corinthians 9:10
When God blesses you with financial resources, in every increase and every blessing that God gives you whether it comes as a salary, profit from a business, in it, there is always seed and there is bread. The assignment of bread is to satisfy your current need.

The assignment of seed is to make sure you are not hungry tomorrow. If you sow your bread, you wasted it; if you eat your seed, you are going to lose. You must be honest enough to be fair on yourself with the bread that is for today but you must also be disciplined enough to allow the one that should get into tomorrow to get into tomorrow.

Every seed is small. There is no seed that is a tree or as big as my hand. You must obtain grace from God tonight to be discipline enough to fight and reject the temptation. Anybody who advices you whether as friends, an association; “Oh it is my birthday. I have to spend”. Why don’t you take the time now and let your seed prepare a befitting birthday for you.

Have the courage to look at your friends, look at everybody and say; “look, I like this idea but I may not have the budget for this for now. I will note it down and when I am ready, I’ll get it”. They will look at you and say; “are you saying that, that NNPC job you are doing…, don’t fall our hands…”. Summon the courage to let them know, you have mental prosperity.

We keep making wrong decisions because we do not know that the things God trusts you with, in that ten thousand, there is bread and there is a seed. If you don’t respect the seed in the ten thousand, one million will never come.

Don’t regret the mistake you made yesterday, start now; make up your mind and discipline yourself to start now. For every financial resources God gives you, there is bread and there is seed; bread is for today, seed is for tomorrow. Practice savings. When God blesses you, take out your tithe; believe in tithing, ten per cent and then take out your seed.

There are two basic reasons why we save;

i) For emergency.
ii) For investments.
The only way money multiplies is through investment; investment is acquisition of assets. That is for another series. Wealthy people never take-on on any liability and expenditure until they can show the asset that will pay for it. The law of increase is very important, you need to experience increase, not just the arrival of financial resources.

Every time you spend everything you have, know that your future is crying. Practice frugality; the absence of wastage, justifiable expenditures. Be frugal, especially when you are rising.

You know you are making progress financially when people underestimate your real worth because you reduced yourself many levels below your true worth so that you can grow.

People should not be able to look at you and say, you have ten million, your have one billion, no! You should leave many layers below your true worth as a sacrifice to truly get to the wealthy place.

A millionaire is not the one who has one or two millions in his account. No! A millionaire is one who has a relationship that can maintain that level, intelligence that can maintain that level, systems and structures that can replenish at that level and the financial resources that is at least worth ten million. If not, you are not a millionaire.

In this Kingdom, we have an advantage; there is the prophetic dimension of wealth.
2 Chronicles 20:20-25
The prophetic dimension of wealth is not a license for laziness, it is a system of advantage incorporated in God’s economy to prove to creation that there is a God that backs the saints.

Hosea 12:13, 2 Kings 7:1
There are times when your fishing will not bring fish, it is not that your net is not good or your skill is not good. It is that there are powers that can stop the fish from coming there. At that time, you don’t just need business acumen, you need a prophetic advantage.

Luke 5:1-5
There are times that mental transformation, your value, and your skill can be limited. You’re as productive as you can but because we live in a realm that is spiritual, you will need Jesus.


a). The power to get wealth is an engracing by the Holy Spirit upon an individual or an organization that attracts to the life of that individual, people, opportunities and resources.
b). The power to get wealth is an empowerment upon an individual or an organization to provide extraordinary solutions to the needs of men, leading to all kinds of rewards (Honour, influence) principally financial rewards.

Matthew 10:41
I don’t have the time to begin to tell you different experiences in my life and in this ministry where God granted the grace to provoke the prophetic and when the prophetic came, it took us to different levels of the blessings of the Lord.

I know that many people have suffered manipulations from men of God, imbalances from men of God but I love you too much and I fear God too much to not teach you the truth. This truth you have learnt, the spiritual laws and part of the physical laws are irrefutable but the prophetic advantage comes into the life of a believer.

There are two keys that provoke the operation of the prophetic:

a). Honour to God and honour to the prophetic vessel that will speak over your life .

b). The power of sacrifice (Psalm 50:5).

I went for a convention in Port Harcourt, I was outside just like Koinonia and the man of God came and preach. I sat down and didn’t have much and he challenged people and I believed him. I went back home that night, I gathered my whole bag and zipped everything; I prayed in tongues laying my hands on it for three hours non-stop. By the next day, I dragged that bag; that bag was everything I had. I stayed outside, when people were dropping their seeds and others were giving landed properties, I just stood back there and the Holy Spirit said wait. When everybody finished giving, He said, “you can walk to the altar”. I dragged my bag and I knew this was Isaac.

I dragged that bag like a mad man, people were looking at me: there is a way you really want to get out of certain cycles, some of you, you being here tonight is the answer to the prayer and fasting of mama for ten years; “I did not go to school but oh God, can You raise somebody from this family?”

The truth is that the prophetic truly, truly, when it has to do with ending cycles, it will take a sacrifice. When God wanted many sons, He took His own son as a sacrifice and buried Him in the ground. When I dropped that seed and went outside, the Holy Ghost spoke to me that from that day, I have entered wealth. By the next day, 6:10 in the morning, someone called me; “who is this, are you so and so?” I said yes.

He said send me your account number. He said I woke up this morning with an instruction that I should do a transfer to your account. I had a release in my spirit, I took the risk. I was surprised to see what the person sent. God now connected me to somebody and the rest is history. God began to lift and show Himself faithful.

One time in this ministry, when we started, the Lord gave an instruction to empty the entire account – that’s an economy risk. There are times when under divine instruction, both bread and seed can go. You can cast your bread upon the waters and after many days, you wil find it. In one week, seven days, what God did for this ministry, till Jesus comes, we will not recover from it.

The prophetic to bring people out of seasons of shame and reproach, it is with sacrifice. A sacrifice is not an offering. If a sacrifice does not touch you, it will not touch God.
The Lord gave me an instruction many years ago to carry a seed which was a sacrifice, “take it to Cananaanland and go and drop it before God’s servant”. It was a huge sacrifice. I got up like a mad man, got the next available flight, went there, did everything I did.

I came out with joy, knowing that my life will change and the Holy Spirit asked me to come out of the vehicle. He said I should lay my hands on the ground there in Canaanland and He said; from that day, I have entered into the overflow anointing. I can show you different points in my life.

A day came in my life when the Lord spoke to me and said, “I will begin to raise people who will be personal financiers to your life, not ministry. I will begin to raise kings and nobles from across the globe whose assignment is to make sure you are comfortably serving the purposes of God”.

A sacrifice is powerful, a sacrifice can change an individual’s life.


Father, I knee and I bow before you by this apostolic and prophetic grace:

  • Every force sitting on anyone’s financial destiny, right now in the name of Jesus; by the power that raised Christ from the dead, let that force be dislodged now!
  • Let the season of toiling, working like an elephant, eating like an ant; let it come to an end in your life now!
  • Anyone here who is in debt whether personal or business debt; I prophesy by the God of Heaven, between now and the next three months, by the rod of the apostolic and the prophetic, come out of that debt now!
  • Every business here that has refused to grow, hear ye the Word of the Lord; between now and the end of 202, be ten times better than now!
  • By the power of the prophetic, I push you into your next level of your destiny!
  • Anyone who is part of any family where the cycle is poverty, lack and hardship, I declare; may that curse be broken now!
  • The destiny helper assigned to wipe your tears, help you and lift you; I call them into your life, to hold your hands and lift you, wherever they are, this week, I command them to appear before your destiny!
  • All those trusting God for jobs, to start businesses, trusting God for any value adding structure, in the name of Jesus I declare by the power that raised Christ from the dead, beginning from this week; let there be testimony!
  • Anyone sitting on your financial glory, I overturn and overturn and overturn until you sit on your rightful place!
  • As you go to bed, God will show you what to do!
  • From the unexpected means, may the resources to take away shame from your life, may it appear in the name of Jesus!
  • I speak over every sacrifice, by the power that raised Christ from the dead, the same way fire came upon the sacrifice of Elijah, may fire rest on your sacrifice!
  • Whatever has died in your hands, let it come back to life now!
  • There is an anointing that comes upon a man that can attract opportunities, people, and resources. Now therefore as I have received from the Father’s of faith, this is a relay, this grace was passed, it is not something we invented and by the privilege of the apostolic and the prophetic, this grace that mysteriously attracts resources, men and opportunities, in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of the living God, take that grace now!
  • Any power that fights your prosperity from today, in the name of Jesus, that power goes down before your face!
  • Go and return with testimonies in the name of Jesus!

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