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  • Pastor David Ndubueze at International Youth Alive Convention 2021, Day 2 Morning Session.
    God’s servant and our Father said there is space for everyone in space. This morning, I am talking to those who want to take their place in space.
    Lift up your voice and ask God specifically to visit you specially today. Ask God to visit you via his Word in this Word Session.
    The running theme of this convention is – IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE.

You have come from far and near for this purpose and I know you shall not be disappointed, everyone shall arrive at excellence.

My teaching is running with the theme – GATEWAYS TO EXCELLENCE: THE POWER OF THE LOVE OF GOD.

We are going to be looking at engaging the love of God in our pursuit of excellence.
Excellence in this concept has few meanings we want to talk about.

  1. Excellence means to be distinguished, outstanding, to be the best there can be
    Genesis 41:38
    Beginning from this convention, your life and my life will not have competition.
  2. Excellence means to be superior and not inferior
  • The only place they will be finding you and I from today is above only.

After today, whoever wants to see us will have to look up.
Deuteronomy 28:13
God is talking and not suggesting , He is a maker.
The maker said I should tell you that he is making you the head and not the tail.
Daniel 1:20

  1. Excellence means to be different, to be chosen, to be selected and separated for good
    Daniel 6:1-3
    By the hand of God, from today no matter the competition you will be the preferred one.
    There are always periods in life when favour makes the difference. There were virgins everywhere but the angel appeared to Mary, the chosen one. Esther was not the first, but Esther was the chosen one.
    Favour is our heritage in redemption, redemption is a positioning that moves you and I from nobody to be the very person.
    1 Peter 2:9-10
    Redemption picks you out of the crowd. You can’t mess up, mercy. When you see someone carrying Divine Mercy, don’t mess with him or you end up a mess. When God chooses you, you become the only choice.

Ephesians 5:8, Mathew 5:14-16
Light talks about elevation, you can’t put a bulb under a house.

  • From today, you will not be a negative testimony to the kingdom.
    There are conditions to working in excellence, Every provision of scriptures has a commitment attached to it. God will always reward the youths that diligently seek Him.
  • Your story shall never be the same again
    Let’s look at some of the condition for excellence.
    1 Corinthians 2:9-11
    The church is designed to continually be a surprise. Every generation is designed to upgrade the labours of the last.
    True Lovers of God are genuine candidates for excellence. Those that enjoy excellence got it from His Spirit of Excellence.
  • Every one connected to this event, the grace to enlist as a genuine lover of God is released to you now.
    Examples of those who got excellence by loving God.
  1. Peter
    Academically – not educated, temperamentally – a mini herdsman, vocationally – a fisherman, in the class of Dr. Luke, Mathew the tax collector, in the class of Judas the chartered accountant who was stealing yet the account was balancing.
    Acts 4:13
    But one day, Jesus called Peter the rock that he will build his church upon.
    Only Peter could answer the question of genuine love.
    John 21:15
    There is someone here, everything has disqualified you but the love of God will qualify you.

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